Celebrating the 500th MIX-Ability Challenge!

image We have a very special anniversary with today's MIX-Ability challenge. Click "read more" to see why this is so special!

It's hard to believe it's been almost ten years (in February) but we have our 500th mixed media MIX-Ability challenge today - we hope you'll join us!

Here are the host team's feelings about this amazing challenge:

"I like the mixed media challenge because it stimulates my creativity. Makes me look at things more artistically. The MIX-ability challenges made me realize that I had been doing mixed media all along and just didn’t realize it." - ~MariLynn

"I have always liked the “look” of mixed media, but didn’t like the idea of the mess I assumed it created. Once I realized that I create in a mixed media style all the time, I embraced the idea of hosting challenges and inspiring creativity. I love that mixed media doesn’t have to be messy!" `Anna

"I enjoying sharing how Mixed Media projects don't have to be hard to make." ~Jeanne

"I would have never thought I’d embrace mixed media because to me it was weird. I can easily be messy so that wasn’t an issue, but when I started creating my own pattern paper I was hooked. From there it was an easy “Yes!”, to hosting the Mix-Ability challenge." ~Janelle

"I choose mixed media because the techniques are so different than straight stamping and are often never the same way twice. It also let's me tell a story in a way a card can't." ~Kyra

"When given the choice - I choose mixed media! When we started this challenge, I loved seeing people realize mixed media isn't a style - it's a process that can result in any style of card - clean and simple, modern, vintage, etc. I think this challenge makes it so inclusive and fun!" ~Lydia

artwork by Janelle.

Posted by: Understandblue on Aug 26, 22 | 2:46 am



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