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kid305 08-16-2005 06:13 PM

Cool card fold
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Ok, I know I'm a day late, but that's pretty good for me. lol I promised I'd share this cool fold on Monday. When you see the attached pictures at the bottom it will be much clearer than the printed instructions here.

Cut your cardstock to the standard card size of 8.5X5.5 Score horizontally at 2.75, vertically at 2.75 and 4. Score diagonally out from the middle from 4 to 2.75 (when you see the picture, you'll understand) Valley fold the vertical scores at 2.75 and 4, then mountain fold the horizontal score from 4 to the end. Mountain fold the diagonal scores as well. After the last picture shown, you just fold the long part of the card down and the big part up and together. To keep the square part together, I put a pop dot between them. I hope these instructions all make sense, but if for some reason they don't, just pm me and I can help.

Katydog 08-16-2005 06:26 PM

How cool is that! Thanks for sharing... I have yo go try it!

Amy05 08-16-2005 06:52 PM

Yea! Thanks for posting. I'm practicing!

stampercamper 08-16-2005 07:07 PM

You are WONDERFUL!!!! Thanks for posting! I just made a mock-up and I'm ready to play. Your instructions were GREAT!

Mary55075 08-16-2005 07:36 PM

Thanks for the instructions! Printing them out now...and will be giving it a try.

You are sweet...TFS!!!

sparksdm 08-16-2005 08:02 PM

Thanks, these are great.

JulieHRR 08-16-2005 08:13 PM

OK, I did a mock-up. But, I don't get it. When I open the card, the whole square thingy just unfolds and when I close it, it doesn't exactly go back into place. But, if I were to glue it down, then I cannot open the card very wide at all.

Is that the way it's supposed to be??? :confused:

STAMPINSTEL 08-16-2005 08:15 PM

Cool Thanks !

Mary55075 08-16-2005 08:18 PM

Well...I just got my husband involved as I could not figure it out. He insists that a step or two is missing. Has anyone else figured it out?

Mamalanie 08-16-2005 08:29 PM

I love it. At first I was lost but then looked at your gallery to find


GarnetJ 08-16-2005 08:39 PM

Thank you. That really is one cool card. I too had to go look in the gallery. The thumbnails seemed to stop just before I could figure it out. LOL

kid305 08-16-2005 08:40 PM

Here is a link to the finished card.


Mary55075 08-16-2005 08:42 PM

Question...do you fold it into a card first...then do the directions posted? Maybe it is the hour...brain is just not working.

Mary55075 08-16-2005 08:55 PM

OH MY GOSH...ALL of a sudden it worked. The link to your Halloween Card totally made sense...SUPER picture!

Thank you...thank you...thank you...now I can go to sleep (giggle)!

Mary55075 08-16-2005 08:58 PM

I understand JulieHRR's question though...when you open it you can't open it all the way...BUT AT LEAST I GOT THE FOLD...HURRAY!

StampinHappyInCT 08-16-2005 09:15 PM

I am soooo not getting it!!!

Mary55075 08-16-2005 09:34 PM

I figured out if you just glue the top square you can open it up just fine.

As to the last post...go to the link of the halloween picture...take a good look at where the edges are on the square...the folded part and the open part...that helped me...all of a sudden it will happen for you. It also helped to score every line you see on the sample. Good luck!

mommyssweetpeas 08-16-2005 09:44 PM

I just tried it with some scrap paper, and at first I was like, err....and then I kept playing with the folds and it worked!

Donna3d 08-16-2005 10:09 PM

Thanks! One question though!
Thank you so much for posting the instructions! You are awesome. I love gadgety cards!

I just wanted to make sure I got it though! When you open it to write a message inside, is the inside the bottom/underside of the mountain. . . basically behind the "creeping by with a Halloween hi"? When opened is it a tall skinny card about 5 1/2" wide by 5 3/4" tall folded in half vertical (with diagonal creases at bottom)?

If I'm way off, would somebody mind posting what a final one looks like opened?

Thanks so much!!! -Donna

DancingRain 08-16-2005 11:42 PM


Originally Posted by JulieHRR
OK, I did a mock-up. But, I don't get it. When I open the card, the whole square thingy just unfolds and when I close it, it doesn't exactly go back into place. But, if I were to glue it down, then I cannot open the card very wide at all.

Is that the way it's supposed to be??? :confused:

BINGO!!! I have finally figured it out :) Thank you, Tracy, for sharing directions for this darling card!

I did all the folds exactly as Tracy has described. I then opened my card back out... laying it flat and in the very same position as the first attachment. Valley fold beteen the two squares... valley fold running across the card at the 2.75 point... then my mountain folds that are diagonal. You will see a TRIANGLE formed.

I placed adhesive within that TRIANGLE ... and only within that triangle... I then folded the two squares (towards the right) flat against the triangle... and pressed to adhere them.

The left side is now overlapping towards the right... and glued in place. I then redid my MOUNTAIN fold the full length of the card. Forming a long, slender card.

I then held the top right corner of my card beteen my thumb and finger... gently pushing downward on the left corner... allowing the diagonal folds to return to the original card design.

My card now opens and closes just like a regular card :)

Hoping this helps.

cathymac 08-17-2005 01:33 AM

Thanks so much for the directions. Can't play right now, but I'm definitely going to print these out and try this evening! :)

DeniseH 08-17-2005 03:02 AM

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...I still don't get it...:( :( :(

kyloescards 08-17-2005 04:57 AM

okay I think I have it figured out with scrap paper - now the trick will be with cardstock!!!

bzmom 08-17-2005 05:43 AM

This is so cute! Thanks!

Pink Stamper 08-17-2005 05:52 AM

Thank you for sharing this awesome fold! I can't wait to try it and demo it!

YESINDIDI 08-17-2005 06:01 AM

How fun! Can't wait to try this! TFS

mama221999 08-17-2005 06:40 AM

What an adorable card.

stampinit4fun 08-17-2005 06:47 AM

I love different things! Will have to try this card out soon!

JulieHRR 08-17-2005 07:27 AM

Thank you, Kid and Mary--by george, I finally got it! ;)

I'm slow on these kinda things . . . I knew it goin' in, but I did triumph!!! :D

Thank you again, Kid, for sharing this intriguing fold!!

skittlebrow 08-17-2005 07:39 AM

cool! thanks for posting directions on how to make this card fold, tracy. I just had to try it! here is a link to my card. I used a paperclip hidden underneath the pop out square to temporarily hold the card together while taking the pic. (if you glue it down, you won't be able to open it to write inside the card.)
you rock! :)

Pink Stamper 08-17-2005 07:56 AM

I can't get it! I thought I had it but I looked at the picture again and I don't. I'm a visual person and not doing so good here. Somebody help me please.

judylb 08-17-2005 08:15 AM

I think what confused me at first was the center score line down the length of the card. You have to first get the valley folds on the vertical lines (2.75 & 4) and mountain fold the diagonal lines. Then valley fold the center fold down to the first vertical (2.75 fold) and mountain fold from the 4" vertical line to the end of the card--it then compresses into the card. I was also a bit confused by sticking down the square which wouldn't permit you to open the card fully. It's a cute free-standing card with the square left loose. Would make really great invitation cards to a party. Always enjoy making unique folds like this and the neverending card. Folks really get a kick out of them. Thanks so much for sharing.

DeniseH 08-17-2005 08:32 AM

Okay, so why am I so dumb with this! I am not sure what came first, my headache or this card fold....but I can't let it go...............I get to picture three, and then I can't get it to the shape of the card in the sample....I am getting so T*C*K*D off :(

DeniseH 08-17-2005 08:52 AM

Miracles do Happen!
Now if I can only get it to happen again with cardstock. Thanks judylb, your post helped me alot! :)

Judy K 08-17-2005 09:09 AM

Here's what I came up with for this COOL idea.
Thanks for sharing the idea Tracy!

Pink Stamper 08-17-2005 09:15 AM

Denise, I'm totally with you. I finally got it!!! I think I was making it harder that it was suppose to be. Yeah I'm so excited about this card!!!

AnnetteMay 08-17-2005 09:44 AM

Fought with it for hours then all of a sudden - it folded into place. Cool - but a little small. HAve any pointers on larger measurments to grow it a little? Thanks - it is a cool card fold.

nkowalk 08-17-2005 09:45 AM

3 Attachment(s)
How neat! :)

I'm at work so only have VERY limited supplies to make a mock-up for practice (ie: paper and pen!). Maybe this will help visualize how the card is folded. I've scanned my mock-up, open, closed, folded, unfolded. Hopefully it will make sense! See the attachments below.

Please forgive my sketches - this is why I LOVE my rubber stamps! LOL!

Joelyn 08-17-2005 10:20 AM

Thanks for sharing!

DeniseH 08-17-2005 10:29 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is mine...talk about a blast from the past....I think this stamp set (simple wishes) has to be one of the oldest sets still in the catty???

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