Buzzing With Excitement!

image Our brand new gallery uploader is finished, and we know you'll want to see what all the buzz is about!

Our developers have been hard at work over the last several months completely revamping the process of uploading art to the gallery, and we are tickled pink to see it in action just in time for our month of challenges during Hope You Can Cling To. It's faster, easier and has some great new features, including the following:

* Browse your computer and upload multiple files at once instead of one at a time
* Drag and drop uploads if you prefer that
* Upload from a URL (Your blog, Flickr, etc.)
* No more size limits
* Greatly streamlined category and subcategory list for foolproof gallery choices
* New card size field where you can indicate A2, square cards, ATC, etc.
* Help tips on the upload fields to guide you

And this is just the beginning! Phase two will involve revamping the gallery pages so you will see bigger images, be able to quickly comment and like photos and much, much more.

See what our members have said about the new uploader so far.

"I *heart* the new uploader. Usually new things take me a lot longer to figure out, this one did not. I'm pleasantly surprised." ~Qbee

"Finally tried the new uploader this morning. Long time uploader here and had no problems with the old way, so didn't initially see the need in the change, but WOWIE!!! I LOVE IT!" ~Jami

"Love how easy it is to upload to the gallery!!! Great job to those that reconfigured this" ~Starbucks Stamper

"Very exciting with the new upload process. Just uploaded my card and it was easy, peasy!! Thank you for all your hard work!" ~Loll Thompson

"I love the new downloader! Works great and is simple. Sure is nice to not have to go through all those lists. You and the SCS crew are amazing! Thanks for all you do for us." ~Yabbadodo

"Eeeek! It's too clean, too fast, too omgosh wonderful! Great job. And......squeeeeeee!" ~Blooms in a Box

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! I haven't uploaded in over a year because I couldn't get the size thing to work all the time. I just uploaded a card in less than a minute! Thank you so much! I can't wait to start sharing again!" ~FLmommyoftwo

So what are you waiting for - go try it for yourself!

Posted by: Understandblue on Sep 16, 13 | 6:37 am


I uploaded a card last night, and I just love it... so much quicker and easier. I can't get over the difference. Thank you for all your hard work.... Look forward to the bigger images and etc that is to come... Love it.....Love it.....Love it... Vicki

vdm | Sep 16, 13 | 12:19 pm


Did I read this right ??? No more having to resize the photos to 50% before uploading ??!!! I've used it once and somehow my card turned out sideways. After clicking on it it is upright but the small pick is wonky...... It will take a little time to figure all of this out but it's awesome. You all are amazing and always going the extra mile to make our lives happy !! :)

GardenDiva | Sep 16, 13 | 1:06 pm


Oh wow....this is such great improvement with the uploading.
I am sure that was lots of work and so I want to send a big THANK YOU to all involved into this major change.

Like it very much :-)

I.M.creations | Sep 17, 13 | 4:57 pm


Is anyone else having problems with this tool? It will not attach my image, just a never ending spiral.

sixclarks | Sep 17, 13 | 9:06 pm


The first time I tried this I didn't like it but just like anything else changes are for the better and you guys did a great job so easy to use like it alot thanks

Barbra | Sep 18, 13 | 6:11 am


I am happy with everything about the new card uploader except for the box to have comments e-mailed. I think it would be better if it was checked and then we could change it if we want e-mail comments. I always look for my comments in my gallery. I don't need e-mails too. I get so many e-mails that I don't want excess and I keep forgetting to mark that box because it is so small and at the end of the uploading. Just my preference. Thanks for all the work you did on this. It's wonderful.

Janine Hobbs | Oct 05, 13 | 3:25 pm



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