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I suppose it's inevitable as we grow larger, but the volume of support requests to [email protected] has grown tremendously over the last few months. It's to the point now where we have difficulty many days in getting to all these in a timely manner. We feel bad about this. Here's a few hints for ways we can help you most efficiently, with some other helpful hints sprinkled in.

When becoming a member of Splitcoaststampers you receive an e-mail from us with your login info. We know it's a pain keeping this stuff, but try and file it somewhere that you can refer back to if you forget your username and password. If you *do* need help, let us know and we'll frown a little and help you out.

When logging in, check the little box that logs you in automatically. Don't bother logging out when leaving the site, unless you need to. By doing this your info will be 'remembered' each time you visit Splitcoaststampers and you won't have to login manually.

If you've got a question about stamping, how to use the site, about Daven's hat, whatever, don't forget to use the great resource that we have in the forums. You *can* e-mail us, and we love to talk to you, but you'll probably get a better answer, and quicker, by posting it in the forums. That way your question won't get lost, you'll have the benefit of many different perspectives from your fellow members, and others will get the benefit of seeing the answers to your question. Look for the forum entitled Site Suggestions & Forum Questions for a good place to post your questions. This forum doesn't require that you be a member to post, and you might even find some other good info while you're there.

If you've got a problem, go ahead and send us a note at [email protected]. Try and give us as many details as possible that will help us help you, including your username. Be as specific as you can. If you're replying to a message from us, leave the subject line intact and include the contents of our previous messages.

The Quick Clicks section on the home page exists to answer the question of "Where Do I Start?" for new members. We want you to get here and be able to jump right in to the community. If you're not sure what all you can do here, be sure and check the Quick Clicks for a brief introduction and links to get you started.

Okay, my Spanish is not too good. Please register only one time on Splitcoaststampers. If you find that you've forgotten your info don't re-register, just drop us a note and we'll help you figure it out. In the near future we'll have a page that allows you to retrieve your registration info by submitting your e-mail address.

We get an unbelievable flood of uploads each day to the gallery. We love this. Follow a few general guidelines and you can help speed up the process of getting your uploads in and approved. Thanks to Jenn for putting these together.

We the Splitcoaststampers were few at one time, now we're legion. Because your humble team members are all here in their spare time, we sometimes have trouble getting to things as quickly as we'd like. You all have been tremendous in your understanding and support. Much appreciated.

Posted by: daven on Aug 31, 04 | 5:09 am


Thanks for all the great information. I didn't realize that I didn't have to log out each time.

susie nelson | Aug 31, 04 | 7:00 am


Great work, Daven. Love it.

Jenn | Aug 31, 04 | 9:12 am


Once again, my humble, but sincere thanks for making SCS great (and all in your SPARE time, too!)

Sharon Worley | Aug 31, 04 | 9:35 am


Daven, thanks for posting those guidelines. Awesome job, big Daddy-o. :)

Beate | Aug 31, 04 | 9:43 am


Thanks for the reminders. I must admit, over time I do forget many things. I love this site and I thank you for all you do! You and your team are the BEST!!

MichelleY | Aug 31, 04 | 9:56 am


Thanks for posting theses reminders, I found that if it's not on a note suck to my forehead I'll forget it every time. I love the gallery too, it's where I come everyday for ideas and inspiration!

LeAne - crazy4stamps | Aug 31, 04 | 10:50 am


Thank you for all your hard work and providing such a wonderful site for us to share and learn all at once.

YOU are super and your work is so appreciated!!!

Well done and well said!!!

Kirsten Scott | Aug 31, 04 | 11:01 am


My thanks and gratitude to all of the SCS team for keeping this site up and running. Without it, I wouldn't have a clue on how to do a lot of the different techniques that I see. This site is the greatest.

Sandy | Aug 31, 04 | 11:29 am


You guys rock, as usual!! If you're accepting volunteers - I'd be happy to help in any way possible!

Kurstan | Aug 31, 04 | 12:23 pm


Thanks for the reminders Big Daddy! And special thanks to Tracey for sharing ya with us all.

Charisma | Aug 31, 04 | 12:35 pm


You guys are the best ... bar none.
Thank you, SCS Team!

Texas Grammy | Aug 31, 04 | 1:40 pm


As always, you know just what to say daven. Well put (of course!)

camsmom | Aug 31, 04 | 2:30 pm


Hey! Y'all are the best!
We so appreciate everything you do for us!

heart | Aug 31, 04 | 4:39 pm


Now I know why I had to login every time I visited, even tho I had checked *remember me each time I visit* Thanks for the tip!! No more logging out for me :)

the other Linda D (durhamzoo) | Sep 01, 04 | 6:32 am


Thanks for the update D!

sereikastamper | Sep 01, 04 | 6:33 am


Thanks for all your great work. Just love this site.

Elizabeth Barry | Sep 02, 04 | 6:03 pm


i think your site is great to help us rubberstampers with ideas....
thanks for sharing.

Cathy Yeaney | Sep 05, 04 | 5:54 am


Your we-site is AWESOME!!
I love all the ideas and tips ,thanks for sharing as sonn as can I'm gonna pitch in too!....GinaF

Gina | Sep 06, 04 | 3:33 pm


Very clear instructions...thank you!

Mys40 | Sep 14, 04 | 2:29 pm


I just recently received your e-mail address through my daughter. I really adore alot of your cards. I was wondering if you could e-mail me the polished stone technique. Thanks so much. Also thanks for all the great ideas and newest techniques.

Gloria Metcalf | Sep 20, 04 | 7:22 pm


I am new at this so please help me to be able to use your website, I have heard so much about you


linda a pierce | Jan 03, 05 | 7:45 am


I was always forgetting my login information for different sites I that I registered in... finally I thought about the email folders on the toolbar...Save your registration email confirmations in a folder...and you won't have MORE PAPER.

susi99stamps | Jan 14, 05 | 6:59 pm



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