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BinkyBoo 12-25-2021 12:28 AM

Mod Podge meets Paper?
Please bare with me. I am a newbie crafter! I want to put a poem in a book for my daughter. It's printed on stationary paper (like resume' paper), from a Deskjet printer. The pages in the book feel like cardstock. What is the best way for me to adhere the paper to paper with good results?

Angelnorth 12-25-2021 07:49 AM

Hello, welcome to Splitcoast! I would probably use a dry adhesive for that - the desk jet printing may smudge if you use something like Mod Podge and you risk having it buckle the paper too as I’m guessing it’s a reasonably large area. A good quality glue stick would likely do the job or a double sided tape or tape runner. You might want to put faint pencil marks in the corners of where you want to stick your poem, then erase them when you’re done, it can be tricky to line things up perfectly and you don’t get so much “wiggle room” with a dry adhesive.

Good luck with the project!

contrapat 12-26-2021 04:56 PM

Just my 2 cents worth here- it might be a LOT easier to handle if you print onto a lightweight cardstock. Less likely to wrinkle or crease when you handle it. Also using a spray adhesive (there are several brands) could work well. You can also buy sheets of double stick adhesive. Personally, I'd go for the light weight cs.

lylacfey 12-26-2021 09:26 PM

I am a Mod Podge junkie. Nooooooo! to stationery paper printed on an ink jet. Mod Podge will make your pretty creation into an inky mush mess.

I use stationery paper all the time to glue things in my journals. I like the weight of it in my journals. I use ATG tape. As a newbie I don’t think you have that in your at home supplies. If you do that is a good way to go.

You can use double sided tape. You want the kind with a liner- https://www.amazon.com/s?k=double+si...f=nb_sb_noss_1

Dollar Tree does carry that kind of tape, but I haven’t seen it at my stores in a few months. I do know some stores in other cities have it in stock. This is another tip to find the tape but it won’t be archival is that this is the tape is used to put up your window film insulation kits. Sometimes you can find it at WalMart in the hardware department where they sell the Winter items. I can get rolls of it for $2 or $3.

Glue stick is also a good idea but you would need to apply quite a bit of it, Doing that you have a risk of accidentally creasing your paper. You will need a permanent glue stick like Scotch permanent. Washable glue sticks the poem will fall out of the book in a few months or a few years.

Bohodiva 12-27-2021 07:32 AM

Any papers printed on with inkjet printer will bleed when any moist, wet, medium is applied.

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