Dare to Get Dirty 2014!

Join the Dirty Dozen in a week of challenges, chatter and stamping that kicks off on August 2nd! Dirty Dozen design team members are busy cooking up dozens of creative challenges sure to revive even the rustiest mojo, and our generous Platinum Partner Companies have sponsored the event with some fabulous prize packages for our players.

This artistic celebration is a thank you event for our Fan Club members who support our site with their subscriptions, so join us today and then come play along!

Also, did you know? You can identify yourself as a proud Fan Club member instead of your default user title! Just check this thread for details.

Posted by: Understandblue on Aug 01, 14 | 4:38 pm


Thank you Lydia and Dina, and Dirty Dozen Design Team members for all the hard work. And, to all our SCS members, if you haven't purchased your Fan Club Subscription please do; we don't want to miss creating and chatting with you. See you in the galleries!

Susie Lessard | Aug 01, 14 | 9:15 pm


Help, please! I'm a Fan Club member, but when I click the thread above about identifying myself as a Fan Club member, I get a message that I am not permitted to go to that site. Thanks!


Barbara Joyce | Aug 02, 14 | 7:26 pm


Same here

Poodlegal | Aug 03, 14 | 6:32 am


Is this the link you're trying? http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/forums/dare-get-dirty-f150/

Understandblue | Aug 03, 14 | 6:39 am


Now when I try to reply, I get:

Your Submission Was Blacklisted. Contact the Administrator.

Barbara Joyce | Aug 03, 14 | 7:00 am


Okay - one thing at a time :) - is the link I posted accessible to you?

The blacklist thing is something that happens on these articles if you hit enter more than once - we can fix that. But can you try the link I posted and let me know?

Understandblue | Aug 03, 14 | 7:33 am


Yes, the ink works. It takes me to the page where all the chat threads are. But it doesn't seem to have anything about "You can identify yourself as a proud Fan Club member instead of your default user title!"

I sent you a message through "Contact Us" with the URL the non-working link points to, just in case you need it. Thanks for working on this little problem!

Barbara Joyce | Aug 03, 14 | 7:42 am


I am also having the same problem as Barbara Joyce..........when I click the thread to identify myself as a proud fan club member, I am told that I am not permitted to go to that site.

Jo Anne Davies | Aug 06, 14 | 7:02 am


Okay - try the link now :)

Understandblue | Aug 06, 14 | 7:08 am


http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/forums/dare-get-dirty-f150/ << it is a big forum

Wade Hewitt | Aug 06, 14 | 10:21 am


http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/forums/dare-get-dirty-f150/ --- Here we go :)

Wade Hewitt | Aug 06, 14 | 10:34 am



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