Wednesday Tutorial - Twinkling H20's

image Add a little sparkle to your watercolor with today's Twinkling H20's tutorial.

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Posted by: Understandblue on Dec 26, 12 | 4:00 am


This is a very pretty card, but I think your
Projects get expensive when you don't have
all of the supplies and I do have a lot of supplies.
I love making cards. For your cards it seems like
its a lot of items that would be use only for that
card and I would never use the items again. I do
get a lot of stampin up items. But for me it is
to expensive. Have to always order those spell-
Binder dies.

Carole | Dec 26, 12 | 4:33 am


Carole, I [email protected] times cardmakng does get very expensive.I am now retired myself and find myself shaking my head @ the cost of our craft now. What I have done to combat this is gone back to simple " adusted" shapes. I hand cut shapes I have traced from somewhere, after making a cardboard template for later use. :-) ,I use those so I cut out having to but die cuts that just sit & take up space. My old school crafting maybe less umm perfectly - exactly die cut like everyone else's BUT they truely are original and less $$$! :-)

Benita Williams | Dec 26, 12 | 6:09 am


Benita, thanks for the tips. I'm also retired and I
use to work for a lettering company, that I had to
eyeball a quarter inch, half inch and a 1/8 inch
I do make a lot of homemade cards and also
have done the same thing like you, make the
Template and keep that for other uses.i also
Have just Han cut eyeballing it completely from
a die cut shapes that I have gotten from like
Hobby Lobby real cheap for a package. That has
Worked well for me. Again, thank you for the tips.

Carole | Dec 26, 12 | 8:59 am



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