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shan 08-25-2004 08:10 AM

A Newbie with A Question
Hi Everyone,
I am some what of a lurker but I must say it's amazing how friendly and helpful everyone is on this site. It also amazes me how similar everyone is, for example, I too love chocolate, m&m peanuts are my weakness, diet pepsi with diet coke & lime as a close second, and a DH who really has no idea how much stamps and supplies really cost. :D Any way what I would like to know is what is the secret to uploading cards, I uploaded two one day and now everytime I try I get a fatal error message. I'm kind of a computer dork :oops: so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

jbalcer 08-25-2004 08:15 AM

Hey, Shan, and welcome! I'm here to help with your upload issues! You likely tried to upload a bmp or something other than jpg, and now your upload queue is jammed. I'll have Daven clear it out so you can reupload without the fatal error.

Can't wait to see what you've got!

WaterPixie 08-25-2004 08:37 AM

Welcome Shan!!

Glad you found this site and look forward to seeing your creations!

Jovi 08-25-2004 08:59 AM

Wecome Shan, looking forward to seeing your uploads. Jenn is the BEAST when it comes to helping people out :D :D

Jovi 08-25-2004 09:00 AM

OOOOPS Sorry Jenn, I meant to say


jbalcer 08-25-2004 10:42 AM

Shan, it is fixed now. Try again - with .jpg - and reduce the size of your uploads a bit:

Max size for the gallery is 640x480 pixels, but the gallery software will take care of that for you if you are unsure about reducing yourself. Mainly what you get through doing it yourself is shorter upload time (because the files are smaller when reduced). By tweaking the images yourself you also have to opportunity to do any color correction, cropping etc. that you want.

jbalcer 08-25-2004 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by Jovi
Wecome Shan, looking forward to seeing your uploads. Jenn is the BEAST when it comes to helping people out :D :D

BEAST, best . . . all depends on what time of day/week/month it is ;)

Scrapysu 08-25-2004 12:03 PM

Welcome Shan! I'm happy to see there is another Diet Coke with lime fan out there. I just love it! I haven't found too many people that do and I'm worried Coke will take it off the market!

shannon m 08-25-2004 12:38 PM

Hello Shan! I had to post and say hi. My full name is Shannon but my family calls me shan as a nickname! So your post caught my eye.

Hope you got the uploads figured out...

shan 08-25-2004 05:03 PM

You guys are all great! Thanks for the welcome. My full name is Shannon too but my DH and sister call me Shan so that's what I use. :D

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