Buzzing by With an Apology and Some News

image For all of our members and visitors who were affected by this weekend's downtime, an apology and some news for you.

Late Friday evening, Splitcoaststampers realized that some visitors were getting a frustrating malware message while trying to access our site (and many others in the stamping world). Thanks to the speedy work of our developers on Saturday morning (starting at 4 AM their time, no less), we restored Splitcoast to ship shape after just a few hours.

Because we take internet security seriously, we're always concerned and disappointed when your experience isn't fun, functional and fluid. We wanted to update you on our action. The source of the malware warning was not Splitcoast, but a widget that we had installed from the Stamping Top 50 - a popular ranking widget used by many bloggers and manufacturers in our industry. Any site supporting the widget was affected. Once affected sites removed the widget and were re-scanned by Google, site access was restored. The source site of the widget still has not corrected the issue as of this morning.

Prior to this warning, our team had serious concerns about this widget, which is why we will not be restoring it, even if the site reviews and repairs its security problem.

For our community, our advertisers and partner companies, numbers matter, and this particular widget bases its ranking on something other than unique visitors, pageviews, and other standard web analytics. As a result, we cannot promote or support a badge that does not do what it says it does.

For example, yesterday's list placed Splitcoaststampers at #7. We thought you might be interested in seeing a recent snapshot of the actual number of unique visitors for the Top Ten sites according to this widget. (Source:


This discrepancy persists throughout the list, not just the top ten, and isn't fair to any blogger, merchant, community site or advertiser who relies on the accuracy of those numbers.

Thank you for being patient with us this past week while we worked through the warnings on Saturday, and our apologies for any alarm caused or disappointment. From our team, Beate, Lori and myself, a heartfelt thanks to our hardworking development team in California who spent a large chunk of their weekend helping us to restore the site and to protect the browsing experience for our members and our visitors.

Posted by: Understandblue on Jan 29, 13 | 8:05 am


thank-you for all your hard work! SCS is awesome!

lisahenke | Jan 30, 13 | 5:10 am


We know you are 1st, no matter what. :) Thanks for being there/here for us and encouraging us to creatively stretch our skills and mindset.

mytime2 | Jan 30, 13 | 7:07 am


You all remain the top site for me. You are always professional and give us such a great format. You are so appreciated and I applaud your effort to fix this problem and to also do extended research of this badge that was causing the issue. Great job as always! Best, Curt

Curt O'Brien | Jan 30, 13 | 7:41 am


Lydia, thanks so much for this great explanation. I don't recall having any difficulty but it's always good to know you all are on top of things!

I have not visited the Stamping Top 50 site in quite some time but it's a little disconcerting to find that their ranking is suspect - I can't even imagine what they are basing their rankings on if not any of the standards you mention.

Phantom | Jan 30, 13 | 7:45 am


You guys rock! I was going crazy trying to figure out where I had picked up I am a careful relieved when I found it wasn't me and SO THRILLED AT HOW HARD YOU WORKED TO FIX IT.

c-mouse | Jan 31, 13 | 2:38 pm


Many thanks...for this weekend and always!

dawnmercedes | Jan 31, 13 | 4:47 pm


you are number one in my book. thanks to everyone for your great work. i love scs :)

Lela aka Serenity Stamper | Jan 31, 13 | 10:10 pm


Thanks for that very clear explanation - you're definitely #1!!!!

Bridget | Feb 01, 13 | 8:52 am


Thanks for your diligence in getting the problem fixed! SCS will always be MY #1 Go-to site. It has everything a crafter could ask for and more! And thanks for the update on the widget. I know SCS is a safe site & this was the first time in 7 yrs I have ever gotten a malware message. You guys rock!

wendella247 | Feb 02, 13 | 8:37 am


I am happy to see that you will no longer be supporting Top 50. I have checked their rankings a few times and found the results to be bizarre. Some of the websites on the list were so out-of-date I couldn't imagine them being as high in the rankings as they were, and a couple I tried to click into were pretty much obsolete. It was really strange.

Chantsie | Feb 05, 13 | 5:34 pm


Thanks for all your hard know I love ya and SCS rocks!!!!

Joan Ervin | Feb 06, 13 | 10:24 am


I am so appreciative of everything about SCS! I love the inspiration and the tutorials provided and have such fun looking through the galleries. I reported the malware message and was grateful to receive a personal message from SCS. Thanks for going the extra mile!

Christine Miller | Feb 06, 13 | 3:39 pm


Your site it number one with me! The best out there!

terrymays | Feb 07, 13 | 5:32 am



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