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Bohodiva 01-01-2022 11:39 AM

It's that time of year again to PURGE!
Happy New Year y'all!
I started gathering up all the stamps and dies that are spread around my work areas from last year's crafting sessions to file away with the others. However, the designated containers are maxed out!
It's time to purge and reorganize stamps and dies! .
I was at my local Marshall's store yesterday to pick up one item, but I walked out with three bags of goodies that were on clearance. Included in my purchase was the clear idesign type storage bins. They had a good many of the large bins (approx 14"x 8"x4") on clearance. I picked up two thinking that would suffice, but I was wrong, This morning I was back at Marshall's and picked up four more bins. If I don't need them, I can returned them.
One thing for moving forward in the new year, I'm not buying anymore stamps or dies!

wavejumper 01-01-2022 02:59 PM

Once you are a little more organized you may find supplies you forgot you had-it is like getting something new! :D I love those kinds of bins myself.

Bohodiva 01-05-2022 07:26 PM

I've made good progress purging stamps, dies, ribbons and stencils. They will be a blessing elsewhere... Now I'm tossing cut paper, cardstock, scraps unfinished projects, two more garbage bags have been added to the recycle bin.. I was able to eliminate several storage containers used for those items and what I'm keeping is taking up less space.
I feel good and my room is looking better, but baby I'm not done!

canada goose 01-10-2022 08:04 AM

I finally labelled my stamps and dies. Last Christmas asked and got a p touch labeller and made a start. Fast forward this month cut my dividers for categories.

Yesterday decided time to purge my die cuts. It seems when I cut out one I think. I think I need a few spares …sound familiar?
anyway I have too many “spares” of some that I know I will never use or can cut 1 if I need it.I have passed on these extras last year to a friend that is a teacher in an elementary school so I picked out balloons, hearts and things that might work. I might now be on a roll as far as things I bought or never used much.
over the years as my grandchildren have grown I no longer use certain stamps and die cuts. We plan to downsize in the next year so this is a good thing. I also need new storage as my desk is old and needs replacing. Not knowing where we will be I am leaning toward Alex drawers and top from IKEA.
once Covid settles down I will have to make the 10 minute drive and check out what is available there.
nice to have the extra space….now if only I could excited about doing same in our basement.

Bohodiva 01-20-2022 06:13 PM

Since my last post I have accomplished a great deal, purging and condensing. My room(s) look so much better.
I can breathe, my room(s) can breathe and feel lighter.
I know what I have and where it's located. Paper is organized, dies, embossing folders, and stamps have been purged and condensed, Also "stuff" that I was hanging on to and I've moved 3 times, and never used... it was time to let it go!
I refuse to let my supplies outgrow their current space and I will use what I have in my inventory.
Purging and organizing is an eye opener.
In addition my creative juices are flowing again and I want to show my favorite red rubber stamps some luv in 2022.

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