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justwritedesigns 03-01-2018 08:38 PM

IC639 {3/3/18} Color Palettes
15 Attachment(s)
Good Saturday Morning & welcome to the Inspiration Challenge

I'm a huge fan of color cards & color combos (you should see my collection of paint chips, lol) & when I came across today's site, I instantly fell in love w/ the colors & the pictures that go with the color cards. I think you'll love it, too! This week's challenge is brought to you by Color Palettes. If you look up at the top, you can view by color & also by 2 colors by selecting the little color blocks. Head on over & prepare to be inspired! Be sure to link us up to what inspired you.

IC639 Gallery

Use Keyword: IC639

Here's my card You Made My Day

Did you know, we have an Inspiration Challenge Pinterest Board? Be sure to check it out!

For those of you who say you get overwhelmed with having too many, or too little, images to choose from, I've uploaded 5 (or more) of my favorite designs! So just stick with one (or all) of those for your inspiration. Click on the images below to see them bigger and to get their links on SCS.

How to Play ~ View the attached images. You may be inspired to recreate the pieces ~ but that isn't necessary ... get your inspiration from the colors, layout, style or 'theme'. Just enjoy wherever your inspired creative journey takes you. Remember, if you are inspired by the creation of another artist, please do not use print-outs of the art in your creation or directly copy their work. Make the inspiration piece your own. Don't worry ~ no card is 'wrong' and there is no time limit for uploading your card for the challenge. There are no rules ~ be *inspired* and go get stamping!

Don't forget about No Upload Sunday - Let's give the gallery moderators a day off and not upload on Sunday (unless, of course, you are a Fan Club member - yet another reason to spend a little money on your favorite site). Also, remember to link to your SCS gallery on this thread. Thank you for joining us on this inspiration journey.


1. Open 2 windows. One for your card, one for this thread.
2. In this thread, click on reply and type what you want to show before the link.
3. Go to your card window, highlight the address for your card. (The address bar will say //www.splitcoaststampers.com/fo...stampers.....).
4. Click edit. Click Copy.
5. Go back to this thread. Click Paste.


If you are unable to grab the link of your chosen picture, (on some sites, you can't, it only gives a link to the whole collection), hover over the picture in the collection that you want to link to. On a windows machine, right click the picture (on a Mac, 2 finger click). When the options come up, select COPY IMAGE ADDRESS. This link will be for that picture.

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snowmanqueen 03-02-2018 07:50 PM

Julie, this is an amazing site. I hope I feel well enough tomorrow to play!

justwritedesigns 03-02-2018 07:52 PM

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, Carolyn! Hope you feel better tomorrow!

Benzi 03-02-2018 07:59 PM

Julie, you gave us an awesome color site. My card:

IC639, In His Time by Benzi - at Splitcoaststampers

ohmypaper! 03-02-2018 08:25 PM

Julie, I had sooooo much fun looking at all the gorgeous color combos! I know I will use this site again and again.

Sitting Here

NickieD78 03-02-2018 08:59 PM

Wow!!! I had never seen this site before! I'm in LOVE!

Loads of Fun Together Card IC639 by NickieD78 - at Splitcoaststampers

parknslide 03-02-2018 10:36 PM

Great site for inspiration. Here’s my card: IC639-Meet Sally by parknslide - at Splitcoaststampers

Biggan 03-03-2018 01:10 AM

Thanks for the inspiration!! Here´s mine;

IC639 New Momma by Biggan - at Splitcoaststampers

snietje 03-03-2018 02:19 AM

great site which I must admit I already knew and often use to find a color palette

here's my card thank you so much to give me the inspiration to make this card

IC639 My work My life by snietje - at Splitcoaststampers

Shoe Girl 03-03-2018 03:35 AM

Some fantastic color palettes Julie. Here is my card: IC639, USEIT2018 Easter Chick? by Shoe Girl - at Splitcoaststampers

Jay_Bee 03-03-2018 04:46 AM

I am sure I used to get updates from that site but spent far too much time browsing and admiring and very little time using the colours. Busy day today but hope to play in the coming week.

sistersandie 03-03-2018 06:02 AM

Great challenge today Julie

IC639 ~ Fluffy Leopard by sistersandie - at Splitcoaststampers


JBgreendawn 03-03-2018 06:23 AM

One from me, I started with an image I had previously colored and worked out from there.
IC639 Most everything by JBgreendawn - at Splitcoaststampers

artystamper 03-03-2018 06:55 AM

Wow - great color inspiration on this site Julie! I used stamps from yesterday's Free 4 All challenge - with different inks and added stenciling based on the color palette I chose! IC639 Color Palette Birthday F4A419 by artystamper - at Splitcoaststampers

Luv Flowers 03-03-2018 06:56 AM

What an awesome challenge Julie!! Hopefully I can get to it later. Thanks!!

peeps321 03-03-2018 06:58 AM

I love these color sites...gives me combos I wouldn't have thought of on my own ;)

Chill Out

Crafty Julia 03-03-2018 07:00 AM

IC639 Snowy Angel
Using Color Palette #3703, I went with a snowy scene, inspired by my DD's major snowfall experiences in Pennsylvania yesterday. Recycled a cute figure and sentiment, along with snowflakes, and added an embossed strip which I colored- both recycled from stamping friends. Added dimensional squares to add some dimension to my central panel, and included 2 brads. Here's Snowy Angel

snietje 03-03-2018 07:54 AM

I love this site and made 2 more, they are quickly done

IC639 Dragon by snietje - at Splitcoaststampers

Stamperrobin 03-03-2018 07:54 AM

Hi Julie, thanks for the inspiration...beautiful site!!

IC A Bird Cage -RobinC by Stamperrobin - at Splitcoaststampers
Thanks for looking!

sistersandie 03-03-2018 08:03 AM

Another one Julie!

IC639 ~ Tulips by sistersandie - at Splitcoaststampers


Lv2grdn 03-03-2018 08:13 AM

Fabulous sight Julie!! Thanks!IC639, F4A419 Hydrangeas by Lv2grdn - at Splitcoaststampers

Nannygirl 03-03-2018 08:14 AM

Here's my card for today's fun challenge, Julie. IC639 - Shopping in Paris by Nannygirl - at Splitcoaststampers

snowmanqueen 03-03-2018 10:05 AM

Love this site, glad I felt like playing today. Here’s mine:

IC639 Hope by snowmanqueen - at Splitcoaststampers

bubblestx4 03-03-2018 10:25 AM

Julie, this site is Fabulous and I will be returning again and again and again!!!

Here is my card from Palette 3736: Music Rocks by bubblestx4 - at Splitcoaststampers

Reddyisco 03-03-2018 10:57 AM

Thanks for a beautiful challenge, Julie. I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to these colour palettes....I love them.

Here's my card.

guneauxdesigns 03-03-2018 11:40 AM

Julie, I love the website you selected for the Inspiration Challenge. Here is my submission.

Crafty Julia 03-03-2018 11:45 AM

IC639 Birthday Lattes
I was inspired by the pink, grey, green and light browns of this color palette #1750. I went with "wood panels" in grey and light brown- and added a stripe of mostly cool colors on the vertical right hand side. Added more texture with my burlap tie and rough twine, and used a die cut coffee cup with a fancy sleeve. Here's Birthday Lattes

JustCallMeNana 03-03-2018 12:09 PM

Awesome challenge, Julie!!! Here's my card Easter Flowers. I used this palette.

lacyquilter 03-03-2018 01:05 PM

Here's my color palette card.

PKPenn 03-03-2018 02:30 PM

I had such a fun time playing with today's Inspiration Challenge!!! I loved looking through all the color palettes.

Here's my card

Flowers for Your Birthday

Thanks for a wonderful challenge today Julie!

DCinkit 03-03-2018 02:35 PM

Fabulous site for color inspiration, Julie! Thank you.

IC639 F4A419 Blessings by DCinkit - at Splitcoaststampers

Thanks for looking!

smadson 03-03-2018 08:40 PM

Here is mine: IC639 Inspiration Mermaid sm by smadson - at Splitcoaststampers
thank you for the inspiration!

wendy2512 03-03-2018 10:07 PM

"Tie A Yellow Ribbon"
What a wonderful place for color ideas...and many gorgeous pictures I could just keep looking at on my wall. TY for that spot. Here is my card..."Tie A Yellow Ribbon"

Jay_Bee 03-04-2018 02:32 PM

Enjoyed the site but chose a palette I would not normally go for on this card. May play with some others in the week.

Katchoo1 03-05-2018 09:20 AM

A little late to the party with my card!

Life is Sweet

Crafty Julia 03-05-2018 12:31 PM

IC639 No Lion!
did a pun- themed card with greens, browns, and oranges- lots of layering for my lion card- added some texture with dry embossing, orange mesh, and rough twine. Colors inspired by Color Palette #3561. Here's No Lion!

mfb 03-05-2018 02:11 PM

Such a fun site! Here's mine:

IC639 Glass Jars by mfb - at Splitcoaststampers

asweetjewel 03-06-2018 02:56 PM

I love color palette challenges, thank you, Julie! Special Sunflowers

Jay_Bee 03-10-2018 07:57 AM

Eventually got round to posting my 2nd card inspired by one of the colour palettes

Chatterbox-1 10-06-2018 05:20 AM

Playing challenge catch-up! Here is my "Color Palettes" card: Congrats! What Happy News! I used pinks and whites from this color palette: Color Palette #3928 | Color Palette Ideas

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