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ukmaryanne 01-08-2013 06:24 AM

Stamping and ink on T-shirt transfer paper!
We have a mag in the UK called Craft Stamper. They featured something called TAP (Transfer Artists Paper) and it got me thinking. I dragged out some old T-shirt transfer paper that I had kicking around and had a go at the things from the mag. I think it does depend on your paper, how sturdy it is, but the one I have worked a treat.

More detail on my blog but look how cool it turned out!

What you see is:

* smudged-on DI for the background
* DI smudged thru sequin waste
* stamped images with Memento
* stamped image painted with DI and water mix
* smudged thru a stencil (reversed)
* stencil cut with SCAL and reversed, smudged thru with Memento (my name)
* stamped with Distress Stain


I think it would be fab for making a tee-shirt or decorating a bag. I did wet another smaller image I did to see if the inks ran at all, but considering transfer paper is meant to work with ink-jet ink and that runs like mad if you get it wet, I was not surprised to find that nothing came off.

UnderstandBlue 01-08-2013 06:53 AM

This is GORGEOUS!!

shazsilverwolf 01-09-2013 12:11 PM

Ukmaryanne, I saw that article, and if I remember, she said the TAP paper was quite expensive? I have some of that T-shirt paper, I got it in Tesco when I thought I might one day have a go at printing on a t-shirt. It was that long ago now, I've completely forgotten what I was going to put on the shirt, lol. But I know it wasn't expensive,

ukmaryanne 01-09-2013 11:10 PM

I've found it on quilting sites and I guess "expensive" is a relative term :) I think it is more expensive than T-shirt transfer but I don't recall it being massively pricey. I just tend to get a bee in my bonnet about something and hate waiting for the delivery and I def. didn't see it someplace I could just walk in and buy it from. Hence my cobbled together solution :)

It's interesting - I have two styles of transfer on hand - the one I used for the original sample you create on the transfer, flip it so the piece is face DOWN on the fabric, then iron. I have ANOTHER kind, different brand, where you have to create, peel off the transfer film, lay it on the fabric FACE UP, then take the backing paper and lay it over the fabric and iron. I won't work if you just flip and iron. The point is THAT paper (which is DecAdry, I think is the name) is very sturdy and you can actually colour with Copics onto the transfer film without it melting it (which is does do on the stuff I used for the one with my name) While you can't BLEND, per se, you CAN layer colours if you do dark-over-light and let each application of the Copic ink DRY before you add more. Going over it when it is "wet" will tear the film. You can kind of see that on his boots and a little on his face at the upper left.


I stamped THIS image with Memento and coloured. As the fabric was cream, not white, I trimmed close to the image then peeled it off and ironed it on.

I also have a couple of pieces where I PRINTED a digital stamp then coloured with Copics but have not done anything with them yet. I wanted to find a shirt to give it a go n but have no spare white shirts to try. :) But I see no reason why it won't work as well.

shazsilverwolf 01-10-2013 03:17 AM

I must admit I'm with you on trying to see if I've already got something that will do the same job as a 'new' product, especially on cost!

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