Hope You Can Cling To

image Splitcoaststampers is proud to partner with the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center for a month long card drive to benefit those affected by breast cancer. Whether your stamps cling to acrylic, wood, or to your hard drive, they hold the power to convey hope and lift the spirits of anyone who sees what you create with them. That is the inspiration for our "Hope You Can Cling To" stamping campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

There will be special challenges in our Splitcoaststampers Hope You Can Cling To Challenge Forum and our Member Company forums to inspire you throughout the month, and we will have some fun giveaways, including of course, some pink!

We'll begin the campaign with three challenges today, and we will have one each day in October. So head on over to the Master Challenge Thread and let's get crafty!

Posted by: Understandblue on Oct 07, 10 | 4:00 am


I like this, and I will be watching it daily. I'm one of those blessed people who has no cancer in her family, but I've known several people with breast cancer, some survived, some didn't, so I've always wanted to help - this is the way I can do it!

Kayne | Oct 02, 10 | 5:13 am


Oh wow! I will make some cards for this! While no one in my family has had breast cancer, several relatives have been treated at MD for other types of cancer.

Paula | Oct 02, 10 | 6:39 am


I do love this Lydia! Great job!!!

Patty | Oct 02, 10 | 6:43 am


What a wonderful idea! Having worked at MD Anderson as a bone marrow search coordinator, I know first hand how much a card can make a difference in someone's day during chemo and/or radiation treatments.

momsie | Oct 03, 10 | 11:37 am


I love this! I am a breast cancer survivor! I have had several close relatives get this disease and one close relative who lost her life to Breast Cancer. I am so glad splitcoast is doing this... thank you...

Stephanie | Oct 04, 10 | 12:14 pm


I'm a current MD Anderson patient--being treated for stage 1 breast cancer. I've always supported breast cancer efforts and this year will be no exception. Thank you for all who are participating!!

Kathy | Oct 05, 10 | 6:00 pm


I can't get into the cling forums, is it down? Yesterday, I was able to get in.

But not today.

connie | Oct 06, 10 | 5:44 pm


Hi Connie!

Try this link - http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/forums/hope-you-can-cling-challenge-forum/

Understandblue | Oct 06, 10 | 7:10 pm


WOW -- I love this -- how nice to come on here tonight and see all the pink -- My Mum has terminal cancer. She had breast cancer twice over the past 12 yrs and now has secondaries all through her. She is having chemo now to try and keep it from growing to fast. I will be looking at the challenges and seeing how I can help out. Well done SCS ..

Kim Crazykim | Oct 06, 10 | 11:59 pm


I've tried everywhich way to get into the forum, but it always tells me that the page cannot be found. Is there a problem? I didn't check yesterday, so I'm behind and I want to catch the latest challenge.


Kayne | Oct 07, 10 | 5:56 am


Hi K - did you try this link? http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/forums/hope-you-can-cling-challenge-forum/

Understandblue | Oct 07, 10 | 5:59 am


K/Connie - please use the original links now - they are fixed :)

Understandblue | Oct 07, 10 | 9:45 am


Please, please, remember those who are fighting other types of cancer as well as those fighting breat cancer. We are generally unrecognized by the media and "care" campaigns such as this one.

Cancer, no matter what kind, is a frightening diagnosis. Let's please support all cancer patients, survivors and their families.

Thank You.

Girona | Oct 07, 10 | 11:34 am


I'm in....this is a fabulous challenge and very unique....I'm trying every holiday I can think of....amazing idea!!

Stacey Martínez | Oct 10, 10 | 9:51 am


The original link to the gallery and those listed above don't work for me. All result with "page not found"

Shelley | Oct 11, 10 | 5:55 am


HELP! I could not find where to upload the cards for this so I did them to my member gallery. Now today I searched and searched and found how to do it. But....I just checked my gallery and each of those cards are now in my gallery a second time. Can I get rid of them somehow? Thanks for any help. Thanks for all you do for us.

Rita | Oct 15, 10 | 10:34 am


I can't figure out how to upload my cancer awareness cards, so will invite people to view them on my site: www.cardsfromtheheart2u.com

I am a 15 year Stage 2 breast cancer survivor. My message for women is not only to get a mammogram, but specifically ask your doctor for the radiologist's report as well. I was told my mammo was normal and it wasn't and didn't find out until 3 years later. So take charge of your own healthcare, be your own best advocate!

Dorrine Conrad | Oct 22, 10 | 10:34 pm



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