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Cook22 10-05-2010 11:43 AM

Photo Challenge #95~Berried Treasure {10/05/10}
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It was funny seeing a post asking about night photos, because after spending several evenings trying to get a good night photo of a castle on a hill in Greece, I was nearly going to use that as the challenge this week.
But we were down in Clare (south west Ireland) for the weekend, and as the main purpose of our trip was to gather sloes for sloe gin, I decided to go with berries as the theme. I hope this will be accessible to everyone - and if there are no wild berries, things like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries count. Even a blueberry muffin could count as Berried treasure :D.
While I didn't think that the hedgerows were nearly as glowing red as they were almost exactly three years ago, we did very well with the sloes and picked over 11lb. We should have called a halt ten minutes earlier - I was just changing lenses for a wide-angle shot as we came down the hill when the rain started and soaked us. Thank goodness for an all-weather camera bag :D.

Photo Challenge Rules:
~ Have FUN with this! There are no right or wrong photos.
~ Take as many pics as you want, share the few you like best.
~ Please share only current photos, taken after the challenge was issued.
~ We CANNOT upload our photos to the SCS galleries. You may upload them as an attachment or host them from your blog or any online photo hosting site. Just provide the direct link to the photo in your post and also make sure that it is not from a password protected album.
~ Just a reminder that we are a family-friendly site if you are sending others off this site to view photos in an album hosted elsewhere.
~ You can jump in and start any of the photo challenges at anytime..
~ Again - HAVE FUN

My photos are sloes (blackthorn), hawthorn and something too high up to identify :D. I forgot to take one of the blackberries at the end of the garden till after the light had started to fade tonight, so here's hoping for another sunny day tomorrow.

bambi64 10-05-2010 02:58 PM

ooo Yum!!! Love your shots. Berries are almost gone here so it'll have to be a muffin unless I can come up with something else. We shall see.

PJill 10-05-2010 03:23 PM

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Great! I just got a new camera the other day and today was the first day I got to play (I mean 'work') with it. I was sitting on the back porch just snapping away at anything and lo and behold you ask for berries! I was about to delete this one cuz I didn't know what I would use it for.

PJill 10-05-2010 03:25 PM

Also....not sure what these are but I do know the birds love them. And they always leave me a bright red splatter all over my porch as a thank you after eating them!

Cook22 10-05-2010 10:37 PM

Ha, I know what you mean about the spatter. Our neighbours have a mahonia tree, and between the after-effects of the birds and the fact that we can't help treading on some on the ground, the patio gets to be a bit of a mess when it's berry season on that tree! I like the contrast between the fence and the berries - glad you didn't delete it. What's the new camera, Jill?

Hope you find something, Amber. Cranberries? Oh my, that's triggered the thought that I should take a photo of the bottom drawer of my freezer - I always stock up on cranberries when we can get them fresh.

yellowrose46 10-06-2010 05:44 AM

What a great challenge Sabrina. I was taking a photo of wild berries yesterday, but I used my Canon Rebel (which I have hardly used since I got it in the spring, because my point and shoot fits in my pocket and is so handy) and I still haven't uploaded the software to my computer. I'll try to get it posted this week.
Sabrina, I love your photos.....are the blue berries also sloe? I am not familiar with that berry, as we don't seem to have it here. I'm so glad this is an international site, as I get to learn lots!
PJill, I love your shot, love the fence in the foreground and the contrasting red berries.

PJill 10-06-2010 06:58 AM

Thanks girls. I am loving my new camera. It's the Canon T2i. Can't show it off to hubby until my other one (plus a few other things) sells on e-bay. It should then come close to balancing out!
About the berries in the bottom drawer of the refig......I'm waiting until she does and 'Green and fuzzy' challenge!!! I always forget mine are in there till it's too late! (But, I get lots of penicillin free! :0)

Cook22 10-06-2010 10:11 AM

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The blue berries in the third picture are sloes, but the red ones I didn't know at all. They're not rowan/ash, they were glossy and shiny like red-currants. In fact, there's a close-up of them in the last post on my blog.

Blackberries at the end of the garden, and a bottle of sloe gin. Already you can see the rich red colour coming out of the berries :D. They are incredibly tannic, I don't know any use for them other than sloe gin (or vodka).

yellowrose46 10-06-2010 01:14 PM

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Awesome photos Sabrina! I'm not a drinker, but that drink looks really tasty! I just took one photo of the ornamental crab apples on the tree right by my patio. The tree should be cut down as it has lots of fungus, but every spring it blooms so beautifully, I just can't do it!

armadillo 10-06-2010 06:48 PM

Gosh, I haven't had a good sloe gin fizz in eons :(

Cook22 10-06-2010 11:01 PM

Crab apples - yum yum, I love crab-apple jelly. They almost look like little tiny pomegranates, don't they!
What's in a sloe gin fizz, so that I can try one come Christmas when the gin is ready to drink? Someone else mentioned it too, and I've never heard of them before.

armadillo 10-07-2010 04:59 AM

It's been so many years since I've had one that I really don't remember, plus I've never made one. Besides the sloe gin, it seems to me there was some grenadine in it and some kind of alcohol. Although if I had too many I would get tipsy but never drunk. When made right, they are soooo good, at least I think so.

armadillo 10-07-2010 08:34 PM

I found an old recipe for Sloe Gin fizz- 2 jiggers Sloe Gin, juice of 1/2 lemon, Shake well with ice and strain into glass. Fill with soda water. Obviously I was mistaken about the grenadine.

Cook22 10-07-2010 10:31 PM

I'll certainly give that a go come Christmas when the gin is ready to drink :D. Sounds festive.

Lmn 10-10-2010 08:57 PM

Here's Mine
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I hope you ladies don't mind but I thought I would jump in and do some photo challenges w/ you. Most of my past photos have been my sons but they are both grown and I've been sad that my camera has been sitting. I saw your challenge & was very excited to get out and take some picts once again :cool:

I found these berries in our backyard. I'm not really sure what they are? LOL!

armadillo 10-10-2010 09:02 PM

Welcome Lela and nice berry photo.

yellowrose46 10-10-2010 10:21 PM

Lela, we don't mind, as a matter of fact, we welcome you wholeheartedly. The more people who join these challenges, the better!
Those berries look like elderberries to me.......they make exellent pies!

Cook22 10-10-2010 10:40 PM

Welcome - and have fun using that camera. I find the challenges can - well, really challenge me sometimes - but that's good. And they open your eyes to look at the world around you in a fresh way.
I thought those looked quite like elderberries too.

Lmn 10-11-2010 05:46 PM

Thanks for the welcome! Elderberries...hmmmm! I didn't even know they were in the yard until I mentioned to DH that I was looking for berries (he eyerolled). How fun, I'm off to google Elderberries :cool:

stampsandink 10-11-2010 06:27 PM

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I found these in my front yard i dont beleive the are edible tho

Lmn 10-11-2010 08:32 PM

These berries are all such pretty colors w/ their back drop of green! I especially like the red ones although they do look like you may not want to consume them ...

MelissaL 12-01-2010 07:54 AM

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I took this late last week when our Cedar Waxwings were cleaning the berries off my mountain ash tree.

yellowrose46 12-01-2010 08:00 AM

Mel, that's a gorgeous shot! Those cedar waxwings are so photogenic and you caught him in the act!

Cook22 12-01-2010 10:23 PM

Oh - isn't it beautiful!!

kimyjo 12-02-2010 05:30 PM

Holly Berries
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These pictures are of the berries on the holly bushes in my front yard. I took them tonight with the Christmas lights on the bushes lite and using a tripod. The first one is with flash and the second is without flash. These two are the best and I'm still kindof disappointed in them but here they are anyway. TFL

Cook22 12-22-2010 04:50 AM

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Snowy berries this morning
And a blackbird tucked away warmly with a few berries on tap.

yellowrose46 12-22-2010 05:40 AM

Sabrina, those red berries look awesome against the blue sky! Love the blackbirds little eye too!

huldap 01-03-2011 03:48 PM

I took this pic last week...

yellowrose46 01-03-2011 07:13 PM

Oh my goodness Hulda.......those red berries look so good against the white snow! You managed to capture them beautifully!

huldap 01-04-2011 04:17 AM


Originally Posted by yellowrose46 (Post 17762176)
Oh my goodness Hulda.......those red berries look so good against the white snow! You managed to capture them beautifully!

Thank you :D

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