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Registering as a member

To post messages in our forums or upload to the Splitcoaststampers gallery, you must first register wirth a Username.


  1. Step 1

    There are a few places where you may register and join our community.

    On the home page (left hand side):

  2. In the Gallery (top, left-hand side):

  3. Step 2

    In the Forum (top, left-hand side):

  4. And if you click on "login" on the top right hand corner of your screen you will see this:

  5. Step 3

    And, no matter where you are on Splitcoaststampers, you will always see "join the community" in the top right hand corner of your screen.

  6. Please note:
    In certain forums you may post without being a member or without signing in, but your post will appear under the username "Unregistered" and you will need to answer a question.

  7. Step 4

    Once you've clicked on on of the options above, you'll need to read the Forum Rules and then check the "I have read, and agree" box. Then click on "Register".

  8. Step 5

    Next, you need to choose your User Name. You may want to choose a nickname or pseudonym rather than using your own name. Please do NOT use your email address. You will also need to choose a password and enter your email address. You'll need to repeat your password and email address respectively to make sure there isn't a typo. You will also need to answer an easy question (this is to help prevent spammers).

    Note: Please choose your User Name carefully, as we will only change your User Name if you wish to go from your real name to a pseudonym, not from one pseudonym to another. To request that we change from your real name to a pseudonym, please send an email to: [email protected], and we'll help you!

  9. Step 6

    Specify your Time Zone

    Unless you're in the default Time Zone, which is Pacific Time, you will need to click on (GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada). You will see a list of all the world wide time zones from which to choose. This way whenever you see a "timestamp" on our site it will be relative to where you are located.

  10. Step 7

    Click on Complete Registration and you're done! This is what you will see:

  11. Step 8

    After your first visit, you may need to log in by clicking on "login", found in the top, right-hand corner of your screen.

  12. Step 9

    Enter your Username and Password. Please check the box Remember Me if you're on your own personal computer. DO NOT check that box when you're on a public computer (such as the library or at a friend's house).

    If you are not logged in, you will only be able to post as an Unregistered user in certain forums and you'll notice certain things will be "missing", such as Stampin' Up's Mini Catalog & Previews Gallery. You will then get this message:
    "It appears you do not have permission to view this category. Please feel free to contact us if you believe you have reached this message in error."
    Please don't hesitate to leave comments if you have any questions or if something is unclear.

Questions and Comments

We'd love to get your feedback or questions. Leave your comment below.

I haven’t been on in awhile I am trying to join a swap and it won’t let me reply. It gave me an message saying that an administrator may have disabled my account. Can you help?

amanda kurzeja  |  Mon Mar 22, 2010 at 1:59 PM

still not able to log in

Anne  |  Fri Apr 2, 2010 at 2:22 PM

still hoping

AFBstamps  |  Fri Apr 2, 2010 at 2:23 PM

I have tried to register and always gets the
registration back with the comment
that the answer to the random question is incorrect. 

I had put - Who enjoys stamping?  stampers

Please tell what I am doing wrong!

Dupriest  |  Tue Apr 20, 2010 at 7:29 PM


ADRIENNE  |  Wed Jun 9, 2010 at 7:11 PM

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