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Julia S 09-25-2008 05:56 AM

WT185 - Charmed, I'm Sure
Good morning! I'm hoping you'll think today's challenge is a charming one. ;) I have a bunch of charms I've been hoarding away...saving them for the perfect project of course! ;) I decided it was long past time to use them and I've been adding them in to project here and there. After all...I did start the ways to use it challenge for a reason. I can be a hoarder and I need a reason to so that sometimes. I'm sure many of you may be the same. To play along with this challenge...use a charm on a project...card, layout, altered item and share the results. If you don't have a charm to use...why not create one yourself? Have fun with it!

As always...please upload your NEW creations using the WT185 keyword and post a link back here. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

My sample: Steadfast Hope

WT185 Gallery Submissions

Thanks for playing along! Wishing you a beautiful day!


debdeb 09-25-2008 05:58 AM

Ohh! I have bunches Faith gave me when we first met! Fun!

Cook22 09-25-2008 05:58 AM

Plenty of charms here because I buy them and then don't use them, so this should be easy!! Thanks, Julia.

okcapitolgirl 09-25-2008 05:59 AM

Fun challenge!

imastampin 09-25-2008 05:59 AM

I don't think I have any charms, at least I can't think of any I have stashed anywhere. Hmmm, I'll have to think on this one. Can I use a fancy button in place of a charm?

Thanks Julia.

pachyderm23 09-25-2008 05:59 AM

I have lots of charms too!! I hope I get a chance to play along later. I haven't had time to stamp all week! Thanks for the great challenge!

cherbear49908 09-25-2008 06:00 AM

Great! Got about 10# of brass charms here!

TreasureOiler 09-25-2008 06:00 AM

Sounds wonderful Julia! I'm sure I have a ton of charms down there and if not, I will do as you suggested...make one ;)

Have a fab day!

papermoon04 09-25-2008 06:00 AM

Awesome one, I am on it!

shawnmarieo 09-25-2008 06:01 AM

Can't wait to play along! Have a ton on my plate today, hope to have time this afternoon!!

momofour26 09-25-2008 06:01 AM

Sounds fun!

Stampinsilvia 09-25-2008 06:02 AM

ohhhh I just made a card using a charm yesterday but it's for the paper trey blog hopso I don't think I can share it yet...I'll just have to make another one!

What a great challenge!

pammyrn 09-25-2008 06:04 AM

Oh I have so many charms. I may just have to break them out.

ButterflyEars 09-25-2008 06:14 AM

Thanks, Julia for the great challenge of hunting down stashed charms. I know I have some because I was using them a lot for a while.
Can't comment and play till later, I have to take my MIL to the doctor's this morning. I may be a while.
You all make some wonderful cards for me to comment on while I'm gone OK.

BevMom 09-25-2008 06:14 AM

<-- Not a charmer. :)
I'll have to make one just for this challenge!

artystamper 09-25-2008 06:21 AM

Fun challenge - I have lots of unused charms ! I have a meeting after work but hope to have time to get to this!

blessingsX3 09-25-2008 06:24 AM

great challenge Julia! I made one the other day for my m-i-l who asked me to make some and didn't upload it yet. I will try to make another new one today for it. This is the first time I put a charm on a card too. Here it is- super simple one this time:

easy baby boy

momofour26 09-25-2008 06:30 AM

here is mine.


DawnL 09-25-2008 06:30 AM

thanks Julia!

lorifitz1 09-25-2008 06:31 AM

Here is the one I did late yesterday that has a heart charm.
I am still waiting for it to be turned so it looks right I hope
later today.



MariLynn 09-25-2008 06:31 AM

Sounds like a wonderful challenge!!!!

squirlsnest 09-25-2008 06:31 AM

Ooh, sounds like fun!

LOL I have to laugh, because I'm also a hoarder - I'll talk myself out of even buying things sometimes because I know I'll want to "save" them! What a hoot, I have to keep telling myself "That's what they are FOR...to use!"

I don't think I own charms at the moment, but I am all for making one! Oh, I have an idea...off to play!

lazylizard 09-25-2008 06:33 AM

Here's mine:

star 09-25-2008 06:35 AM

I was sitting here looking at a package of charms trying to figure out how I could use them!!! (eeeekkkkkk!! That means I HAVE to use them?!!!) LOL
ok....first the kids to the dentist...then the grocery store....THEN I get to play! Should have plenty of time to come up with an idea!!

flaxychick 09-25-2008 06:36 AM

I just happened to have this little gold heart that was waiting to be used.... http:////www.splitcoaststampers.com/...0&ppuser=77954

bambi64 09-25-2008 06:36 AM

hmmmm I'll have to see what I can come up with.

Thanks, Julia.

strappystamper 09-25-2008 06:36 AM

I have a few charms that I had to have but have never used...go figure!! I'll be on it after I get the kids to shcool!! Thanks, Julia!

lacyquilter 09-25-2008 06:49 AM

Oh, fun challenge. I know I have a few. If I can't find them :rolleyes: , I may have to use polyshrink. Thanks, Julia.

Kim Hughes 09-25-2008 06:49 AM

thanks for the challenge Julia :)

here's mine:


debhorst 09-25-2008 06:56 AM

Here is my card for today, yesterday and the day before!! Not enough hours in my days lately!!! BOO HOO!!

sandrasmart64 09-25-2008 06:57 AM

Oh boy, I could fill up the gallery all on my own if I were to use all of my charms! C'mon, I know I am not alone! LOL!

Here is my card...and thanks for looking!

keltika3 09-25-2008 07:04 AM

I love charms too. Just that little bit of something is great. Here is a scrapbook page I made for the challenge.


Thanks, Julia, for a great challenge. Your embellishments always add something special!

cullenwr 09-25-2008 07:10 AM

I love to use charms as accents but tend to hoard them for whatever reason. Here's MY CARD.

chrisations.ink 09-25-2008 07:12 AM

Here's Mine - Gotta run to work!!!!!!


allee's 09-25-2008 07:12 AM

I must admit! I am a charm hoarder, too!!

Here is my card:

Wishing you....Comfort

jdmommy 09-25-2008 07:18 AM

Here is mine

Thanks for making me unlock my hoard of charms, Julia!!!

Kharmagirl 09-25-2008 07:21 AM

Fun challenge Julia!! Can't wait to play tonight!! Why does work ALWAYS get in the way of my stamping!!!

jinxmom 09-25-2008 07:27 AM

I am trying this for the first time. Be kind! I know you always are.


muzbysmom 09-25-2008 07:28 AM

Hi Ho, Hi Ho! It's off to shop I go (I have no charms!). Great challenge!

hlr976 09-25-2008 07:31 AM

Chocolate Wedding Cake...

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