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Lmn 11-02-2021 09:38 AM

November Scrappin and Chatter - sbc21Nov
Scrappin' Challenge 2021 Can you believe this is our 13th year of Scrappin' Goal Challenge?!

We sure completed an AWESOME number of pages together in 2009 through 2020 and I'm looking forward to MORE Scrap pages together in 2021! Let's keep scrappin'. It was SO fun to chat about and see everyone's pages,goals and ideas for completing LOTS of scrapbook pages in 2021! Many had a common theme - get more pages done, use what's in our stash, meet new scrapping friends, plan time/crops... What fun we'll have sharing ideas, cheering success, keeping the motivation and making new friends. Our scrap goal isn't all about getting pages done, it's also about enjoying the process!

Please feel free to join at any time!

Here's the CHALLENGE. Each person can share their page goals, pages and ideas. for those of use who like Annual Goals, we will have a better shot at meeting our yearly goal if we break it down by month. *In this thread, we track our monthly goals. We find it helps us keep getting pages done which is good for all of us. You choose your own scrapbook page goal and monthly spend goal. You may select 2, 3, 5, 50 pages....you choose. The idea is to be flexible so if you know you're going to be really busy, you can reduce the number one month or if you're going to a couple crops or scrap weekends, up the number. This also works for the budget. Each month, you can change your goals depending on your calendar!

The whole goal of the challenge is to get lots of pages done all the while enjoying sharing with Virtual Friends. Are you UP for the CHALLENGE?Come and Play in the 2021 Scrapbook Challenge!

Here's to Meeting our Scrapping Goals & Meeting New Friends! We'd love to "oohh" and "aahh" over your pages so please post with key word "sbc21nov

Lmn 11-02-2021 09:39 AM

November Scrappers
November Scrappers
* come and play *

Jayne (scs Ozpom) -
Amy (scs ShirleysGirl) -
Lela (scs Lmn) - 25
Sharon (scs Sewflake) -
Tanya (scs Daizees) -
Cheryl (scs Motherload) -
Sharon (scs SMadson)
Lou Ann (scs Crooked Sta

Lmn 11-02-2021 09:40 AM

Working on it Wednesdays
Happy 2021 Scrappy SCS Friends

This year instead of "Challenges" we're going to have a new opportunity for Inspiration. It's called,

Working On It Wednesdays

Each Wednesday a Hostess will post an Inspiration Idea, Question, Discussion, Picture, Sketch, Link to a past Challenge, a new challenge ... just something that may inspire a page.

We will keep track of how many each of us participate in by doing a page/card from what's posted. Hopefully at the end of 2021, we'll have 52 more cards or scrap pages from our Wednesday happenings.

I'm hoping by keeping it more casual, we'll get others who are willing to help do a post for the week so it doesn't fall to the same people all the time? It should mix it up some.

All of the Wednesday Posts will be Listed here in our Thread so you don't have to go looking for it.

The Work On It Wednesday Posts will be in the following Post

Lmn 11-02-2021 09:42 AM

Work On It Wednesday List

100621 - Amy Challenge: Use Big Numbers on your layout. May be size, numerical value, Roman Numerals, etc
101321 - Amy Challenge: Use the letters in the word "FALL" to create a Page. It can be physical or just inspiration
102121 - Cheryl Challenge - Tic Tac Toe
102721 -

090121 - Inspiration Leaves

090821 - Inspiration Applies
091521 - Inspiration Pumpkin Spike
092221 - Inspiration Sweaters
092921 - Inspiration

080421 - Scraplift princessp1971's Gallery at Splitcoaststampers
080421 - (Scraplift a Page About Sisters)
081121 - Scraplift Scrapbook Pages by Christy S. at Splitcoaststampers
081821 - Scraplift Elizabeth G.'s Gallery at Splitcoaststampers
082521 - Scraplift AnniePanda's Gallery at Splitcoaststampers

070721 - Use the color Blue or Purple
071421 - Use the word MOJO to Inspire a Page
072121 -
072821 -

060221 - Use Larger Pictures (i.e. School) or collage of Pictures to make One
060921 - Use Washi Tape
061521 - Use the Color Yellow
062221 - Use Card Sketch/VSN Challenge for a Page
062921 - Use the Color Green

Lmn 11-02-2021 09:43 AM

YTD Scrappers thru October 2021
Tanya (scs Daizees) -
Lela (scs Lmn) - 212
Amy (scs Shirley'sGirl) -
Cheryl (scs Motherload) -
Lou Ann (scs Crooked Stamper) -

Lmn 11-02-2021 09:49 AM

Ok Scrappy Friends .... I need some Scrap MOJO goin' over here .... it's been tough trying to incorporate back into the travel world with the online business world and still have "creative juice" left for scrapping .... I've been on a card kick lately ....

Now I need to get my pages going ..... hoping for BIG Goals here in November

daizees 11-02-2021 12:30 PM

In October my goal was 12. I got 15 done with calendar pages.
For November I'm shooting for 12... I have to get at least that many done for the calendars, haha, but I'd love to make 12 paper pages for my kids too...! But I'm excited to have the calendars half done!
The flooring should be done in my craft room today!!! Then the hard but super fun part about finding a home for all the things!!!!

Crooked Stamper 11-04-2021 12:00 PM

I didn't get any completed in October...again. Going to Florida for 2 weeks didn't help but I did take & leave some scrapping supplies there for the winter. With that said, I'm going to shoot for 4 this month because I have a stamping event to go to in 10 days & I'm not ready yet. Once that's over I should be in good shape!.

Shirleysgirl 11-06-2021 04:22 PM

Hi everyone! Just taking a minute to pop in here to say Hi. I have been making a lot of cards lately and not any more pages since I finished the wedding reception album for my son and DIL. They loved it and were so happy to have that to compliment their wedding album.

I am only one page away from my yearly goal, so super happy about that.
I think I will keep November goal small as I am working on several other projects currently.

Anyone playing in the Falliday Fest challenges going on currently on this site? I have not started them, but plan to do some of those as well.

Nov goal 5
YTD 124/125

smadson 11-06-2021 05:26 PM

Yes, Amy, I am playing Falliday Fest and even scrapping this weekend. I am plodding away on my sisters Heritage album. No goals, just do what I can.

daizees 11-12-2021 01:53 PM

Well, they're not kidding about the shipping issue... I ordered Christmas card photo prints from Shutterfly on Nov 1 and it still hasn't actually shipped. So that concerns me about getting the calendars done ASAP. I've gotten 7 calendar pages done this month, which means I still need to make 4 pages and two covers. I uploaded some of the pages for you.

January 2
March 1
March 2
June 1
June 2
October 2
November 1
December 1

Also, my craft room is coming along. We swapped out the desk late last night trying to reorganize our bedroom, haha, because it's a bunch of domino effects moving my stuff into one room. But I've been taking an inventory on inks, refills, DP and ribbon. I need an Amazon order to arrive so I can hang stuff on my peg board, but I'm making a lot of great progress, even if I still have a lot of work to do.

I hope you're all doing well!!

daizees 11-18-2021 11:59 AM

Busy month? :) I haven't made much progress on my craft room but I HAVE gotten the calendars finished (today!) and I really like how the cover turned out so I have just uploaded that too.
2022 Calendar Cover

I hope you are all well!

smadson 11-19-2021 07:46 AM

I finished my gift mini calendars early this year, and have done three or four pages for my sis’s album. I have a long ways to go. My quandary is how to incorporate some of the love letters and some letters to his mom when my step dad was in WWII and other memorabilia. I have so much it is difficult to cull it down.

Motherload 11-19-2021 08:11 AM

Hasn't been a scrappy month for me, so this is my first time checking in! I completed 5 layouts in October, so that puts me at 49 YTD. My goal for November is 5 layouts, and I want to finish up the two Wednesday challenges I didn't get to in October.

Lmn 11-21-2021 10:38 AM

hey hey!
well, November hasn't gone well for me either . I did get some pages done first week, I'll get uploaded. Unfortunately, I've been in and out of ER, had a really bad (heart) reaction to the vaccine booster. It was rough, I've been trying to push through as they say it's going to take time to move through my system and they can't do anything about it but watch/wait.

Hope to get some cards done for Falliday Challenge but we'll see,

My November Page goal is probably going to have to be the 6 I finished already

Crooked Stamper 11-22-2021 04:57 AM


Originally Posted by Lmn (Post 22130725)
well, November hasn't gone well for me either . I did get some pages done first week, I'll get uploaded. Unfortunately, I've been in and out of ER, had a really bad (heart) reaction to the vaccine booster. It was rough, I've been trying to push through as they say it's going to take time to move through my system and they can't do anything about it but watch/wait.

Hope to get some cards done for Falliday Challenge but we'll see,

My November Page goal is probably going to have to be the 6 I finished already

Lela, so sorry to hear you're having a rough time! I'll keep you in my prayers!

smadson 11-22-2021 06:51 AM

Oh, Lela! You are in my prayers!

AnniePanda 11-25-2021 06:19 AM

Lela I am so sad to hear this news! Do take good care so your body can fight of the damage done. My prayers are with you. May God heal you.
Sharon, my idea is to make pockets, or the such, where the letters may be saved for future viewing and safely stored.
Happy Thanksgiving to all the dear scrappers, have a blessed day!

Shirleysgirl 11-29-2021 05:12 PM

Lela, I'm sorry to hear of your vaccine complication. I hope you are feeling on the mend more now than when you wrote the earlier post. The body and heart are amazing and so very often have the ability to heal themselves. God's design is more than we can comprehend in so many ways.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to my scrappy friends out there. I am on a big zilch for pages for the month. I started one and put it aside to work on many other projects. I am getting close to being finished with my Christmas shopping, so that is a nice big bonus for chances I get some pages finished in December. Tomorrow I get to use my fancy spa package gift certificates my hubs and kids got me for my birthday in September. It has taken this long to get in for an appointment so I am thinking it should be a great pampering if their client list is that long! So I will assume I will be jelly when I get home and not even attempt to be creative tomorrow for last day of November.
So will still hold tight to my 124/125 YTD and hurdle over in December.

daizees 11-30-2021 12:52 PM

That sounds awesome, Amy! Maybe that's what I'll ask for for Christmas, haha!
Lela, I am so sorry you're having issues. I hope you've improved since you posted.
I had a mild allergic reaction in September to the first one and ended up in the ER reacting to the second dose in October, so I'll be skipping the boosters. I'm not sure I'm fully through it yet either and it has absolutely affected my creating.
But yesterday I did glue down 4 pages of "thankful leaves" that we stick to the door throughout the month of November, noting things we're thankful for. I need to stamp the years on those pages and then that will put me at 119 pages, one away from my goal total, ha!
Looking forward to some peaceful Christmas-ing, and hoping you have a lovely December too.

Lmn 12-03-2021 11:03 AM

I'm still struggling some with this booster reaction ...


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