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Jackie S 06-26-2004 09:25 AM

Hello Everyone
Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself.. I'm Jackie, I live in Idaho. I've been coming to this site for about 2 weeks now. I find myself coming back several times a day so I HAD to join in on the fun! I LOVE all the samples, they're beautiful and so inspiring!
I've been stamping for about 8 years now, my Grandmother taught me how over the phone long distance haha.. I've been hooked ever since. I learned about S.U about 4 years ago and now they're really the only company I use. I am not a demo, just an addicted customer! I absolutely cannot wait for the new catalog!!!
I'm looking forward to getting to know you all! :) Have a wonderful day!

Beate 06-26-2004 09:40 AM

Welcome Jackie,

Good to have you. And welcome too to your newest addiction. It starts out innocently with just a few visits a day. Soon you will be glued to the computer.

Have a wonderful weekend.

thecardpixie 06-26-2004 09:42 AM

Hi Jackie! Nice to meet a fellow Idahoan. Have a great time on here, but I have to say its addicting...lol.

jbalcer 06-26-2004 09:42 AM

Waytagoidaho! I love that from Toy Story! ANYWAY!

Welcome. We are a bit hyper today. . okay, most days. . so grab a cold drink and a little snack, and get settled in. You will love it here!

Jackie S 06-26-2004 09:46 AM

I can definately see how this can become a "habit", it's so much fun!
Thanks for the warm welcome!

STAMPSILLY2004 06-26-2004 09:52 AM

Hi Jackie! You will love this site and the people here! It is a great source of inspiration, information and just plain fun. {I wanted to type "comradderie" but couldn't figure out how to spell it!} :? For me it also makes a wonderful contact with people above the age of 3! I babysit and have two of my own and some days it seems as tho I have lost all contact with anything but tubbies, sippy cups, and dirty diapers! :roll: Don't get me wrong--I love the little munchkins dearly but is sure is nice to be able to check in on SCS and "hear" what is going on. :D Welcome to the fun! Gina

JoyOfStamping 06-26-2004 09:52 AM

Welcome, Jackie!!! :)

I have to warn you..... it won't be a habit for much longer.... it will be an addiction!!!!! :) This is such a wonderful site with wonderful people! :)

Welcome and have a great time on this site! :)

Jackie S 06-26-2004 09:58 AM

My 7 year old daughter and I watched Toy Story last night. The way to go Idaho makes her laugh, because we call her our Idaho girl. She was born in McCall, Idaho.. My oldest 2 daughters were born on the island of Guam, so they're our Island Girls. :)
Gina, I know what you mean, I have 3 girls, I babysit my niece and nephew a lot and I'm a preschool teacher so it's nice to have some "grown up time"!

Kar 06-26-2004 10:00 AM

Welcome!! :D 2 weeks huh?? shouldn't be long now and you will wonder where all your time went! You get that "need" to be on the computer and the refresh button is your friend :) This site is good for that!!

kayleesmom2000 06-26-2004 10:07 AM

Glad to have you!
So glad to have you here. When they say it is addicting they aren't kidding. I now have this site set as my home page. I love seeing everyone's ideas here. They're great!


Jackie S 06-26-2004 10:16 AM

I saw someone's post a few days ago (?) about the refresh button, and I thought "Hey.. That's a good idea!" haha I like the home page idea too! I have a question.. How'd the "cardstock collector" get under my name? Just wondering because that TOTALLY defines me!

purplewinkle 06-26-2004 10:36 AM

Welcome Jackie!

We are so glad to have you. I have found this website to be such a friendly and helpful website.

Idaho is such a beautiful state.

Anything I can do, let me know.


karixma 06-26-2004 06:58 PM

Joleenie, Where are you? We need the list. There is a list of different things you'll become the more you post, like Glitter Queen etc...

StampingSpud 06-26-2004 07:03 PM

Wheee! Another Idaho stamper! I'm in Boise, too, Jackie! Nice to see you around these parts. :)


TexasGrammy 06-26-2004 07:30 PM

Howdy to you Jackie S!!
Welcome, welcome! You know you've found the right place! Learn, share, enjoy ... and do refill your glass before you come to visit. It could be a while!
Smiles to you!

ktja0227 06-27-2004 02:28 AM


Sereikastamper 06-27-2004 02:37 AM

Welcome aboard that funsite!!! Jackie, we all can't wait to see what you post! That is the best part about new members...MORE SAMPLES AND IDEAS!!! So again welcome and we look forward to getting to know you more....

mspiresstamps 06-27-2004 09:11 AM

If found out about this site while looking for samples and have enjoyed it all! So I joined.

I learned about Stampin Up about 3-4 years ago and now they're really the only company I use non stop. I don't do demo's just an addicted customer! I absolutely cannot wait for the new catalog that is one the way in the middle of JULY!!!

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all!

PrincessMi 06-27-2004 11:40 AM

Welcome to SCS -- Be prepared for daily doses of laughter and inspiration. This site is awesome. I don't even check other galleries anymore.

tc82742 06-27-2004 12:34 PM

hey joleen, why dont you post the name list under the beginner category at the top.. or maybe on the front page for all of the new people? somewhere they will see it and understand better.

kimmery 06-27-2004 01:45 PM

SCS is my home away from home. Welcome Jackie! It's nice to meet you! Pretty soon you'll be going through withdrawls symptoms if you don't come here at least twice a day. It's so much fun. Like hanging out with your buddies! Have fun! ---Kim :D

crazedstamper 06-28-2004 02:44 AM

Welcome, Jackie!
I have to agree on several counts to your post...
Stampin is GREAT! SU has wonderful things and I just signed up to be a new demo so I can get ALL my stuff at a discount rather than pay full retrail and I also have a couple demos a month and one workshop at my house of some sort.

SCS is an INCERECDIBLE place to glean ideas from and everyone is SO nice if you have a question!

Question for ya...I'd sure like to see how your grammy reached through the phone lines and helped ya stamp! LOL

Somewhere around here there is a list of the titles you gain depending on the number of posts you make. I don't know how to track it down and didn't copy it.

Passing ya some Godiva Ice Cream to ya so you have something to munch on while playing on the boards.

Have fun!

ninarose 07-09-2005 01:01 PM

Hi from Boise ID

I Live in Garden City, ID. My name is Sharon Johnston. I am an avid stamper, card maker, and have dabbled in scrapbooking. I would like to get together with other splitcoast friends and stamp. If you want to talk my e-mail is [email protected]. Hope to make some new stamping friends.


Sharon Johnston
(aka on scs ninarose,
check out my gallery)

gthandy 07-11-2005 12:55 PM

HEy Jackie! Welcome!

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