YOU are our Queen for the Day!

image Happy New Year! We wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate you, our community, and all the art that you share with us throughout the year, and that's just what our Queen for the Day challenge is doing today.

Join us for today's Queen for the Day challenge and celebrate your own unique style as an artist. We can't wait to see what you do!

Posted by: Understandblue on Jan 03, 13 | 4:05 pm


Sounds like FUN!!!! Fun stamping is the BEST STAMPING!!!!

KelliJo | Jan 03, 13 | 5:48 pm


Great place to hang out and share!!!

Pegmac71 | Jan 03, 13 | 7:26 pm


This is a fantastic time to learn and share what we love and liberate a lot of stress. THANKS

migdalia | Jan 03, 13 | 8:41 pm


Totally the best place to came and relax and sip some coffee and talk about things that we all love and thats CRAFT!!!

tan | Jan 04, 13 | 8:28 pm


This is an excellent QFTD challenge to start the new year! Lydia, I am happy to see the QFTD challenge promoted on the "Home" page. I was a SCSer for at least a yr before I stumbled upon the QFTD challenge. It wasn't promoted like the other weekly challenges so I didn't even know it existed. In my opinion, it is a worthwhile challenge. Trish puts a lot of work into running it. I'm hoping that promoting it on the "Home" page will direct many curious SCSers to it, and that they will add it to the weekly challenges they participate in. Thanks to you both! :)

Gabby | Jan 06, 13 | 10:40 pm



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