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Anonymous 06-01-2004 04:00 PM

Do I have a disease or am I normal???
Ever since I had a workshop my upline did a few weeks ago, I have a fever that runs through my body...It's called "Stampin fever". I seem to enjoy late night stamping periods all to myself when hubby and kiddos are asleep.

Some nights I wake up in the middle of the night with a neat idea for a card or stamping project.

My question is this...Does this ever go away or is this what all of you wonderful stamper's experience every day?

Will this fever ever pass?

schrades 06-01-2004 04:06 PM

are you normal
I'm afraid you have stampitis it is very contagous. around 5500 people infected on this site alone. and the late nights of quiet stamping are merely a side affect that your going to have to learn to live with. The biggest effect of this disease is ALL THE FANTASTIC FRIENDS YOU MAKE!

You are normal

Dr. Schrades :lol: :lol: :lol:

joleenieweenie 06-01-2004 04:10 PM

LOL!!! :lol: Isn't it wonderful!? :D

schrades 06-01-2004 04:14 PM

Can I bill her for my diagnosis? hahaha

Have a good one!

StampinHappyInCT 06-01-2004 04:48 PM

Have no fear ... what you are experiencing is completely normal! Enjoy!

Jovi 06-01-2004 04:59 PM

I have the same thing happening to me!!!! :D I was up until 2am last night working on cards for a swap. :) I have a funny feeling that I'll be up late creating again, there are so many wonderful things that I want to try. Most of them I have seen here! Tonight it is definitely shaker cards! :D

Benniesma 06-01-2004 05:19 PM

I must confess that I've contracted this too! One night my DH and I had a little tiff. We were both laying in bed and I could tell that he was watching me, wondering how mad I still was. He finally worked the courage up to ask me what I was thinking. I didn't have the heart to tell him I was planning stamping projects in my head!


stampingsinger 06-01-2004 05:40 PM

A Diease
Me too.
I think I'm worn out. I work 40 hrs. a week and stamp like crazy. Love to stay on this site alot too. I'm luck to get 6 hrs. sleep. I'm addicted.My husband has been fussing at me too. I have to say I can blame him for some of it. HE BOUGHT ME MY FIRST STAMP SET!!! Go figure!

Sonya Dean 06-01-2004 05:45 PM

Fortunately, I have the same disease! What I have found works best for me if I can't go stamp immediately is to take just a dab of versamark ink from the pad and rub just a smidge under your nose. Just a little tiny bit will take you a long way! 8) There is something about the smell of ink that makes the shivers and shakes go away temporarily. Whatever you do, don't substitute the versamark with one of your colored re-inkers. Everyone will know that you are adicted because they will see this brilliant blue or really read or a glorious green colored spot on your upper lip! :shock: Sometimes I put an alpha accent on my upper arm with some monoadhesive and saturate it with the versamark ink if the withdrawl shakes are really bad. :oops: And, just an FYI, if you ever invite a friend over to stamp who has never stamped before, she will immediately become addicted and be your best customer if you are a demonstrator! :P If you aren't, she'll come to all your parties and be your biggest customer!!! Isn't that right Carrie? :wink: The worst times for me with this condition seems to be around the 1st of July each year. I'm not really sure why but by the 15th of that month, I seem to be much better. :lol: Feel free to write anytime if you need some support or you seem to be falling off the banwagon. We'll start a swap and get you right back on track!!!

schrades 06-01-2004 07:05 PM

OMG! Too funny!

kimmery 06-01-2004 07:15 PM

If this is a disease then I'm willing to live with it for the rest of my life! It's great to have this huge "support group" to help me with the effects! I love this!!!! You guys are SO hilarious!! Love y'all! ---Kim

Speedystamper 06-02-2004 03:35 AM

I started stampin' on President's Day of 2000. The first year was ridicuous - I bought every thing I could get my hands on and then some. I stamped like a maniac.
The second year was much like the first. My fever was not letting up.
The third year - still no relief in sight. I surf the web for ideas and I stamp, stamp, stamp. It's also the year I discover Splitcoast. Suddenly, I need even more sets!!
This is my fourth year. I'm still CRAZY for stampin' and I LOVE this site. I sat down recently and figured out how much I still want to order from Stampin' Up and I think it might be worth my while to become a demonstrator. But, then I think, no. Would it become too much like work? And what about the Hero Arts stuff (that I love) would I have to give it up? Thinkin' it over in Minnesota!

JanTInk 06-02-2004 03:56 AM

Oh, I love Hero Arts too! And I'm a SU! demo, so i'm definitely not giving it up! I have all my non-SU! stamps still, though I will be thinning some of them out, the Hero Arts stamps are going to stay!

Luckily SU! is coming out with stamps that are similar to some of the Hero Arts line, so I just CASE some of the Hero Arts cards from their site and use them to make SU! cards! Teehee!

And did it become too much like work? Actually, no, it didn't! I've actually experienced an even bigger surge in creativity since I became a demonstrator. A year later, and it's even more fun than when I started!

Just trying to tip you over the edge, LOL!

kimorr 06-02-2004 05:24 AM

I can't get enough either!! I just can't wait for you guys to post MORE, MORE, MORE!! Like that commercial where the grandmother wants the mother to post pics of kids every hour or she's moving in with them!?! lol!

Rubbernecker 06-02-2004 06:48 AM

I've got he bug too. It struck in early January and hasn't let up.

The other night I was up late working on a swap. My DH was still up too and we were watching a re-broadcast of Oprah. Her topic was suburban housewives who are addicted to prescription drugs. I commented, "Boy, some women really go off the deep end, don't they?"

My husband took one long look at me, happily cutting out two dozen Fishy Friends, and said, "Yes, but I never thought I'd be married to one of them!" Hey! I gestured to the T.V. and said, "Well, there are a lot WORSE things I could be addicted to!"

Had him there. HA!

stampinalot 06-02-2004 06:50 AM

I am SO glad I don't have to see a Dr. I can't believe the talent on SCS! Stampers AND doctors- who knew? Thank goodness for you all!


EllenH 06-02-2004 07:11 AM

You all just crack me up :D :D :D I love signing on here and getting my "giggle" for the day!

kimmery 06-02-2004 07:14 AM

LOL!!! You guys, I'm rolling on the floor! I love the thing about the Oprah show. It really is a shame about the addiction to prescription drugs. But an addiction to stamping just makes everyone happy. Saves your sanity, you can send out RAK's, ready made cards, etc........ It's not an addiction if it's not hurting anyone, is it?

JulieHRR 06-02-2004 07:29 AM

Here's a stamp I bought long ago that basically conveys what stamping has done for me! It's made by JudiKins (I'm an SU! demo'r and NOT a purist--if I love an image, it goes in my stamps regardless of manufacturer! I am very careful about how much non-biz related stamps I buy as I don't have very much time to play with them? SU!'s always coming out with new sets every quarter so I have enough on my plate just trying to keep up with playing with those!)

OK, here's the JudiKins stamp I adore so much:

" . . . here I had been paying this guy sixty dollars, twice a week, for five years and I was STILL depressed. So, I quit analysis and started buying rubber stamps. Now, every week I spend one hundred dollars on stampd and I have never been happier. If I could only get Blue Cross to . . . "

SU! oughta have a promotion: Sign up for Sanity!


babscx1 06-02-2004 07:59 AM

My husband calls my hobby a "sickness", but he's always the first one to ask me to make a card for someone that's sick, birthday, etc.! :lol:

Stamping is how I de-stress myself! I can't wait to get the stamping boxes unpacked from the new move so I get stamping again!!!!!!!! :D

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