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jpmayo 03-25-2010 07:25 AM

VSN Guidelines and Tips

1. Participants do not need to sign up to participate in VSN. They just need to show up to the VSN forum area and join in the challenges!

2. Any special, out of the ordinary, stamping tools you need will be listed ahead of time in a Shopping List thread.

3. Participants do not need to complete all of the challenges to play.

4. There are no vendor restrictions! You can use products made by any company.

5. Each player must complete their challenge within 1 hour (unless otherwise stated); this is on the honor system so please play fair.

6. No double-duty entries are allowed in VSN. This means you cannot combine 2 or more VSN challenges into one entry.

7. Only one entry per person allowed per challenge. This applies during VSN, after VSN please feel free to come back and use the VSN challenges for your projects and as inspiration as often as you'd like!

8. If you are unable to complete a challenge live, while VSN is happening, you are welcome to complete it at any time before the VSN deadline (normally the Monday after VSN)Ö just donít spend longer than the 1 hour time limit on the challenge. Again, this all operates on an honor system, so challenge yourself and set a timer.

9. *Important* Give your FILE a unique name before you upload it. When files have the same generic name as others (which is the case often during VSN), they will get removed when the gallery scans for duplicate posts. So. . .try something with your username, for example, in it, and yours won't get deleted.

If you have already uploaded your project and you see that your title is the same as other players then edit your picture and change your title.

Uploading directions

A. All entries MUST have the correct keyword for the challenge. It is recommended that you copy the keyword from the challenge itself to ensure accuracy.

This is how the hostesses will find all of the entries for their challenge and by using the Keyword, your upload is automatically attached to the gallery for the challenge making it easy for everyone to enjoy your work!

B. All uploads for challenges MUST be uploaded by the date provided in the challenge which will be a date arranged by the Coordinators for each VSN.

C. For VSN Weekends, the restriction for "No Upload Sunday" still applies.

D. For further uploading instructions please see this thread: GALLERY UPLOADS


Anyone can apply to be a hostess experience is not necessary. When the call is put out, simply follow the instructions of the Coordinator on how to make your application. Be sure to make your application before the deadline offered by the Coordinators.

Please be aware that being a hostess does have responsibilities and that time frames and deadlines are often crucial. Please consider the time frames and scheduling commitments for VSN before making your application.

There are fun perks to being a hostess!!! You will gain access to a "Hostess Side Only" chat forum where you will be behind the scenes to see all the action. Once there, you will work on your challenge and chat with the other VSN hostesses while getting any help and guidance needed from your CO's. Plus, you will have the opportunity to see and pre-play the other hostesses challenges before VSN goes Live!!!

Once the Coordinators choose their hostesses they will announce the hostesses in the VSN Forum.

We hope that these guidelines answer many of your questions. If you have any further questions, please ask Lee (SCS: LuvLee) or Misti (SCS: scraperwannabe), the VSN Go To Girls, and either of us will be happy to help.

Another helpful thread for info learned while playing VSN can be found HERE.

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