Promotional Postings: What's Okay

Time to clarify a few things about why we're disallowing certain promotional postings in the forums.

We've deleted some recent forum postings that contained what I'll call "promotional" language. I want you to know why we're doing this. I also want to explain what type of postings are okay, and which are likely to be removed.

No problem
Cruise the forums for any length of time, and you'll likely see lots of postings from people that go something like this: "Woohoo, look at the great deal I found!" or "If you're looking for x, try this site". Accompanying those postings will be a link to another site, or maybe several different sites.

We love this. SCS doesn't pretend to be the last word on anything crafty or stamping-related and we don't want to restrict the type of topics you're allowed to post about.

Promotional posts
Many of us are representatives of stamp manufacturers, like Stampin' Up!. Some of us have blogs, or eBay stores, or other scrapping/stamping industry affiliations. There are lots of people here, and promoting your "thing" to a large audience can look mighty attractive, especially when all it takes is a quick forum posting to generate traffic to your site.

It's a little hard to quantify "promotional postings" in a single, all-encompassing definition, so I won't try. Instead I'd like to encourage you to follow this principle: if exposure for a site benefits you personally and you'd like us to know about it, consider placing an ad instead of posting in the forums. Splitcoast advertising is cheap, gets you far better exposure than a forum post, and leaves no one wondering about your motivations for posting that commercial message.

Signal vs. Noise
Just like static on the radio, promotional posts can easily become "static" in the stream of information and communication here at Splitcoast. As the administrator of the site, part of my role (and that of our moderators too) is to keep static to a minimum.

Reasonable limits
You won't get in trouble with us for posting promotional messages, unless you're unreasonable about it. Most likely we'll just delete your message and send you a note that asks you to cooperate with our "no commercials" policy.

Gray areas
Establishing a clear line is difficult. What about those non-profit ventures you're involved in? What about the gallery of family photos that you'd love to share with others? If it's a gray area and you're not sure, use your best judgement. If you're not trying to sell or promote for personal gain, it's probably okay. If you're still unsure, ask a moderator or use the 'contact us' link in the site footer.

See our terms of service for more information about how the "no commercials" policy applies to signatures, but in general we allow up to two links in your signature to any site you like, commercial or otherwise, as long as the links don't contain promotional language. We don't allow links to referral programs of any kind (referral programs are those "get a free iPod!" or other programs that you see around the web).

Posted by: daven on Aug 18, 06 | 12:47 pm


sounds pretty reasonable to me.....

jojot | Aug 22, 06 | 10:44 am


Sounds good to me! We're exposed to so much advertisement in other areas, it's refreshing to come here where the ads are so low-key that you won't even notice them if you're not looking for them! I often click on ads that interest me, but do so because I'm interested, not because they're shouting at me!
Thanks for all the work you all do to keep this site an enjoyable palce to visit!

Elaine Lienhart | Aug 22, 06 | 10:49 am


This sounds great to me. I don't think this is the site to promote me, but stamping/scrapbooking. Like you said if you want to promote yourself/business then take out an add. I think that's a win win situation.

momof5boys1girl | Aug 22, 06 | 10:53 am


As usual, well said.

lindylou1220 | Aug 22, 06 | 11:04 am


Daven - thanks for all that you do to keep this site so fantastic! I love it and just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know!

Morgsoup | Aug 22, 06 | 11:31 am


Thank you for the clear communication. I appreciate everything you do to keep this site clean, usable, and refreshing. It's also great that you consistently let everyone know what is going on. I sincerely enjoy SCS and feel that I'm part of something really BIG (and tons of fun)!

LovinTX | Aug 22, 06 | 11:39 am


Daven, thank you for your thoughtfulness in explaining the whys of your decisions. You and all of the moderators are doing a fantastic job at keeping this the BEST stamping site on the planet. Thank you!! :)

Amanda | Aug 22, 06 | 12:01 pm


I think it sounds wonderful. You all do a wonderful job here. I feel like I have grown in my stamping abilities because of SCS!

cydstamps | Aug 22, 06 | 12:11 pm


This sounds great to me to. If I am ever a problem please contact me as to that is the only way to correct the problems. Thanks for a wonderfull site.

Carol | Aug 22, 06 | 12:16 pm


no problem!!! whatever it takes to keep this place happy!

CrabbyAbbe | Aug 22, 06 | 1:07 pm


Okey, dokey. You make the rules and I will follow them, this is your sandbox after all, and you are nice enough to let us all play.

bb&kk | Aug 22, 06 | 2:35 pm


Hey, you be the head honcho what's in charge, so it's okay by me. Just curious, but why did this not show up until today if you wrote it on 8/18?

kathynruss | Aug 22, 06 | 2:57 pm


Clear as can be, Splitcoast Guy! Thanks for spelling it out for everyone.

MSBetsyZ | Aug 22, 06 | 3:53 pm


Good business!
I agree!

Michele M | Aug 22, 06 | 3:55 pm


Thanks for the clarification!! This site is truly my favorite and I like it just the way it is.

my4kidzmom | Aug 22, 06 | 4:08 pm


Very nicely problem. Thanks for the details Big D!

I am really starting to enjoy the ads on the pages...And they are a hoot when they pertain to something you have just recently posted about. Thanks for all you do!

stampin-sunnychick (Tracy) | Aug 22, 06 | 4:31 pm


As always, nicely put. The gray areas are nicely explained and contacting a mod and awaiting the response has been very gratifying to me as the explanation has always been for the good of the whole community. Thank privileged we all are.

twinks | Aug 22, 06 | 9:51 pm


As always: a well writtn post explaining changes on the site. Your whote team works so hard to keep it all going. I'm always available to help in any way I can. If you need a forum borard cleaning up or organized I( I would love to help )just call me up and put me to work.

jailbirdstamper | Aug 23, 06 | 12:13 am


Thanks for keeping this my favorite site. Good job...

Kathy | Aug 23, 06 | 12:59 am


I am for anything that keeps this site up and running and fun for all who come here!

You and everyone else involved in the inner workings of the site are all pretty awesome in my book so set the rules and regs and I will do my best to follow them.

Granny Hawkins | Aug 23, 06 | 1:57 am


Daven, if there's ever a message from you, I make sure I read it right you have a phD in tact or something??!!

windycitystamper | Aug 23, 06 | 3:54 pm


You are brilliant! No need to guess. Sounds clear to me. Keep up the magnificent work!

Alida | Aug 23, 06 | 6:37 pm



heart | Aug 24, 06 | 4:21 am


I am impressed with the way you put things , stating what needs to be said, keeping all us "ladies" on tract, and yet we feel so free! That's a gift!

Dottie | Aug 24, 06 | 8:11 am


You are awesome. Splitcoaststampers is awesome. I appreciate you. I love this site and could NOT live without it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Diane | Aug 24, 06 | 8:22 am


Anything for the site. You are AWESOME!!!

Maggie | Aug 24, 06 | 1:04 pm


I loved this site for the very reason that I could enjoy sharing my hobby /crafting with others and not have to worry about pop ups and advertisments for things I do not wish to buy or even care about. I am thankful that you guys are careful with the things that are posted on this site. I would hate to quit visiting this site, and that is what I do when I find the a site is more devoted to advertising than educating or sharing information with others.

Tettlebug67/Teresa | Aug 26, 06 | 7:51 am


Thanks for taking the time to clarify the rules for all to follow. This is an awesome site which I access everyday. Keep up the good work!


Phyllis | Aug 28, 06 | 1:03 pm


As a moderator for a company BB, I can appreciate your dilemma. I like how you phrase things - and put the responsibility back on the owner. It all comes down to the "respect for the individual" and sharing what is appropriate vs. self-promotion and buddy promotion. I have seen too many 'subscribe to this so you can find out about this' posts. Share it all or keep quiet!

KrnMack | Aug 28, 06 | 2:34 pm


I applaud you for your stance. So many times everyone get caught up in "ME" and forgets to think "WE". The use of this site for sharing, be it by tutorials, the sharing of a card design or tips to make cards better, is sacred. Thank you and your moderators for trying to keep useful to all of us...

MaryAnn Grove | Aug 30, 06 | 5:09 am


Well written, easy to understand and I appreciate you dealing with it head on. (Saying "no" can be uncomfortable)
I applaud the way you handle things here - fairly and sensitively. Way better than I could!!!
Thanks for everything.


Lisa | Aug 31, 06 | 7:49 am


Clear as can be and very well stated!

Diane Dietsch | Sep 14, 06 | 10:27 am



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