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Ribbon Roll Control

imageIf your ribbon roll drawer looks like a bomb went off, you might be interested in our Ribbon Roll Control Product Focus review.

See what our team thought about this sleek and unassuming ribbon storage option from Ribbon Roll Control, and visit our product gallery for pictures of the product used in stamping spaces.

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Posted by: Lori Craig on Nov 14, 12 | 7:33 am


I have hundreds of ribbons. Each spool on a dowel took over my closet.
I solved this by neatly removing the ribbon from the spools and placing the folded ribbon in clear quart-sized zip locked bags.
I put in all shades of a color together in one bag. I have separate bags for dark and light shades of blues, greens, red/pinks, white/ivory, and purple. I have bags for gold, silver, and copper. (you get the idea)
You can tightly pack or stack the packets for storage. In a glance you can see what you need and quickly grab it. The ribbons are contained, protected from dust as well as moisture, and are very convenient to transport.

Bonnie Clayton | Nov 15, 12 | 7:28 am


Good morning,

Loved the plastic ribbon control idea; however, in desperation a year ago my friend mentioned that her husband installed vinyl guttering onto a peg board and walla it holds umpteen rolls of ribbon. Unfortunately, it is not able to hold the larger rolls as the plastic one shown on this webpage.

Thanks for sharing,

Sara Alford | Nov 23, 12 | 6:41 am



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