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squirrellyartmama 02-03-2021 05:58 AM

Rookie Member
Hi Everyone, Newcomer to Splitcoaststampers and beginner to this type of community. Of course I did the first rookie move and that was accidentally posted my hello post in @MsTeej thread. Rookie mistake! Sorry Tammy.

My name is Doreen and I currently reside in Washington State. Moved back to the mainland in 2017 to be closer to my daughter who is in the military. I have two kids 13 yrs apart so it was like raising two only children because she left to join the military. So when the opportunity rose to leave the islands I took it just so the kids can be closer again. Best thing I ever did. Enjoying the four seasons and loving the cooler weather. Also just being able to drive to different states is amazing. Lovin it.

I love to craft, create things, learn new techniques, and just have fun playing with paper. I mostly paint, take photos, and sublimate. I got into stamping a few years back and bounce back and forth between crafts. All I know when I started stamping I was hooked on the cute stamps so I went on a shopping spree for a straight year. I have so many stamps I never used and it is time. I am looking forward to participating in the challenges just so I can use these stamps at least once. LOL. Look forward to getting to know everyone around the forums and just playing. Thanks so much for a place like this to inspire me to pull out my stamps again.

melissa59 02-03-2021 09:20 PM

Hi Doreen. Welcome!

The challenges on this site are a great way to challenge yourself and possibly even learn new techniques.

BTW, I totally get the "two only children" thing, except my sons are only 8 1/2 years apart.

squirrellyartmama 02-04-2021 06:03 AM

melissa59 Thanks Melissa for the welcoming email. I am looking forward to learning new techniques. Yes raising two single children was not the goal but that is just how it works out. It was hard for my son to lose his sister to distance. He just praised her. I am so glad I made the move because they are so close again. How about your sons? Are they still at home? Or live close by to each other. Totally different relationships when they are that far apart. Then again some times I bet you notice too that the age difference is not apparent because they bicker like they are the same age. Hahaha.


melissa59 02-04-2021 08:44 AM

My eldest is married but doesn't live far, maybe a 40-minute drive. My youngest still lives with me, though these days it's more like I live with him. Our roles and responsibilities have reversed. He goes to work, takes care of the yard and other chores around the house -- and I play on the computer all day! LOL

When they were younger, little brother always pestered big brother. Big brother always played jokes on little brother. But little brother looked up to big brother and big brother was extra protective of his little brother. These days, their relationship is more that of friends -- friends who have very little in common. They are so very different from each other but that brotherly bond is still there. At this point in their lives -- especially with the pandemic -- they mostly stay in touch over the phone. So, if one to move far away, I don't think things would change that much.

wavejumper 02-17-2021 04:08 PM

Welcome! Which islands did you move back from? HI or like The Virgin or...lot of choices.

Glad to hear you are getting enjoy family. A cousin moved to Seattle to be with her kids.

squirrellyartmama 02-19-2021 06:55 AM


Originally Posted by wavejumper (Post 22054346)
Welcome! Which islands did you move back from? HI or like The Virgin or...lot of choices.

Glad to hear you are getting enjoy family. A cousin moved to Seattle to be with her kids.

Sound like are lives are somewhat similar on the reversed roles and sibling bonding. I loved in Hawaii for 30+ years. Oahu and then Kauai for the last 17yrs. I wanted to leave several times but the thought of leaving the islands was hard until this time. It’s easy to do when it comes to staying close to our kids. Never thought she would want us to move in with her. They bought a house with enough room for all of us to help make the transition easier. Truly blessed we have kids that want us around haha. I won’t lie living back with my oldest and her husband had its adjustment period but it worked out over time. It’s funny how things shift when they move out. You get used to you and the youngest. But it worked out. My job let me stay on and just work from home so that was another true blessing. Then I transferred to working out of the California office and still being able to work from home. Rare luck for me but perfect setup. Now I have my own craft room /office which lets me spread out so much more compared to what I had before. It’s amazing how well it all worked out. I do miss home though especially when friends call me as they are on the beach shelling or looking for beach glass. It’s the first time I don’t live so close to the ocean. So we drive at least once a month or so to the ocean just so I get my fix. Haha.

Where do you live? Before Covid did you visit your cousin Washington? Have you been stamping for a long time? What other crafting projects do you play with?

Well got to get ready for work. And get my son up for online school.

Hope you have a great day. Great chatting with you.


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