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annsforte3 10-06-2020 07:39 AM

Alphabet Challenge Round 14 Oct. 7, 2020 - April 21, 2021 Chat Thread
Round 14 - Themes! Follow the theme for the week! You do not need any additional item on your
card that begins with the letter of the week!!

Also add Keyword: ABC14 and your personal keyword if desired
with your SCS name. Example: ABC14annsforte3

Keyword: Wednesday’s Date: Letter/Theme

1. ABC14A1 October 7, 2020 Autumn

2. ABC14B2 October 14, 2020 Beach

3. ABC14C3 October 21, 2020 Children

4. ABC14D4 October 28, 2020 Dark

5. ABC14E5 November 4, 2020 Europe

6. ABC14F6 November 11, 2020 Fantasy

7. ABC14G7 November 18, 2020 Girly

8. ABC14H8 December 2, 2020 Holiday

9. ABC14I9 December 9, 2020 Islands

10. ABC14J10 December 16, 2020 Jewels

11. ABC14K11 December 30, 2020 Kindness

12. ABC14L12 January 6, 2021 Lunar

13. ABC14M13 January 13, 2021 Masculine

14. ABC14N14 January 20, 2021 Newsprint

15. ABC14O15 January 27, 2021 Ocean

16. ABC14P16 February 3, 2021 Pastels

17. ABC14Q17 February 10, 2021 Quadruple

18. ABC14R18 February 17, 2021 Repeat

19. ABC14S19 February 21, 2021 Spring

20. ABC14T20 March 3, 2021 Technique

21. ABC14U21 March 10, 2021 Ugly papers

22. ABC14V22 March 17, 2021 Vibrant

23. ABC14W23 March 24, 2021 Wow

24. ABC14X24 March 31, 2021 X-tra

25. ABC14Y25 April 14, 2021 Yummy

26. ABC14Z26 April 21, 2021 Zany

Weeks off: Wednesday, November 25 for Thanksgiving,
Wednesday, December 23, 2020 for Christmas, Wednesday, April 7 for Easter

annsforte3 10-06-2020 07:53 AM

Here we go a new round!!

Hard to believe we are on round 14!

cdimick 10-06-2020 08:20 AM

Good morning! It is a bright and sunny day here, warm, tomorrow is supposed to be cooler which is perfect for me. 

I'm commenting below on the chat I read this morning on the previous thread. We'll see how that goes!

Jan, my DD1 doesn't handle dairy so I make a lot of vegan things for her and then DH is vegan. There are a lot of good vegan recipes out there - and a lot of bad ones too. So it is trial and error finding the good ones. That cashew cream recipe is a fabulous one.

Jayne, so glad the store let you return your stamp set and get something else. Sending hugs...will have to investigate WhatsApp. I think I did before but didn't connect with anyone.

Jean, because we are vegetarian/vegan in our house, the sushi we get are the California rolls. I'd say the seaweed is my least favorite part of it but my girls love it. In fact, I will get the seaweed snack packs at Trader Joe's and they'll just eat it plain!

As for reality TV, I generally prefer shows that admit they are scripted. But I do love to watch the Amazing Race usually. I liked seeing different parts of the world and often their challenges used to be something connected with the culture of where they were so that was fun too.

All righty, off to work. Chat with you later!

lacyquilter 10-06-2020 08:21 AM

Ooo, Ann, I love the theme idea!  Thank you for all your work in planning this.

JRHolbrook 10-06-2020 08:38 AM

Good Morning! Thanks for the new round of challenges Ann. I'm going to print it out and try to stay on top of things this round. 

One more sleep Catherine and it's your birthday!!! WhooHoo! I went back and read that recipe for Cashew cream...sounds very good.

Jayne, glad to read about your progress on WhatsApp. Hang in there! You know were all pulling for you! WHO doesn't have multiples of stamps and inks? Ha ha ha!

Well, I'd better get my rear in gear...lots to do today! Hugs all!

muscrat 10-06-2020 09:30 AM

This looks awesome Ann! Great job!

AnnetteMac 10-06-2020 12:44 PM

Just popping in to sub to the new thread while gs naps

hotwheels 10-06-2020 01:23 PM

I am here: A ladies on thread trying help me make card. So I have been busy. But,I  love how the card is coming about!

stampin'nana 10-06-2020 03:45 PM

Ann, you always come up with such fun ideas for this challenge! Thank you so much for all your hard work putting these together!

annsforte3 10-06-2020 04:05 PM

Wasn't just me this time!  It was actually, Annette that came up with the theme ideas then several of us just rolled with ideas for each week!!

smadson 10-06-2020 04:32 PM

Great challenges!  Love it Ann!

Redbugdriver 10-06-2020 04:56 PM

Anne, this round sounds like so much fun!  I can't wait to start.  I hope with this round I can get my cards to post, had so much trouble with round 13 ... made me crazy!!
Thanks for hosting this and putting it all together.

hotwheels 10-06-2020 05:22 PM

Hello Karen 
Welcome to our group Glad meet you I am Linda AKA hotwheels


Originally Posted by Redbugdriver (Post 22005144)
Anne, this round sounds like so much fun!  I can't wait to start.  I hope with this round I can get my cards to post, had so much trouble with round 13 ... made me crazy!!
Thanks for hosting this and putting it all together.

hotwheels 10-06-2020 06:45 PM

If I did a cornucopia and Autumn paper would that count?

Ozpom 10-06-2020 09:21 PM

Linda I think that sounds good. The theme is Fall/autumn if I recall.  It’s your interpretation but Ann and others will confirm.

Thanks again Ann for all of your hard work on this. I’m looking forward to okaying and have one card on the go from a challenge a couple of weeks ago so will out that against the first one.

Catherine, hope you join WhatsApp. It’s easier for me to let people know what’s happening but all good so far.  I’m having a good day and heading to my play room.  I also email Ann and if she doesn’t mind she might be able to forward my email on to you and others who are interested. Basically I’ve seen 2 specialists and have 2 more to go..another one was thrown into the mix yesterday. Until they join the dots no decisions will be made.

Have fun everyone 

Ozpom 10-06-2020 09:23 PM

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Catherine, happy birthday to you. Hip hip horray it’s your special day.  

You can open your cards now. It’s gone 12 o’clock here...hope it has your end.

Have a wonderful day. Hugs jx

jan31 10-06-2020 10:01 PM

Happy Birthday Catherine, hope you have a great day, hope my card arrived!

jan31 10-06-2020 10:04 PM

Ann I love the new challenges, I’m still not totally in the craft zone yet, I’m only getting an hour each day after we’ve finished our jobs for the day, who said retirement is boring!

smadson 10-07-2020 06:00 AM

Happy Birthday , Catherine!

muscrat 10-07-2020 06:08 AM

Happy Birthday Catherine!

annsforte3 10-07-2020 08:26 AM

Happy Birthday, Cate!!!  Will the family let you open your cards now? LOL!

Beautiful day here today!!  Nice breeze too!

Congrats on Annette's win of DTGD!! Hope they put that it is a gift on it so no expense to you! 

annsforte3 10-07-2020 08:26 AM

Linda, that sounds like a great Autumn combination! Go for it!

JRHolbrook 10-07-2020 08:48 AM

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Catherine! Yay...you get to open all your cards now! It's so much fun be part of the Alphas, especially on your birthday! � HOPE YOUR DAY IS AWESOME!

Congratulations Annette on your prize! Like Ann said, I hope it gets marked gift so you don't have to pay for it!

Gotta run, Mahjong at my house today!

gutsport56 10-07-2020 11:24 AM

Happy, Birthday Catherine. I hope you have a great day. 

gutsport56 10-07-2020 11:48 AM

Good evening,

Ann thanks for the new Alphabet Challenge Round 14. I love it. 

Sending Hughs to you all. 

mcschmidty 10-07-2020 11:57 AM

Hello- checking in on the new thread- it is my 1 year celebration as an Alpha.  Thanks to the Alpha's open arms- I have really enjoyed this group and look forward to another round!

Catherine- OK- it is really your Birthday!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Hope you have a fabulous Day!!!

Waving hello to all!

lacyquilter 10-07-2020 03:04 PM

Happy birthday Catherine.

AnnetteMac 10-07-2020 03:41 PM

Happy Birthday, Catherine! I hope you had a great day and have an enjoyable evening.

shirlb19 10-07-2020 04:03 PM

Catherine, just popping on to wish you a Happy Birthday today!


shirlb19 10-07-2020 04:07 PM

And thank you Ann for the new round 14! 

Kathy, your musical mice are too cute! Love it!

Dagmar, that is a gorgeous flower bouquet for Catherine!


Ozpom 10-07-2020 07:03 PM

It’s Thursday. We watched the VPS debate..so refreshing and better than the last one.  They should be running lol.

I’ve got some of work to do and then I’m hoping to create..my brain is swimming with ideas.  That’s a good sign *wink*

Catherine hope you had a great day and evening 

Forgot to say..glad you joined us Shelly.  Great group of ladies on here.

Waving and hugs. 

annsforte3 10-07-2020 07:14 PM

I so agree, that we have an wonderful caring, and very talented group of ladies on this thread!!  I appreciate every one of you!! Hugs!!

smadson 10-08-2020 05:45 AM

I am headed to first stamping class in forever! LOL. I don’t know what to expect!  But I am looking forward to it.  Then DH is going to pick up food from one of our favorite places for late this afternoon.  Hope I get home by three.  
Have a great day everyone!

muscrat 10-08-2020 07:01 AM

I'm quite honestly surprised at the openings when numbers are clearly going up in our state. I go to Walmart once every two weeks and card class once a month (only 7 of us at most...6 in october). That's about it for my  going out.

Kemernow 10-08-2020 07:09 AM

4 Attachment(s)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Catherine!  My card is still sitting on my dining room table, so you are going to have one to open later, lol.  I’ll try to get it in the mail today!

Hi Karen, good to see you on here!

Annette, congrats on your DTGD win!

Here is what I’ve been working on all week, a rose-themed journal for my oldest daughter for a Christmas gift.  I will fill it with photos for her, and I have a special necklace to put in a secret pocket.  I’m working on one for me now, and then I have plans for one for DD2 with birds and flowers as the theme, as well as photos and a special necklace for her too.

On the MMJ thread there are several more photos.  I only photographed some of the ideas as there are way too many enclosures.

annsforte3 10-08-2020 07:20 AM


Gorgeous, Kandie!!  Love how you sponged the edges too!! Such pretty papers!

Catherine, how was your birthday celebration?

I don't go out either, virus cases are rising in Wisconsin.  Sad that people are not taking it seriously. 

Sharon, have fun at your card class!!

cdimick 10-08-2020 08:28 AM

Good morning! Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It was a lovely, quiet day. DD1 has a lot of turmoil going on right now so that has put a damper on things for me, at least.

I went out to lunch with my co-workers, which was tasty and fun. However, eating out is nothing like it was so we brought food home for dinner and ate at home with the family in the evening.

DD2 made a delicious, from scratch, orange cake for me. So yummy with home made orange frosting to go with it.

I opened a lot of beautiful cards from you and others and my brother, SIL, and nephew came over and had cake and ice cream with us.

I love those mice, Kathy, and that bouquet is gorgeous, Dagmar.

If you would all pray for DD1, I'd appreciate it. We had a mostly calm, fun teen years with her, perhaps the turmoil is late in arriving? She only has 10 days left of being a teenager.

Kandie, that album is gorgeous! I look forward to your card when it gets here.

One thing to note about being isolated is that also weakens the immune system.

Jayne, glad you had a better day, hope you had a chance to get inky.

Jan, I have not received your card yet - something to look forward to! Thank you.

Must dash off to work, chat with you later!

JRHolbrook 10-08-2020 09:10 AM


Originally Posted by annsforte3 (Post 22005662)
I so agree, that we have an wonderful caring, and very talented group of ladies on this thread!!  I appreciate every one of you!! Hugs!!

Ann, you're an amazing hostess! Thanks for all your work and inspiration for the Alpha group! It is a loving and talented group of ladies! So happy to be part of it!

Shelly glad you joined in, too!

JRHolbrook 10-08-2020 09:15 AM

Hello All!

Catherine, I'm glad you had a good birthday! I'm so sad that DD1 is struggling right now. Prayers being sent up for her! Hugs!

Jayne, I hope you had a fun day crafting. I'll have to check out your gallery.

Kandie, that journal is awesome! tfs

I really need to get into my craft room...

annsforte3 10-08-2020 09:23 AM

Catherine, hugs and prayers for your DD1 and your family.  

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