Cards for a Cause

image Love to stamp for a cause? We do too, and we have some new resources to let you do just that.

We are honored to have the lovely and talented Teresa Kline as our new hostess for Cards For a Cause.

Here's Teresa in her own words: "I am sooo thrilled to be your hostess for this awesome forum. Sending cards to others is the most fun and the rewarding creative outlet for me. Each month, Cards For a Cause will spotlight a new organization, church group, or person who is in need of cards to send to others. You can read more about Cards For A Cause here. You can also grab our badge for your blog here. I also thought it would be fun to have an optional challenge each month to get your creative juices flowing; it is also a great way to get us chatting. The challenge is optional and you are always welcome to send cards that are in your stash, but if you would like to play along feel free. I would love to have you join us in the forum - you will enjoy seeing how many cards we send out each month. It is a great way to give back and do what you love - create! If you have a group or organization that you would like to see spotlighted, contact me, Teresa Kline, aka va.sunshine, so we can talk. Help us help others!"

Posted by: Understandblue on Apr 08, 13 | 12:54 pm


This sounds great. How do we join? What do we need to do?

Nancy G | Apr 08, 13 | 1:32 pm


Hi Nancy - just click the links in the article to get more info and make cards for a cause! :)

Understandblue | Apr 08, 13 | 2:19 pm


Forgotten4Paws was the 'Cause' for March and we would like to thank everyone that sent us all the beautiful cards! It has been like Christmas going to the mailbox everyday! Now, when we send our thank-you notes for donations, we have the cutest, most awesome thank-you notes. Thank-you to everyone that helped this past month.

Forgotten4Paws Ohio | Apr 13, 13 | 7:16 pm


we luv Forgotten4PAWS!

teresa kline | Apr 17, 13 | 3:45 pm



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