Splitcoast Server Migration, March 23rd

We are ready to migrate the Splitcoast servers to their new home in California tomorrow, March 23rd.

Thanks for bearing with us during our preparation for the migration. I hope all the hard work up front will help make the migration as smooth as possible.

Here are the migration details:
- Start time: 7:00am PST
- Completion time: 12:00pm PST

During the migration the site will be down and there will be a maintenance page showing. While we are doing everything possible to make this as smooth as possible there are bound to be a few problems. Once the site is back up we will start a thread in the Site Suggestions & Questions forum where we will alert you of any known issues and you can post any other issues you might find.

I'll post more information when I have it.

Posted by: Wade Hewitt on Mar 19, 10 | 1:50 pm


Thanks for the heads up, Wade!

TexasGrammy | Mar 22, 10 | 3:14 pm


Thanks for letting us know! Hope things go smoothly for you!

Francie G. | Mar 22, 10 | 3:30 pm


My fingers and toes, knees and elbows are crossed ...hoping for a smooooooooth transition.....Best of luck!!

jojot | Mar 22, 10 | 5:15 pm


I am wishing you the best in this transition. I only have one *tiny* qualm. It would have been nice if it were mentioned in this that the blogs would be down, too. Now I am scrambling to cover obligations that I had previously agreed to.

Holly aka Toy | Mar 22, 10 | 6:38 pm


Good luck! We will all be waiting when you all come back up! Hope all goes well.......

Mothermark | Mar 23, 10 | 5:02 am


I no longer have a gallery, everything is gone from it. I hope this is only temporary. Good luck with getting everything back up.


Debbie Siress | Mar 23, 10 | 7:04 pm



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