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ktmac 03-31-2005 03:42 PM

WI newbie saying hello
Hi to all; I just found this site a few days ago, thanks to a person at work (but of course, I waited until I got home to check it out!) and I'm in awe!!
Not only by your creativity, but also by the seemingly free flowing conversations that seem to go on.
I've been stamping/scrapping for about 2 years, but am still quite the novice since I don't get to devote alot of time to it. My oh-so-adorable daughter (6 1/2) thinks that whatever I do, she should do. My first instinct was to buy her all of her own stuff, but she thinks mine is better and still wants to get her fingers into everything I do! Don't get me wrong, she's very creative and a blast to hang out with, but it's just not as.... well, not as productive. My 8 1/2 yr old son doesn't really care about this so he leaves me alone. My husband and friends (most of whom are stampers/scrappers) are VERY supportive of my new "habit", and I've met people that I consider to be friends now because of it.
Can't wait to start getting to "know" people here at SCS.

mmferg 03-31-2005 03:54 PM

Welcome Katie!!!

You are gonna love it here, everyone is so nice...and extremely talented!!! It becomes very addicting...so be prepared!!

Those days of having the laundry caught up...will soon be behind you :wink:

Bev Barton 03-31-2005 03:57 PM

Welcome Katie!! This is the place to be!!!

ktmac 03-31-2005 04:07 PM

Laundry "caught up"? You mean that's really supposed to have happened at some point? Wow. You people ARE talented!
Hey - how can I find out how to do some of those techniques? Waxed paper resist? Never heard of it.

PeggyL 03-31-2005 04:22 PM

Welcome Katie -

What part of Madison? I'm on the far west side.


I-Am-Serendipity 03-31-2005 04:26 PM

HELLO WISCONSIN!!! There are sooooo many people from WI on here - you will be amazed!!! Welcome!

packerfan 03-31-2005 04:36 PM

Another person from WI and I just had to say HI and WELCOME!!

You will now know what ADDICTION really is!!!!!!! :lol:

*talks* 03-31-2005 04:45 PM

Go to forums, there is one dedicated to techniques and templates. Have fun! :D

LaurieR 03-31-2005 04:53 PM

Hello & welcome! There are a bunch of us from Wisconsin here. This place is so wonderful! You will love it and become addicted! I even peek in while I'm at work. I'm just worried I might miss something! There are so many talented people, and they are so helpful.

LaurieR :D

Will_work4stamps 04-01-2005 02:57 AM

Milwaukee Here.
Enjoy the site... there is so much to look at and SOOO many talented people. ALSO, great people from all over.

Patti :D

Dana-do 04-06-2005 10:34 AM

possibly moving to Wis.
hey ladies,

I am currently living in Illinois but may be moving to Wis in June. I see some of you are from the cheese state but I don't know how close that is in relation to the small town I may be moving to...

it's called Union Grove, about 10-15 minutes from route 50 Kenosha...

is that anywhere near any of you? If I move I will leave all of my customers (I'm a SUP! demo) and friends and family...would love to meet some fellow addicts...


mommyof2 04-06-2005 10:41 AM

Welcome Katie!

I'm another Wisconsinite here--by way of TX and CA. I'm in the town of Middleton (with a Verona address).

You'll be amazed how much time you end up spending on this site. It's so fun and full of wonderful information. Welcome!

crazy4stamps 04-06-2005 10:43 AM

WI newbie saying hello
Hello and welcome. I'm glad to see someone new from a neighboring state joining in. This site is awesome....I come on at least once a day if not more....and usually it's more.

KTDID72 04-12-2005 05:44 AM

Welcome Katie, I am a Katie from Oregon, WI (we are practically neighbors).

I have two children about the same age as you, my son will be 9 in May and my daughter just turned 7. She is very much into my stamping (and trying to scrap), he is liking the idea of it more and more.

This site is so very addicting, and well, the laundry is also piling up around here, (the one housedhold chore I hate to do.)

I just wanted to add that to find out about the techniques, you could click the link on the top of the page that says resources, then if I remember correctly there will be links to the different tutorials on how to do the technique.

Welcome ( I go to Madison to shop weekly, maybe we have even run into to each other and never knew it.)

Katie G

Kar 04-12-2005 05:47 AM

Welcome from one Wisconsinite to another!!! It is a cool place for ideas isn't it??

barbaralynn 04-12-2005 07:56 AM

Wisconsin too...................
This is my first post and this is the perfect place to post it!!!!!!!

I have been on this site for almost a year and sure love it. It is addicting. There are so many wonderful people and everyone is so friendly.

LaurieR--I think I am in Stampers 10 with you. I am "peeking" from work right now too

Dana-do--I live in Waukesha, really the Wales area, but teach in Waterford which is about 15 miles from Union Grove. Keep us posted about your move.

Kar--where is Curtiss?

Thanks Loads to everyone, especially those in Wisconsin. You really make this "hobby" great.


ktmac 04-14-2005 04:57 PM

Is there ever enough time for stampin/scrapping?
Between working FT & kids and life in general, I feel cheated!! I would love it if my hubby could take the kids for a weekend and I could spread out my stuff, work on it for awhile, and then -OMG!!- LEAVE IT OUT! AAAHHHH...
what a concept!

So, do any people from WI ever get together- or is this the manner in which "getting to know you" exists? My friend Cindy is a SU demonstrator and her lovable little girl is close in age to mine, but they live in Columbus and are VERY busy. I think it would be a blast to have a mom/daughter thing sometime....

ktmac 04-14-2005 05:04 PM

Kar- I love your comment about a good friend being cheaper than therapy!! It is SO true!

LaurieR 04-18-2005 05:05 PM

Hi Barbaralynn - Yep we are in Stampers 10 together!

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