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westiemom 10-28-2010 09:22 PM

do I need Copic markers?
Why do I need copics? I see lots of people writing about them. I have some markers that were purchased at hobby lobby a long time ago butt hey do work. Someone tell me about Copics.... it is all so confusing to me! p.s. they are expensive, though.

buggainok 10-28-2010 10:03 PM

Check out this ongoing thread for all you ever wanted to know about Copics.


michellesscrap 10-28-2010 10:05 PM

HERE is alink with some basic information on Copics. Do you NEED them? Well no... but will you be happy you bought them? YES! I was.

KatarinaM 10-29-2010 02:59 AM

There are less expensive alternatives to the Copic brand. I've heard Promarkers are very good, much less money and work just as well. Whatever you do, don't buy a set of markers. Choose the color families you use most and buy two or three values in that family. Looking at the Copic color chart is helpful with this. For example if you want a red and you pick Lipstick Red from the chart as your favorite(R29) you're going to need several markers that are lighter than that one for blending. So I would choose at least two more from that group. R20, and R24.
You just don't get this in prepackaged sets and you are left with a bunch of single colors that you can't blend with.

My advice would be to pick a marker whether it's Copic or Promarker or another brand, get their color chart and start choosing colors. HTH!

lylacfey 10-29-2010 04:03 AM

My advice is go to Copics web site & look at the markers. Add up how much the markers would cost if you buy all of them. Then decide if it's a good investment or not. I tend to do this when buying art tools. I am buying Copics slowly. I have a set of PrismaMarker's that I love.

Also watch some Copic tutorials on You Tube and see if this is a technique you would like to do. If it's something your interested in buy a set of Sharpies or Bic. Try the technique and master it before you delve into the Copic world. There are a lot of good tutorials and card designs using Sharpies and Copics.

Hope that helps.

Michellena317 10-29-2010 05:20 AM

I agree with the other Michelle. You do not NEED copics...but once you have some you will WANT even more. I love mine! If you like to color then Copics are a great way to go, especially if you like to use 'character' stamps. But like the other posters have said it is a large investment and you have to learn to use them as they are not the same as water based markers.
I have a copic faq page on my blog with lots of information for those just starting out. The effects that you can do with Copics are beautiful!

bossboo 10-29-2010 07:53 AM

Yes, you need them. LOL :)

Everything is an investment, so I say go for it and have fun if you decide it's something you would enjoy as a hobby. Before you do, go out and buy a few, and try them out first. Just make sure you buy them closer to their color family and numbers (E31, E35, E37, E39), etc so you will have a better time blending from lighter to darker shades.

Copic has a very large user community, even in the card making hobby, so you will have plenty of help and inspirations. Alot of blogs will give you color combos so you can use that as a guide.

I list the color combos I use for my Copics, lately I've been doing a set of tutorial videos on my blog so you can follow along at your own pace. I have a list of useful Copic links the sidebar of my blog to help you out.

Oozak.com sells his Copics for $4.15 if you sign up as a member (it's free). And he ships free with $50 purchase. I shop there, and shipping is extremely fast.

Good luck! ;)

Michellena317 10-29-2010 08:03 AM

Oh Chrissy, I watched one of your hanglar videos yesterday during lunch on you tube. I love watching other people's coloring process. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

kittycatsx4 10-29-2010 08:23 AM

All I can say is . . . I have tried MANY markers in my life and copics are the only ones that I have used that don't make my work look like I have never used markers before in my life! Of course, the paper makes all the difference for the copics, too. With the right paper, they just glide and blend beautifully!

kittycatsx4 10-29-2010 11:37 AM

I use Gina K's Pure Luxury with the copics. It works perfectly for me! Forgot to add that above! :)

Ronie 10-29-2010 01:03 PM

I'm going to chime in with a different opinion. I think you would be fine without Copics. I bought almost 100 Copic Sketch markers and they sat on a shelf for a couple of months. I got them out a few times, but never was happy with the way my coloring looked. Now I am sure that was largly due to my inexperience with them. But still I decided I really didn't do that much coloring anyways to make the investment in time (practice), and money so I sold them and have no regrets. I have a set of pro-markers that I find SO much easier to use, and they are a much cheaper alternative to Copic markers.

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