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Posted by: Understandblue on Jul 05, 18 | 9:19 am


When I click on HERE, the first ones to pop up are 2011, and the last that I saw 2017. I know I see the Virtual Stamp Night every once in a while. I would like to try.
Please, I need short sentences with small words for the directions!

2ndJett | Jul 08, 18 | 4:42 pm



Dina Kowal | Jul 09, 18 | 4:01 am


Hi Susan! You might have your preference set to view the oldest posts first instead of the newest. I can fix that for you.

Understandblue | Jul 10, 18 | 2:20 pm


I can go check that. Sigh. So excited about looking forward to participating. Thank you.

Susan | Jul 10, 18 | 4:30 pm



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