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Posted by: Understandblue on Jan 01, 20 | 5:50 am



Susanne Gleason | Jan 02, 20 | 5:54 pm


Love this card. Where can I get stamp set?

Maryann Hoffmann | Jan 06, 20 | 2:15 pm



Nicole Gillett | Jan 16, 20 | 7:35 pm


Vert cute. I would like to know where to get that stamp set as well please.

Christine Schmitz | Jan 22, 20 | 4:25 pm


Adorable! Where can I get the stamp set?

Valna-Rue | Jan 23, 20 | 7:57 am


This is adorable. Where can I find that stamp?

Julie Piona | Mar 06, 20 | 8:25 am


I would like that set also.

Ruthi Montecinos | Mar 27, 20 | 9:17 am


Oh My I too would love this stamp set. So sweet

Judy Parker | Apr 24, 20 | 12:57 pm


What is the name of the stamp set? I can’t find the response.

Hannah Brewer | May 03, 20 | 4:23 pm


Love the stamp set also and wonder if is a set or a one stamp? Noralee Dillon

Noralee Dillon | May 07, 20 | 10:36 am


What is the name and mfg of the stamp? This little girl is soooo cute!!

Denise | Jun 07, 20 | 11:59 am


what is the stamp? and where can I buy one?


Donna | Aug 15, 20 | 7:05 pm


where can one buy this stamp?

Donna | Aug 15, 20 | 7:09 pm



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