Moddy Christmas, Everybody!

It takes a small army of site volunteers to keep Splitcoast running smoothly, and each November and December we give you an opportunity to express your appreciation to those who give so much to the community.

It's time for our annual Moddy Christmas gift to Splitcoast moderators and group leaders, and it's very easy to participate.

There are all kinds of behind the scenes jobs here at Splitcoast, and our moderators and group leaders are here every day, working hard to answer emails and Private Messages, to approve and take care of our group memberships, to keep the gallery and forums organized, and to make Splitcoast running smoothly for all of you. They do not get a lot of recognition, but the truth is that we couldn't run the site without them.

Many people buy online during the holidays, and no one is bigger than Splitcoast is part of the Amazon Associates program, whereby we benefit from every Amazon purchase made in the name of Splitcoaststampers. So what we do is take all the proceeds from these holiday sales and give them to our moderators and group leaders, in the form of Amazon gift certificates.

Give the mods a Merry Christmas!
Would you like to participate? It couldn't be simpler, just two quick steps.

1. Click the Amazon graphic.
(You'll find the graphic at the top of this story, and also at the bottom right of our home page. Clicking it will forward you to the Amazon site. Everything will look normal but don't worry, Amazon will recognize that you've come from Splitcoast. Don't see the graphic? Read on for a link you can use.)

2. Shop as normal, and complete your purchase.

For any purchase you make in the 24-hour period after you clicked the link, Amazon will pay us a referral fee. We split up the proceeds between all the moderators and group leaders as a special thank you from the rest of the Splitcoast community.

That's it and there's nothing else to do! Just follow a link from Splitcoast to Amazon, shop as normal, and a percentage of your purchase will go toward our Moddy Christmas gift. Stay tuned to the home page for updates all through the holidays.


What, you're still here? It really is as easy as clicking the Amazon link, but here's some more info that may answer any questions you still have.

No strings
There's no requirement that you be logged in to participate, or even that you be a Splitcoast member, just that you access Amazon through the link on our site. Any purchases you make will be credited to us, and gifted 100% to our moderators.

But I already bought something (yesterday | last week)!
If you followed the Amazon link from Splitcoast it'll get credited. If you didn't, unfortunately it cannot be credited unless you followed our link :( We'll count all Amazon purchases made from November 1 through December 31 to the Moddy Christmas effort.

Thank you, mods!
Our forum and gallery moderators spend countless hours here, helping make the community a better place. Leaders of the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK), Stamp Out Fat (SOF), Divine Secret Siblings and Stampin' Flybabies groups answer innumerable inquiries and pleas for help. Thank you to all our mods!

Personal gifts
If you'd like to make a direct gift in any amount, you can do that too. Your gift will be added to the referral fees we earn from Amazon, and gifted to the mods. Click the link to get started.

Make a cash gift now
Payments are processed through PayPal but you don't need a PayPal account and you don't need to join. Simply indicate that you don't wish to use PayPal when asked to login. You'll then have your choice of credit/debit/charge cards.

For our Canadian buds
For Amazon Canada, use this link to make your purchases:
No, this doesn't look like an Amazon link. But the one they gave us is so long that we've used TinyURL, a service that makes long addresses more usable. Use or share this link and you'll be jumped right to

Share a link
To tell someone else about Moddy Christmas, copy and paste this link:

A little more complicated, but worth it
There's also a way that you can make your purchase go even further. To increase the portion of your purchase that comes back to Splitcoast, you can follow an alternate set of instructions. It's more steps and a little more difficult, but it increases the percentage that comes back to us:

1. Find a product you want on Amazon.

2. Look on the page and find the ASIN#.
(this number can be found directly below the product listing, included with the shipping and sales rank information, and usually looks something like this: B000B6MLUA)

3. Plug that number into this address link:
(take out the x's in the address below and put the ASIN# in their place)

4. Reload the Amazon page using this new address, and complete your purchase.
By using this direct link, Splitcoast gets a higher percentage cut than using the standard link from the home page.

Posted by: Lori Craig on Nov 22, 12 | 5:00 pm


I want to thank you & all your volunteers at SCS for having such a great sight for us stampers & crafters. It's a great thing knowing that this site is there, so many ideas & inspirations. I shop on Amazon at work all the time, I'll remember to do this next time I buy for work.

Connie Jones | Nov 25, 12 | 7:56 pm


Thanks Mods and Merry Christmas. Thanks Lori for posting and showing the much needed appreciation of those who work behind the scenes. I don't come here often but it is great to know what a resource there is here. I have given thanks gifts before...just that thanks for being here. Now I know about Amazon I will follow the difficult steps to produce the best for mods merry christmas! Keep up the great work!

Susan | Nov 28, 12 | 1:30 am


Oh wow am I sorry I didn't know about this before. I buy from Amazon often and will always access them through SCS in the future.

I remember my stamping life before I found SCS. MISERY! Understand Blue and Angel North "save my bacon" every time. Thank you, thank you.


Bahb | Dec 06, 12 | 11:54 pm


Bummer!!! I didn't see anything about this on the home page today, other than "Support Your Favorite Site--shop at Amazon." Then I had to search all over the site to locate an explanation about Moddy Christmas and how this works. If I hadn't known about it from prior years, I would never have known about it this year, and I only thought to look for it today, since I'm going to be purchasing a few things thru Amazon within the next few days. I bought a $900 TV thru Amazon in November and would have loved to have known about this so I could've used the purchase for this great purpose.

Just wondering why this info. wasn't indicated clearly on the home page?

wendy | Dec 10, 12 | 10:22 am


I do not shop period! Last year I found a way to just simply donate, but do not remember what I did. Can you or someone help me as to how I did this? Thanks

Especially - thanks to all at SCS who make our site so great for all of us that use you.

scootsv | Dec 17, 12 | 5:56 pm


Hi there! Just click the graphic and shop - it's that easy! :)

Understandblue | Dec 17, 12 | 7:07 pm



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