Basket Weave Card - Wednesday Tutorial

image Add a beautiful finish with a classic technique with today's Basket Weave Card tutorial by Kelly Acheson.

Join us each Wednesday for a new project or technique tutorial, featuring step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures! Tutorials are always available free of charge on our Resources page.

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Posted by: Understandblue on May 03, 17 | 9:17 am


I learned this technique since before Christmas from a tutorial on line. Just love it. Also can make a nice Christmas Tree this way. Have fun with it.

Susan Stufft | May 03, 17 | 11:46 am


Wow! I tried to learn how to use the basket weave technique ten or eleven years ago without much success. Thank you so much for putting a modern twist on this older edging method.

Gone2thedogs | May 05, 17 | 10:46 am



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