Wednesday Tutorial - Cupcake Toppers

image Hungry? We'll satisfy your stamping sweet tooth in today's Cupcake Toppers tutorial .

Join us each Wednesday for a new project or technique tutorial, featuring step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures! Tutorials are always available free of charge on our Resources page.

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Posted by: Understandblue on Oct 09, 13 | 4:00 am


I have been receiving -- and enjoying -- your postings for several years. However, for some reason, I have not received the e-mail message with the current tutorial for the last two Wednesdays. If I have done something to accidently "unsubscribe," please undo the unsubscribe. I definitely would like to continue receiving your weekly tutorials. Thank you, Judy Perrault

Judy D. Perrault | Oct 09, 13 | 1:52 pm


I have the same problem as above poster, look forward to weekly tutorials and haven't received in 2 weeks.Hope you can help. Thanks!

mary sebastiano | Oct 10, 13 | 6:09 am


Subscribe me.

Mary | Oct 10, 13 | 4:40 pm


I have had the same problem this week - no newsletter this week. I do so enjoy them. thanks, Mary

Mary (moonbud) | Oct 10, 13 | 8:13 pm



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