Changes At Splitcoast

Some important news to share today about the future of Splitcoast.

About 19 months ago Splitcoast was acquired by NameMedia. As of December, Splitcoast has changed ownership again, this time to a Southern California company called Internet Brands. IB specializes in sites like ours: niche-based and specialty topics, and especially community sites. In fact, Internet Brands owns and maintains the software that powers our discussion forums - vBulletin. We've had a chance to meet and work with several of the people from Internet Brands already. They'll introduce themselves today and you'll hear more from them as they begin to get familiar with Splitcoast.

NameMedia had three sites in their Home & Garden category - Splitcoast, and Dave's Garden. All three sites were a part of the sale. You might wonder "why were we sold again?", and I'm afraid I can't speak for either company directly on that question. I do know that Internet Brands believes in community sites and values what we have here.

More Changes
Internet Brands takes an active role in the sites they own and they're assuming the overall management of the H&G sites I mentioned, including Splitcoast. As part of that transition I will no longer be involved in any official capacity here and Jenn Balcer is stepping down from her position as our Community Manager. Beate Johns and Lori Craig are staying on and will continue to represent the community and advertisers as they always have. All of us are working with the IB team to help get them up to speed as quickly as possible.

What does all this mean???
What does this mean for Splitcoast? I'll need to leave that answer to the new management; I know they are anxious to introduce themselves to all of you. We've opened a thread in the Site Suggestions forum with personal notes from Jenn and me as well as introductory posts from Internet Brands, see below for a link.

Questions or thoughts?
You may have questions about the future of Splitcoast, or what these changes might mean for a particular part of the community that you have a special interest in. To get your answers directly from the source or to give us your thoughts, please visit our thread in Site Suggestions:

Changes at Splitcoast

Posted by: daven on Feb 18, 10 | 7:59 am


I know I for one will miss you immensely!! Not sure what changes there will be but HUGS to you both!!

Sara | Feb 18, 10 | 10:19 am


THANKS for EVERYTHING you all have done over the last 7 years!! You have started something AMAZING!

AJ | Feb 18, 10 | 10:20 am


Daven & Jenn, so sorry to see you go. Thank you for all you've done.

Kate - i {heart} papers | Feb 18, 10 | 10:20 am


*hugs* right back at y'all!

Jenn | Feb 18, 10 | 10:22 am


Knew something was going on and am SO SAD to see you and Jenn be leaving!! YOU are SCS and we love you both!!

Julie Masse | Feb 18, 10 | 10:24 am

image and Jenn are appreciated beyond anything we could ever say!!!!! We all are so sad to lose you both!!!! But wish you only the best in everything you do!!!

LuvLee | Feb 18, 10 | 10:28 am


love you two
big hugs
we all are going to be okay

Latisha | Feb 18, 10 | 10:36 am


Jenn & Daven, we are going to miss both of you so much. You do so much for SCS...your loss will definitely be felt. hugs....

Christi Snow | Feb 18, 10 | 10:41 am


Sad to see the two of you go....won't be the same without you.......Blessings to you both and best wishes in all that you do now!

Hugs and Love


Vicki Garrett | Feb 18, 10 | 10:41 am


Thank you for all of the hard work you've put in over the years. Thank you for this amazing community you've created. Best wishes and **BIG HUGS** to both you and Jenn!!

FibreJunky | Feb 18, 10 | 10:42 am


Daven and Jenn, I know I will miss you here on SCS.

You all have been apart of my life since 2005 when I joined the sCS Family.

I really appreciate Everything you all have done for SCS.

Keeping everything under control.

For being such giving people. I hope that you're lives will be enriched by all of this.

Take care and good luck to the both of you!!

Nancy aka Jeanstamping2 | Feb 18, 10 | 10:44 am


Daven and Jenn, I just have no words. My heart is so sad that you will no longer be working with SCS. As Julie said you ARE SCS. But I know whenever you are headed next will be an amazing and successful venture. Giant hugs!

Ashley N Newell | Feb 18, 10 | 10:47 am


We will miss you both!!!! Thanks for everything!!!!

Paula | Feb 18, 10 | 10:48 am


You guys created what is now the gold standard for online communities, in my opinion. As an uber consumer of online life, I can say I have never seen anything that even approaches the warmth, the welcome and the unbelievably professional atmosphere of this site. I trained my downline with this site, I prepared for every stamping event with this site, and found friends like you that I treasure.

Thanks for teaching me how a bunch of really classy and sweet people roll.

I love you guys, and I know your futures will be amazing, but your kind hearts bless this incredible place, past, present and future.



Lydia Fiedler | Feb 18, 10 | 10:49 am


I can't imagine SCS without you. What you've built here is AMAZING and it won't be the same without you.

Good luck in your future endeavors -- I know you're heading for even more great things.

Susanna | Feb 18, 10 | 10:49 am


I'm still in shock. I came here in the early years via Beate and was one of the original DD.

So hard to imagine SCS without Jenn and Daven.

Debbie Fisher | Feb 18, 10 | 10:51 am


Well, you know how I feel - thank you for all you have given the SCS community! You will be missed! Best of luck to you Daven! Best of luck to you too Jenn! {MONDO HUGS}

Beth Silaika/MyPrecious | Feb 18, 10 | 10:54 am


Wow! It will not be the same without you, Daven, and Jenn! We will miss you both!

Welcome aboard to IB! I'll trust you to keep our little community strong and healthy!

Daven and Jenn, God speed!

Michelle Goodrich | Feb 18, 10 | 11:02 am


SO sad! Splitcoast just won't be home without you and Jenn! You will both be missed! Thanks for all you have done to make this site what it is today! *much love* *mwah*

Amanda Sewell | Feb 18, 10 | 11:03 am


You will both be sorely missed!!

Kim Schofield | Feb 18, 10 | 11:04 am


Daven and Jenn, thanks so much for your hard work over the past number of years, and your friendly ongoing info to us crafters. All the best to both of you.

Barb in Edmonton | Feb 18, 10 | 11:11 am


Thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication to Splitcoast over the last few years. You will be greatly missed! Thanks again Daven and Jenn!

Robin (robth) | Feb 18, 10 | 11:11 am


You're departure means a gigantic loss to "our family" and I wish you much happiness and luck in your new ventures. Thanks for your years of hard work, dedication and service in providing a great community.

Lynn Mercurio | Feb 18, 10 | 11:12 am


I'm so sorry to see you guys go! It's an amazing thing you've made here! Thanks for your years of work and effort- it definitely shows!

jengd | Feb 18, 10 | 11:16 am


Thanks for making such a great website for us stampers! I visit this site daily and will be very sad to see you go.

Wendy Beck | Feb 18, 10 | 11:18 am


I am so sorry to see you and Jenn go! But THANK HEAVENS Lori & Beate will be around. Still sounds ominous though... I fear change... Will our Fan Club memberships be maintained?

Crafty Math Chick | Feb 18, 10 | 11:21 am


I am so sorry to see you to go. To me you ARE SplitCoast and you will be sorely missed.

Debils | Feb 18, 10 | 11:23 am


I can't possibly imagine what this site will be like without you. I'm so sorry to see you go! I know that whatever you move on to will be wonderful -- make sure you let us know!

Carolyn Mustopa | Feb 18, 10 | 11:34 am


Hugs to you both... your departure will not go unnoticed!! Thanks so much for making SCS what it is today!! I wish you both much success in all that the future holds!

Kelly Landers | Feb 18, 10 | 11:34 am


I cannot imagine Splitcoast without the two of you. Great big hugs!

stampinlibby | Feb 18, 10 | 11:35 am


I have been here at SCS for 4 months now. I eat, sleep and breathe this website.

I have made friendships that hopefully will last a lifetime, learned--make that learning the skills I want, I pray here, I laugh and cry here. You will be missed. I will pray that the window that is open to you...just look for it...will provide an exciting new adventure for you both. He will have that window of opportunity for you. Thank you for making a big difference in this world! You really have! That is something to be proud about!

He IS Able,
Traci Starkweather
Traci S. here at SCS!

Traci S. | Feb 18, 10 | 11:37 am


I can't imagine SCS without the two of you! You will be missed! Much happiness to you both in whatever your future holds!

Francie G. | Feb 18, 10 | 11:42 am


Splitcoast has been a constant source of friendship and inspiration. We thank you and wish you well.

grammylyn | Feb 18, 10 | 11:42 am


I owe a lot to the two of you and the unbelievable community of fellowship you created. You both have shared your gifts and shown unconditional love and support. I'm truly grateful for you.

Lisa Hetrick | Feb 18, 10 | 11:48 am


Daven and Jenn - I owe SO MUCH of who I am today to Splitcoast. I would not be the crafter I am without it so I am forever grateful to you. IB has some HUGE shoes to fill and I wish them luck in doing so.

Big hugs all around,


Ryann Salamon | Feb 18, 10 | 11:59 am


You will be so missed here. :(

Gina K. Designs | Feb 18, 10 | 12:32 pm


Splitcoast without either of you? I can't even fathom. My heart hurts. SCS IS because of you, and my life is different because of it. Thank you both for your contributions here ... and in my life.

Shell | Feb 18, 10 | 12:37 pm


No Daven I can't believe it it won't be splitcoast. Glad I'm in at SA.

nuhddad | Feb 18, 10 | 12:53 pm


It won't be the same without you will be missed!!!

Maria Gurnsey | Feb 18, 10 | 12:54 pm


Wow.. this was like reading an obituary....I cannot imagine SCS without Jenn and Daven. Not at all. this is very sad in my eyes...for over 5 years I have used this site for ideas, met wonderful friends, some more like family... One of the best internet sites EVER!!! I hope it remains the same....You both will be very missed indeed. I wish you both the best of luck in your new endeavors. (((HUGS))))

LateNightScrappin | Feb 18, 10 | 1:00 pm


Thanks to both of you for were the reason we all loved SCS so much. I will sure miss your special touches!!

basurok | Feb 18, 10 | 1:01 pm


OMGoodness, don't our babies grow up and move on? We cry, we worry, we smile bravely, we pray they will be watched over. We KNOW that they will always carry a part of us with them...and the world carries on, but this has been such a huge part of your world, Daven and Jenn, and you have offered it to us and we have been sooooooo blessed by this labor of your love. THANK YOU more than words are able to express--WHO KNEW how quickly your BABY would grow into the big, strong entity it is today. Who knows what the future holds for both of you (maybe you do already!!!) Hope it's filled with as many blessings; and, hope to see you around!!

Michele (Mitchygitchygoomy) | Feb 18, 10 | 1:03 pm


OMG! Many have echoed what I'm currently feeling. The announcement sucked the air out of my lungs and breaks my heart!

Daven and Jenn, I don't know what to say other than YOU ARE SPLITCOAST and YOU WILL BE MISSED!

Peg Lucas | Feb 18, 10 | 1:04 pm


I hope the new owners are reading all these comments so they get an understanding as to what you have both meant to so many people. So to IB, please don't try to fix what isn't broken. Daven and Jenn you will be missed

Deb W | Feb 18, 10 | 1:32 pm


Thank you for all you have always given to all of us... and for always doing your best to keep us happy...
You both will be missed, It really will not be the same with out you two...

Soni B | Feb 18, 10 | 1:33 pm


WOW... Daven and Jenn are synonymous with Splitcoaststampers. You both have made this more than a site... but a community!

I can't imagine it without you.

I'm saddened by this news but I hope that the future brings AMAZING new opportunities for both of you.

Hugs, Blessings, and Many Thanks!

colleen schaan | Feb 18, 10 | 1:38 pm


Oh WOW. It just won't be the same. Good luck to both of you with whatever new pastures you venture into, hope to see you around!!!

Claire Brennan | Feb 18, 10 | 1:39 pm


This is a total bummer. It is certainly not going to be the same without you guys. You built this site up to where it is today with your hard work and caring for each and every one of us. They don't know what they are losing.

Margaret Schoener | Feb 18, 10 | 1:45 pm


It makes my heart sad to say goodbye to a couple of great people!! Of course I can still stalk the both of you on FB!!! LOL! :) I really hope that life brings you an even sweeter deal, something that exceeds your expectations!! {{{HUGS}}} to you both!!! You WILL be missed here!

Misti Ryal | Feb 18, 10 | 1:54 pm


I am so sad to see you both go. Good luck Daven and Jenn in whatever new challenge you take on.

Tamara | Feb 18, 10 | 2:00 pm


It's a sad, sad day! This site use to be my home away from home, but with all the changes over the years I have visited less and less. Daven and Jenn made this place great...even waaaay back in the old days (aka 2004) Good luck to both of you!

Mandy | Feb 18, 10 | 2:09 pm


Jenn and Daven, it won't be the same without you.Y'all always took care of people and business in a gracious, caring manner and with good amount of humor. It feels kind of like the roof just blew off of our house here. I wish y'all the best in the future and y'all will be missed.

Julie - justwritedesigns | Feb 18, 10 | 2:27 pm


I will miss your calming presence Daven and Jenn how can we go on with out you?

wendykins | Feb 18, 10 | 2:40 pm


Daven and Jenn .... THANK YOU both for all you have done with this fabulous site. I have been a member for nearly 6 years and have watched SCS grow from a wonderful small community to a very large, more wonderful one. Best of luck to both of you! You will be missed!

Sue_Stampin'HappyInCT | Feb 18, 10 | 3:04 pm


Daven and Jenn,

This just seems sad - SCS without you two?

I wish you both blessings in your new adventures.


dstfrommi | Feb 18, 10 | 3:05 pm


Hi Daven & Jenn,

I am so sorry that this is all happening, but I say onwards and upwards for both of you.
SCS will never be the same.

Good Luck and Hugs to you both,

Diana Gibbs | Feb 18, 10 | 3:51 pm


I am sad to see these changes. You two have done such a wonderful job. You will be sorely missed.

I know you will go on to do great things.

Jenn | Feb 18, 10 | 3:51 pm


Sad to see that things will be changing. I can only hope that the good gets better and the bad either disappears or improves. You folks have done a fantastic job and SCS was the best place to go for papercrafting information, networking, etc. You will be missed.

May only good things happen to you as you move onto the next phase of your life. You will be missed.

Robyn O | Feb 18, 10 | 4:06 pm


Wow. You will both be missed. Sad.

Joslyn | Feb 18, 10 | 4:21 pm


Oh dear. So sad to see you both go!! I never knew all of the fun I could have with this hobby until I joined this site, and I KNOW it is because of you two, the hostesses, and all the moderators. Thanks so much for everything, and best of luck in whatever new adventure you will find next!

Kelly Schirmer | Feb 18, 10 | 4:26 pm


You're the heart and soul of SCS and you both will be so missed. I wish good things for you in the future, I'm sure your paths will be rosy, and I can't wait to see what you choose to shape and mold for your next gig. I'm sure that whatever it is, you'll both be successful at it.

Becca Feeken | Feb 18, 10 | 4:36 pm


I'm so sorry to hear that Daven and Jenn will no longer be a part of SCS with the new changes. Thank you both for all you have done all these years. HUGS

debbies | Feb 18, 10 | 4:51 pm


It's hard to imagine Splitcoast without the two of you Daven and Jenn. I'm heartbroken that you won't be a part of this gem that you started. I wish both of you all the best in whatever path you take with full confidence that you will do well!! Huge Hugs!!!

Tosh | Feb 18, 10 | 5:10 pm


Oh, how sad it is to hear you are leaving SCS - Daven and Jenn, I wish the best for you both and hope that it won't be the last we see or hear from you. You are both such inspirations and I for one am very lucky to have had you guide my creativity these few years. ~~HUGS~~

Janet B | Feb 18, 10 | 5:43 pm


I just heard the news and know that I adore SCS and everyone I have met here. Jenn & Daven you will be truly missed but I have to say another door will open for you and you will be blessed.
Stampin Hugs,

Jeanine | Feb 18, 10 | 6:01 pm


I agree with what everyone else has said - Daven & Jenn, you will be missed. Someone said that SCS is the gold standard for this type of site because of it's warmth, welcome and professional atmosphere. Let me add that, in my opinion, this is the easiest site to navigate of any of its kind, which is especially amazing considering the depth of opportunities to learn and to fellowship. Love you!

Val | Feb 18, 10 | 6:05 pm


I am shocked; I will miss your presence around here and truly appreciate all you've done to make this community what it is today. So glad to have spent some time with y'all at CHA (and to have met Daven for the first time too!)

Donna Baker | Feb 18, 10 | 6:07 pm


Wow! Total shock here. And so very sad. This has been my go to place for everything stamping for many years. Daven and Jenn - you will be missed beyond measure and I whole-heartedly wish you well on your new paths. I hope IB recognizes a great thing when it sees it and doesn't start tinkering. Wow. Still in shock...

dkstampinfool | Feb 18, 10 | 6:10 pm


Awwwwwwww no more Daven or Jenn, now that is sad news. Our small little SCS family will not be the same. Well our use to be small little community has been gone for a while, but this is really going to be hard. I would like to say that Daven and Jenn have been the best. Whenever I had a problem or question, you could count on an immediate response from them. Julie, I will follow your blog, to keep up with you and Whidbey Island. I hope we can meet in real life some day. Thanks for all you have done for SCS and the card making world in general.

Dee | Feb 18, 10 | 6:12 pm


Daven I'll never forget you. Ahhh, the good times we had. Say hello to your parents for me.

Jenn, a job well done.

Darth Debby | Feb 18, 10 | 7:12 pm


Daven and Jenn -- you will truly be missed. I hope and trust that you have something even more phenomenal in your sites. You created an online community that truly is the gold -- make that the platinum -- standard for all online communities. I hope that your successors treat it with as much care and devotion that you did and that something good does not go bad. Best wishes for your future.

Carol | Feb 18, 10 | 8:23 pm


Jenn and Daven, I am so grateful to you for bringing such a wonderfully developed, inventive site, full of content that can't be found anywhere else. You both have furthered stamping and made it so much more than a hobby. You made it a community—a family. I wish the best to both of you. This is just the next step in your wonderful life.

alma d | Feb 18, 10 | 8:57 pm


Noooooooooooo!!! OMG, I'm panting, breathing heavy, trying hard to believe everything will be OK.

Now what? I'm not so concerned about SCS, but about the both of YOU? What's next for you? I really don't want to think about what you are not telling us.

I hope I don't have to think about life without you.

This is your baby. Mine too.

scrapnextras | Feb 18, 10 | 9:09 pm


Oh my goodness, this comes as a shock tonight! SCS without Daven and Jenn? I know nothing is contant but change, but SCS has been in my daily routine for over four years. I cannot imagine anyone putting as much blood sweat and tears into keeping this community happily humming along.

Thanks for all you've done and good luck to you both!

ckbythesea - Carole | Feb 18, 10 | 9:15 pm


Can not imagine SCS without you two. Daven and Jenn, hope you have wonderful opportunities and exciting futures in store. Know that you will be missed beyond what words can tell.

Cookiemonster | Feb 18, 10 | 10:22 pm


You know already how this breaks my heart. I think it's interesting that of all the info passed on in this message, the community has focused almost exclusively on the loss of our beloved Daven and Jenn. Of course things will change. You are unique, and now you'll be gone. IB, we'll try to keep an open mind and a welcoming heart. Best of luck to Daven and Jenn, and to the new personalities of IB who will be joining us. Sniff, sniff...

Leslie Miller | Feb 18, 10 | 10:44 pm


WOW, I am so sad to hear this news! Splitcoaststampers without Daven and Jenn? I can't imagine! I only hope that this turns out to be a great thing for both of you, that you're moving on to bigger and better things. Best of luck to you both! We'll miss you!

Kathyc | Feb 18, 10 | 10:47 pm


Jenn & Daven I just found out your leaving SCS This is so sad. It just breaks my heart. I surley will miss you both.

I want to give a special thanks to Jenn for all the help you have given me. You were always there to answer any questions I've had. You will also be truely missed.

Best of luck to both of you.

Connie | Feb 19, 10 | 3:30 am


I just have to say that the SCS that you created and developed is totally awesome... I for one cannot thank you enough for the wonderful thing you have done over the past years.

I wish you both the best of luck... and excitement is what you will do next.... You will be missed....

Amanda | Feb 19, 10 | 4:20 am


Davon...just read through the history of SCS, and I marvel at what you have created. Thank you, thank you for what you have done for ALL of us. You and Jenn will be greatly missed. Best wishes to you both and may this be a new window of opportunity for you.

bkcstamps | Feb 19, 10 | 5:06 am


WOW! Change is scary.. for both do an awesome job with this site and I personally appreciated the "quick" responses I got to my questions. On the other hand, I hope change will be good for both of you! Good luck on your new endeavors to both of you! You will be missed!

vicki (vdutchr) | Feb 19, 10 | 5:09 am


Hoping that this will open new opportunities for you. This site means so much to so many and has given hours and hours of pleasure to me and its members. I am nervous about its future without you, but only wish the best for you.

FreeholdStamper | Feb 19, 10 | 5:12 am


What has always made this site special is the small, personal feel, which has been maintained even as it has grown. This site, the friendships it has fostered and the talent it has encouraged, are things you should forever be proud of. We will miss you both and wish you only wonderful things to come.

Stamperdoc-Heidi | Feb 19, 10 | 5:17 am


What a shock!! Daven and Jenn......what you have accomplished is just amazing! thank you so much for all you have done making SCS the very best! good luck to you both, and we will miss you more than any of us can say.

jdmommy | Feb 19, 10 | 5:45 am


WOW - this site is a big part of who I am today since I have used it for inspiration, learning, teaching, sharing, collaborating and information. All the best and thank you for the most amazing stampin resource out there!

Stampin Pam | Feb 19, 10 | 5:56 am


There's just no way that anyone else can serve the stamping community like Daven and Jenn have. This is devastating.

Wilma Cole | Feb 19, 10 | 6:22 am


Oh, I can't imagine you not being a part of SCS - you are SCS. You will both be missed so much. Good Luck in any future endeavour you take on.

grandma2aidan | Feb 19, 10 | 6:26 am


Thank you both fro everything!!! I wish you all the BEST in everything life has to offer you!!!

Alexandra | Feb 19, 10 | 6:26 am


Oh my, change is in the air! Well, I wish you both the best of luck in your future endeavors! And how amazing is this website that you created?! It's like no other on the internet! Without this website, I would not be the stamper I am, nor have the friends that I have! Thank you!

Best of luck to you both!

Erin - Stampin'NPA | Feb 19, 10 | 6:27 am


One thing comes to mind immediately! It simply won't be the same without the two of you! Its sad news but my hopes that the amazing community you have built here will continue and be your legacy!!

Best of luck to both of you! I hope that we will continue to see you both at SCS on an *unofficial* basis.

Hugs to you both and thank you so much for the hard work.....

Mothermark | Feb 19, 10 | 6:36 am


This site is perfect the way it is. You have made it an amazing place to have fun and learn all about stamping, scrapping, and card making. I hope it stays as great as it is. I get all my information about tools here, and my crafting is much better thanks to SCS. Please keep the heart in this site.

Angelus | Feb 19, 10 | 6:49 am


Best of luck to you both! Thanks for the memories!

Deb | Feb 19, 10 | 6:56 am


What you guys have created is amazing. When I found this site it opened up a whole new world to me. I can only hope the new owners don't change a thing.
I am so sad to see you go, but wish you the very best in whatever you do.

Chris | Feb 19, 10 | 7:03 am


WOW! I come to this site almost daily and have since 2005 when I joined. You have both given so much of yourselves and your time to build this fabulous site up. I hope it continues to be a great site for all of the people who come here for inspiration and everything else it has to offer. Good luck with whatever your future plans are and know we love SCS because of you!

Kheila Kirwan | Feb 19, 10 | 7:12 am


Daven and Jenn, What will SCS be without you?!!! WoW, you guys changed the world of stamping!!! SCS is such a resource for me and a support network too. I am shocked and saddened. But I do hope that we will continue to hear from you here and I wish you all the best as you start your new adventures.

muffincards | Feb 19, 10 | 7:23 am


For me, this site has been life-changing and I will be forever grateful that you dedicated your lives to a pursuit that would benefit so many so much.

Change happens, and I know it will be something wonderful for you......"All things work together for good....."

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bahb | Feb 19, 10 | 8:16 am


Daven and Jenn, Much gratitude for this terrific site you created and turned into a place we all love. It won't be with same without you. Best wishes to both of you for the future. ¢¾Hugs¢¾

pamelak | Feb 19, 10 | 8:22 am


WOW, this is a surprise, but I'm confident that you leave us in good hands!
We'll miss you guys!!!

Sally (Salster) | Feb 19, 10 | 8:33 am


You will both be missed greatly! You have put together an amazing community, which I credit a great deal of my stamping knowledge to. Best of luck to you both in your future endeavours!

Cindy Major | Feb 19, 10 | 8:46 am


Thanks you Daven and Jenn for all that you have done for us over the years. Words cannot even begin to express the joy, learning and growing opportunities, and friendships that have been built through your devotion to this site. I know that you have given so much to make this site the huge success that it is today. I wish you all the best always!

Joanne (sleepyinseattle) | Feb 19, 10 | 9:13 am


i hardly have a particle of creativity and if it were not for SCS, i am afraid i would just have to give up my SU! demonstrator status. i cannot tell you how much i have learned from this site. i think you created something pretty amazing 7 years ago. i am hoping for the best with new owners - and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the integrity you have displayed throughout your tenure as owners. i wish each of you the best and many blessings wherever life takes you now.
with a bit of sadness, jo ann.

jo ann | Feb 19, 10 | 10:27 am


Daven & Jenn,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work in making SCS an inspiring, educational & fun place to linger. I am a better crafter because of this amazing community. You will be greatly missed & I wish you all the best in life!
Love, Vina

Vina (Vina82) | Feb 19, 10 | 10:54 am


Gulp!.... <sniff>.....*Sob!!!!*.....very scared......

songbirdwc | Feb 19, 10 | 11:00 am


No freakin way!!!! This can't be true, please tell me it's not. SCS will not be the same without the two of you. You're both like family. Please, please stay around some how.

Bonnie aka raduse | Feb 19, 10 | 11:10 am


I am in shock - can't believe this is happening. Wouldn't be a demo if I hadn't had this resource - hope it stays as beneficial as it has been!

Susan - justusjax | Feb 19, 10 | 11:55 am


Daven ~ it was such a pleasure for my husband & I to meet you at CHA...we wish you and Jenn the best of everything, and hope to see you here from time to time! Thank you again for all of the hard work you both have devoted to SCS!

Lynda/clyndago | Feb 19, 10 | 12:33 pm


Wow, I cannot believe this news, it will not be the same without you. Right from the start I felt like one of the community right away, and Daven you put up with my most annoying questions on how to navigate this site with such patience! Will really miss you! I hope we here from you both sometime soon!!

Mamasue123 | Feb 19, 10 | 1:02 pm


Daven and Jenn. You should be immensely proud of everything that you achieved here at SCS. We will all miss you. Best wishes to you both

jaydee | Feb 19, 10 | 1:04 pm


Oh Dear -

I hope this does not bode ill for Splitcoast Stampers? You and Jenn were such integral parts of SCS. I hope that your leaving was your own decision and not one forced on you. That would not be fair because you are both super at what you do.
Wishing both of you all the best in the world. I know you will both be missed tremendously!

Elaine Allen

Elaine Allen | Feb 19, 10 | 1:16 pm


When I began card making two years ago, I discovered Splitcoast, and I was just WOW-ed by the website! The support, the wonderful, wonderful community of talent, the encouragement, has been so impressive! It became my home away from home and has helped my love of the craft to blossom into a artform I will always love! I have to let you know how much I love this site, how much I appreciate what it took for you two to get it to what it is today! You will be missed! Thanks so much for the best website in the webworld!!!

Jill with a G | Feb 19, 10 | 2:05 pm


I just recently found this sight. I love it. It really has inspired me to do more with the stamping. You will be missed. Best of luck to you.

Roxanne | Feb 19, 10 | 2:19 pm


Daven and Jenn, you guys made SCS what it is. Your hard work will never be forgotten. Thanks for all you've done and may God bless your future endeavors.

Nuttnhoney | Feb 19, 10 | 5:40 pm


I love this site!!! I can only hope that it will remain the same....but without you I am sad to say it won't. Good luck to you and thank you for all you have done!

katey_did | Feb 19, 10 | 6:01 pm


I'm getting scarde, what is it? I hope you can stay, gonna miss you both...GinaF

Gina F | Feb 19, 10 | 6:20 pm


Daven and Jenn - Change is so hard!!!
You will be greatly missed. This is an
amazing site which has made us all better stampers, crafters, people and friends. It won't be the same without you. Thank you for all of your hard work making this the best website ever!!

karen brown | Feb 19, 10 | 6:32 pm


Wow, what a bummer. You both will be missed. They say, "Change is good" but that's to be determined. Daven and Jenn, good luck and thank you for taking me from a beginner stamper to one with a mad passion about it now.

Sandy Williams | Feb 19, 10 | 7:16 pm


Daven & Jenn...I just want to say that SCS has been a life saver for me, literally. I am bipolar and when I first joined a year or more ago I did so to try to crawl out of a very deep hole of depression and it has truly helped me, honestly. I bless both of you and hope with all my heart that SCS continues on in the same wonderful and heartfelt manner that the two of you were able to create.
My wish for both of you is for a prosperous and enriching future.
Thanks sooooooooooo much!

Norma Trevelyan | Feb 19, 10 | 7:44 pm


Good luck to you and thank you.

Good luck to the rest of us without you.

Changes are never easy. It is unfortunate for us there could not be a consulting agreement with you and an easier transition.


dawn brenner | Feb 19, 10 | 11:35 pm


I am saddened to hear that SCS has once again been sold, but this time not taking on two very talented and wonderful people. I hope your future endeavors are as fruitful as your time here on SCS. It's scary to think that SCS may change with your exit. It has been a place I have thoroughly enjoyed for the past 3 1/2 years and a place where I have made countless friends and acquaintances. IB...keep that in mind. The ladies (and gents) of SCS are more than part of a company...they are a family! Best of luck to Daven and Jenn and good luck to IB in their future as SCS owners.

Lisa Kind | Feb 20, 10 | 7:34 am


Thank you so much for creating such a welcoming, educational, tasteful place to meet others learning the same craft. You erased distance for us, so we were neighbor to neighbor. Best of luck to you both.

Minneapple | Feb 20, 10 | 7:44 am


Yikes SCS without Daven and Jenn is like eating a cupcake without the frosting!

Daven and Jenn, thank you for the time, creativity, and dedication you have given to us SCS viewers and members. You are two amazing and talented individuals. Please carry the love we have for you as energy as you embrace your new avenues. | Feb 20, 10 | 8:55 am


Wow, change is ever present and that is what make a great part of our everyday world. Sometimes we like it and sometimes we don't. As we venture forward your direction will be very missed. As Lydia said you have created the gold standard in the paper crafting world in this big world of the internet. Splitcoaststampers community is where I look to answer the many questions that come to me and sooo many others. If a new venture is in the offing, may it have the qualities that you and your associates have created that so many have explored, learned, created and cheered for! Thank you & Good Luck!

Debbie | Feb 20, 10 | 9:46 am


Say it isn't so Joe!

Sorry to hear this! You all have been such a great asset to the stamping world! I hope it doesn't change too much. You certainly made it what it is.....wont' be the same withouy you.

Joan Hajek | Feb 20, 10 | 1:40 pm


Wow, I just can't believe this. You both have set the tone for this site, keeping things professional, classy, interesting, and useful. Thanks for all you've done, and best wishes in your future endeavors.

Krista | Feb 20, 10 | 1:51 pm


Thank you Jen & Davin for everything and making SCS what is it today. You will be missed.
Good luck to both of in your future adventures

meluvstampin | Feb 20, 10 | 2:54 pm


Daven and Jenn, thank you so much for all the work you have done! I am new to SCS, but have been visiting regularly for some time now and am amazed at the organized, friendly format throughout. You are both true creative wizards, along with those who will be staying on and guiding us. Wishing you the best in all your new endeavors!

Mary Hansen | Feb 20, 10 | 3:50 pm


WOW - you will both be missed. This is one of the few online communities where I have truly made friends, and I believe it must be because of what the original members of this site brought to the table. I hope SCS will continue to be the wonderful community it is, and I wish Daven and Jenn the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Sarah/WAstamper | Feb 20, 10 | 4:03 pm


Daven & Jen,
I'm so sad to read this news. I think that it's a huge loss for the SplitCoast community.

Good luck in all your future endeavors.

Kathi | Feb 20, 10 | 4:32 pm


It's all been said before:
"SCS won't be the same without you two"
"You have built an amazing place for amazing people to come together"
"Our hearts are heavy, but we wish you two every blessing as you move on to other great endeavors"

I am a newbie at SCS, but have found the people engaged here to be warm, caring and creative. Any new owners would be wise to think before changing something that thousands feel passionate about!

That being said, let's give them a chance to live up to "if it ain't broke..."!

Darlene | Feb 21, 10 | 5:26 am


This site has been a major source of joy and inspiration in my life. I think that is due in a large part to the unseen people 'behind the curtain' who work so hard. Thank you both so much. You will be missed. I wish you both all the best.

Good luck and God bless!

LeisaJane | Feb 21, 10 | 6:06 am


I just read your note and I am so sad. Thank you for everything you have done during the six years I have been a member of this site!! You both will be missed.
Hope you will let us know of your future plans.

APandi | Feb 21, 10 | 6:32 am


I started with you all from beginning, lurking while I learned this awesome craft. Thank you for all you've done to inspire the love and creativity in paper art. You will be missed. So thankful I had the opportunity to meet you at CHA.

cookiebaker | Feb 21, 10 | 7:15 am


Daven and Jenn, you have been the backbone of this site! Thank you for EVERYTHING and for creating such a fine community here for us crafters! I love it here and it just won't be the same without you!!! Hugs to you both!

Marleygo | Feb 21, 10 | 7:48 am


I 'm kinda a new, I've only been here for about a year! But Daven & Jenn the site is wonderful, you made it friendly and warm. I hope it stays that way! Your work and efforts will be missed dearly. SaBrina

auntiebeanie | Feb 21, 10 | 10:04 am


I can't say anything that hasn't been said, but I will add my 'voice' to the Best Wishes and Love being sent to you!

lala | Feb 21, 10 | 10:09 am


This site has been invaluable to me and thousands of other stampers, scrapbookers, and crafters. Your hard work to start up and continue the site has brought SCS to where it is today. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you nothing but happiness and success in the months and years ahead. You will be missed, I'm sure. Sometimes bigger is not better.

Pam Schwartz | Feb 21, 10 | 10:58 am


I want to add my huge thanks to you both for all you have done for SCS over the years. You have indirectly had a very big influence on my 'creativity' through this site, and I thank you for that. Good luck in whatever you take on next. You will be sorely missed.

Tilly | Feb 21, 10 | 11:53 am


Hugs and blessings as the new adventure begins.. of course, as someone who hears the word change and goes 'aaaaaggghhh' I hope the changes, if any, are back of shop LOL... the only change i really like is a change in the cardstock colours, change of new stamps and products, change of gallery x Ros

Ros Booth | Feb 21, 10 | 2:05 pm


I don't know much about the past history etc. of Splitcoast stampers. What I do know is that it has been the best managed site I have ever witnessed. To whomever was responsible, feel very proud of yourself. It is a fantastic site. It is user friendly. It is so interactive with all its challenges, forums, question and answer threads, resource pages (both as a forum thread as well as an official tab, etc). I hope that this change means it maintains the extremely high standards it now has. Thank you for all you have created.

Carolynn | Feb 21, 10 | 3:35 pm


I have to agree with the people above, alot of my creativity has come from all the wonderful ideas that are on this website. So many talented people. There is no other website like this one with as many super ideas. I hate it when things have to change when they are running like clockwork. So, thank you all for everything you have done to inspire all of us. Good luck on your next adventure. You will be very missed.

Ruth Lyman | Feb 21, 10 | 3:54 pm


Oh my goodness - how will it be Splitcoast without Daven and Jenn!?!?!? I'm SO sorry - so Sad and so scared??!!! I love it here and hope the new company understands how many, many people depend on this site being as dependable and wonderful as it has been so far!!

Julia Aston | Feb 21, 10 | 6:02 pm


I'm one of those "periodic" users that comes to the site for inspiration, ideas, forum discussions etc. I've posted some of my cards here and value all of the feedback I've received. You guys are the reason I keep coming back-this is my favorite crafting site on the net. I wish you both success in the future-what a great legacy you have left!

kingmontmom | Feb 21, 10 | 6:04 pm


I can't even express my thanks for what your sight has brought to my creativity! You each handle yourselves with such grace, intelligence, patience, and especially with a sense of humor that it has made THE most tremendous social networking site available for crafters!!! When things have gotten tense, or computers have been wonky, it has always been Daven's voice of calm that maintains the fun and loving atmosphere. It's Jen's focused sense of style and her continued support of SU folks that that keeps me coming back, day after day. I wish you both the best and will choke back my own anxiety over what Splitcoast will become to say...thank you! We truly love you!

lbirus (Lynn Birus) | Feb 21, 10 | 7:27 pm


I love this site. I hope not too much changes. I have been thrilled and educated to be part of this community! Best of luck to the both of you on your new endeavors!

Rebecca | Feb 21, 10 | 8:54 pm


Daven and Jenn, you two are amazing people and what you've created here has gotten me hooked on the craft industry and I've made so many good friends. Whatever you both decide to do, I wish you all the best and you will be missed by hundreds of thousands. God bless you both.

Cindy Coutts | Feb 21, 10 | 10:21 pm


What a bitter sweet time for you both. So very sad for the rest of us....
Good Luck and may God Bless you in whatever the future holds.

GardenDiva | Feb 22, 10 | 4:42 am


WOW! As so Many have said before me... WHAT!??, NO Daven and Jenn?? Our ever present Super DUO is no longer?? This is a shock. I can only trust that IB will see that this community {hearts} what you have done over the last 7 years, and not try to change a thing! I wish from the bottom of my toes that you both have success in all your future endeavors. Thanks you so much for ALL you have done for us here.

tankgrl | Feb 22, 10 | 6:30 am


So sorry to see you go! I've learned so much from you. Let us know if you begin again somewhere else. Best of luck! Welcome IB! You have big shoes to fill.

willucci | Feb 22, 10 | 6:41 am


I'm very new to SC and never got a chance to get to know you two, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all you have done to make this site what it is. I wish you both much success in whatever the future holds.

mom28qtz | Feb 22, 10 | 9:04 am


Although I've only known of SCS for a couple of years I feel very sad about the loss of two such dedicated people. I have gained a wealth ideas, made wonderful friends and learnt so much from this amazing community.
Thank you for creating this wonderful, unique place and the very best to you both in your future ventures.

Chris | Feb 22, 10 | 11:40 am


Thanks for all your work to make splitcoast what it is. You tireless efforts are greatly appreciated. Good luck in the future!

kate | Feb 22, 10 | 1:22 pm


I'm one of those people who hates change and longs for the good old days. It just won't be the same without Jenn and Davon. All the best to both of you - and thank you for everything you've done to make this such a special place.

Princess Dee | Feb 22, 10 | 1:35 pm


I have learned so much from this site over the years and this site was here because of YOU!! Thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication toward this community which has become a second home to me! I hope IB will continue with the same commitment to developing a positive on-line community. Hugs...

Lynnor aka icensheba | Feb 22, 10 | 6:14 pm


thank you so very much for all you have done for splitcoast stampers. I am on the site daily and I love all of the inspiration and help it offers to someone in a remote area of the country.

diane | Feb 22, 10 | 6:55 pm


Change! for some it is good news... for some it is the worse of news... for us it is a very sad ocassion. Daven and Jenn have been the rocks of Gibralta to this site in a classy and professional way. I was at another site were these individuals from IB took over, needless to say I do not visit that site hardly anymore... I trust the same will not happen here. This is such a happy and interactive family and it is al because of the wonderful leadership weve had ove the past years. Best of the Best Jenn and Daven and may your success on SCS follow you werever you go.

Marcia Luisa | Feb 22, 10 | 7:19 pm


You guys *are* splitcoast. So sorry to see you go. God bless you both in all you do.

zekesmom10 | Feb 23, 10 | 5:17 am


Oh No...say it isn't so. You guys are the best!!! However, I do understand and will miss each of you. You "are" and always will be Splitcoast. God bless each of you on your new journey.

Wanda50 | Feb 23, 10 | 7:26 am


I am so sorry to hear that this is happening to Splitcoast Stampers. You all are the best and provide such a great service to all of us. The worst thing they could do is this! You all are what make Splitcoast Stampers the great site that is. Daven and Jenn you will be missed!

Mary Havlovic | Feb 23, 10 | 10:14 am


I am sorry to hear that. Sad to see you guys go...I am a new crafter and splitcoast was my sanctuary and I have learned so much and was update with all the news. God bless you both in your new endeavours. I truly hope IB keeps the site in the same fashion. You be missed and thanks loads.....

Sherl | Feb 23, 10 | 5:56 pm


Oh my heart weeps for what has been and what I have taken for granted. Like life you never know how wonderful something is until it is taken away. You will be so missed. Thank you for your unselfish years you have given and for sharing so much of yourselves, your family, your life, your talents with so many. You have truly touched lives in a way you may never know. Splitcoast was my comfort zone where I turned to after the death of my husband just to find friends who would understand. May God grant you peace and many happy trails ahead. God Bless and Thank You btoh.

Mary | Feb 24, 10 | 6:35 am


I wondered why I didn't get my usual e-mail last week. And this week EVERYTHING looks different! So far for me, the site has been VERY DIFFICULT to navigate! Every week I look forward to hearing from you that I can gain new ideas and see the beautiful work! Thank You!!! There must be something better for you all to be leaving. God bless in your adventures!

TLady | Feb 24, 10 | 7:35 am


BUMMER! Any chance we will see you somewhere else? Thank you for all you have done. I'll never forget the first time I came on the site. I was blown away. We wish you and yours health and happiness.

mitzyg | Feb 24, 10 | 9:37 am


Daven & Jenn, SCS will not be the same without you. I really can't comprehend this site without your loving pulse. I hope the close knit flavor of SCS doesn't change with different management at the helm. That is what attracted me along with the awesomeness of the contributors, galley, and tutorials. I wish you much success in your future endeavors.

Stampingnut50 (Andrea Bowers0 | Feb 24, 10 | 10:14 am


Well, I suppose this was inevitable, considering how much SCS has grown, but it just won't be the same. I hope we can keep the community feel we've enjoyed over the years. I have "met" many wonderful people, who understand my obsession with rubber, and the fact that the owners of the site were also members of this afflicted group made it so wonderful.

Thank you for all you have done to make SCS what it is, and may God Bless you in your next adventures.

MaryAnnDoLN | Feb 24, 10 | 10:16 am


So very sad to see you go but wish you all the very best for the future. You will both be missed very much. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.

valmin | Feb 24, 10 | 1:14 pm


I have just join this wonderful site and enjoyed it more than you will ever know. It is such a giving and caring place because you are so willing to share your ideas. Best wishes to you both for the future! You have done a great job with the site. I know many hours, days and years have been spent creating this site.Even though I have only been involved for a short time, I thank you for you great work.

Elizabeth Carney | Feb 24, 10 | 1:38 pm


Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to Splitcoaststampers. This is my absolute favorite site for anything to do with creativity. I hope it will not change under the new ownership. Good luck with whatever you do next. I hope it will be as satisfying for you and SCS has been. GOd bless.

Paula Englert | Feb 24, 10 | 2:02 pm


Thank you so much for all that you've done. I, for one, use Splitcoast as my go to "magazine" when I just want to relax - to peruse the site to see new ideas, find new products and websites. I absolutely love this site and hope that it doesn't change too much. My best wishes to Daven and Jenn in their future endeavors.

Jeanine | Feb 24, 10 | 3:38 pm


Thanks so much for all you have done. This is the nicest site and sooooo informative. We surely are going to miss you.

SaraBelem | Feb 24, 10 | 4:04 pm


Awww I'm so sad to see you guys go. Thanks for all you have done to make this site what it is. You will be missed!!!!

DebbieCorbari/dbdoodle | Feb 25, 10 | 7:17 am


Oh, what a shame! You have brought card making to a new high! I have learned so much from your knowledge and pushing us to try something new! Thanks and God speed to both of you in what ever you do in the future. I sure hope SCS does not change too much.

scootsv | Feb 26, 10 | 7:53 pm


Thanks Daven and Jenn for providing a site that provides so much enjoyment to so many. I have made many friends and have learned so much about so many things - not just craft related subjects either. We have discussed movies, politics, health and family along with the latest crafting news. I so hope that changes will not be major and that the new owners will listen closely to our members. Best to you Daven and Jenn!

Barb/Redfern | Feb 26, 10 | 8:04 pm


"Oh, bother"...This is a heck of a site, I hope they don't change it too much. Everything always boils down to money. Sometimes people do not understand there are more important things in life... Thank you ladies for all you did to get us to this point. This is one of the best gathering/information sites on the net for what we do, and so much more (if not THE BEST...All this change just sounds ominous. I hope they don't ruin it...

Rae | Feb 27, 10 | 6:47 am


So sorry to hear the news! The team at SCS is absolutely the best - no doubt why someone would want to acquire is just phenomenal. On the other hand, it seems heartless to remove part of the heart and soul of this team. In any event, wishing each and every SCS team member the very best through this transition.

KrisInk | Feb 28, 10 | 2:47 am


Thank you both for everything, you will be missed.

MelisLeach | Feb 28, 10 | 4:02 pm


Well they say everything happens for a reason. I can only imagine what great things are around the corner for you ... I certainly hope the new management keeps the spirit of what you have started here alive.

I haven't been as active a community member is the past 18 months as I would have liked but this site remains my home page and I often come to take a quick look at what others are up to (AKA Stalking LOL)

THANK YOU for the gift of your time and creativity. splitcoaststampers remains a special place for me to come and feel connected.

Best of Luck to BOTH you and Jen.

riemomof2 | Mar 01, 10 | 2:41 pm


Oh please please please don't let anything change. This is the Uber website for all things stamping.

deb | Mar 01, 10 | 8:20 pm


You both will be remembered for the greatness you have created here at SCS. Best of luck in the future and know you will be missed but remembered!

StampinT | Mar 01, 10 | 8:56 pm


so sorry to hear you are both leaving.
this site has been a lifeline in my getting into cardmaking. after losing my 35 yo son suddenly this site has helped me through my grief.....lonely times. SCS was just a touch away day or night. best wishes to you both!

stampinorah | Mar 02, 10 | 10:26 pm


Best of luck to both of you in whatever you now decide to do. What you helped create here is amazing; I have learned a lot, and found a great community in which to share my passion at whatever time of day. It's a fantastic concept and I'm grateful to have this gift of fellow crafters to share thoughts, laughter, and at times even each other's pain. It shows us all that in this rather large world we live in, it really is a small world after all.........

Cheryl O | Mar 02, 10 | 11:48 pm


I hope there are not too many changes to this website - the best website for cardmakers ever! I just found this site last year and wish I had discovered it seven years ago. All the best to you both where ever your new adventures take you.

Maureen | Mar 03, 10 | 11:35 am


Best of Luck to both of you!

The site you have launched here is a terrific testimony to your vision, care and hard work.

Teresa | Mar 03, 10 | 3:25 pm


wow the news is shocking in a way I told my husband about a few weeks ago something was going on and now the sad news. So sad that you are leaving, I only pray for good thigs for you in the future. Love what you have done, hope they don`t change things for us. Will miss you, hugs and more hugs. sharon

sharon porter | Mar 04, 10 | 3:03 am


sorry to see you leave, it looks like everyone else has said every thing i could say, I will pray for all good things for you hugs and more hugs love to you Sharon

sharon porter | Mar 04, 10 | 3:07 am


So sorry to hear you're leaving! I have learned so much from this site that you two have worked so hard to make successful. I hope the new company realizes what they're losing. I bid you so much good luck on your future ventures. Peace3 and HUGS!

Kim Z | Mar 04, 10 | 8:09 am


That's what happens when you involve big business. This site lost interest in the stamping community a long time ago.

EmJee | Mar 06, 10 | 8:40 pm


thanks you all for a great job, wishing the best what your futures plans may be

karen charette | Mar 08, 10 | 2:47 pm


As many have said before you are SCS and I am so sorry that you are leaving. You will both be greatly missed. I hope that doesn't evolve into a a pay site and stays true to what you all have created. Thank you for all you hard work in the past and my best wishes to you, Jenn and your family.

Sharon | Mar 09, 10 | 10:42 am


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