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cardmaker2 07-24-2018 03:36 PM

What is your SECOND favourite craft/hobby?
I dare say for most of us, paper crafts are our favourite hobby. But I bet there are a variety of next faveís! What do you like to do when you arenít making cards or scrapbooking?

I decided in the winter I wanted to learn to crochet, so YouTube and I had a few dates (there are wonderful tutorials on there, who knew!) and I have been happily crocheting since then. I have also played around a little with making jewelry. But cards are my first love.

What about you?

KSStammper 07-24-2018 04:01 PM


jeannemlehrman 07-24-2018 04:55 PM

Flower gardens and sewing, but NOT mending or ironing!

Soozie4Him 07-24-2018 05:41 PM

Reading!! But when I’m stamping a lot, I’m not reading, and when I’m reading a lot, my stamping suffers!

beaddict 07-24-2018 06:24 PM

i have 3 go to hobbies


In that order

Crochet is about to bump Stamping into 3rd place. I had forgotten how much i enjoyed crocheting and when i worked on some project earlier in the year I was reminded how much I love it so stamping has as of late taken a backseat to beading and crocheting.

fionna51 07-24-2018 09:18 PM

My extras have seasons. Right now I'm really working on my genealogy projects, including DNA. But there's 7 quilts in my workshop that are layered and ready to quilt, and my dad wants a log cabin quilt, and my daughter wants her marathon shirts made into a quilt. So it's probably the time to change my focus.

uncbballfan 07-24-2018 10:29 PM

My hobby when I'm not stamping is organizing my stamping supplies. And I'm almost finished! A few months back, I bought my home and put my stamping stuff in the smallest bedroom. Well, that didn't work. I decided to take over the den, which wasn't used, and make it work for me. It's on the front of my house and I get glorious sunlight throughout the day.

I have a box full of new stamps and dies I've been waiting to use, so I don't see needing another hobby any time soon!

DianeinSparks 07-24-2018 10:31 PM

My second favorite hobby is counted cross stitch. I make 15 or more Christmas ornaments each year for family and friends, each with their names and the year. I also read but don't count that as a hobby since it's an important part of every day for me. With 2 forms of arthritis, I always have a book handy so that I can sit and read before the pain and fatigue gets too bad.

Embri 07-24-2018 10:46 PM

Hm, I don't think I'd put papercrafts as my favourite hobby. It's beaten out by both miniature modelling / painting, and crafting board games. Technically the latter does involve a fair bit of paper, to be fair.

sprtchick 07-24-2018 11:45 PM

I also knit and crochet.

Cardmaking is my Fav!

shazsilverwolf 07-25-2018 01:56 AM


Originally Posted by Soozie4Him (Post 21692768)
Reading!! But when Iím stamping a lot, Iím not reading, and when Iím reading a lot, my stamping suffers!

Snap, Soozie! That's me in a nutshell. :)

Benzi 07-25-2018 06:11 AM

I used to needlepoint all the time. Made wonderful pillows, Christmas stockings, framed pieces. I was in the middle of a piece when cardmaking hit me and I never finished the piece I was working on.

I love to do crossword and jigsaw puzzles and also read.

I love this place and have to say making cards is my fave hobby.

Dockside 07-25-2018 06:17 AM

I too love crosswords! I also garden (in season). My social time involves cardmaking and scrapbooking so they are definitely at the top of the list!

Benzi 07-25-2018 06:28 AM

Oh, for sure, I love gardening. Left off that one. :) We need more hours in the day.

lindylou1220 07-25-2018 06:46 AM

I don't stamp every day, although I'd say it's my favorite hobby at this time of my life.

However, not a day goes by when I don't read. I love books and my local library.

Mrs Noofy 07-25-2018 07:43 AM

Wow...let me see.... After stamping I guess it would watercolour painting and lace making equally.

cobby 07-25-2018 07:51 AM

Knitting or crochet. But that is seasonal for me. It’s hard to have a lap full of yarn when it’s so hot outside. I’m much better at crochet but trying to improve my knitting skills.

I also love counted cross stitch. Haven’t done much over the last few years because my right hand falls asleep a LOT ( writing, driving, reading....the hand goes numb ). It’s quite annoying. I really want to get back to it but need to find a solution to that problem.

UnderstandBlue 07-25-2018 08:00 AM

It would probably be a tie between gardening and cooking - although they're sort of the same because I grow food, not really flowers. :)

rockybeta 07-25-2018 08:24 AM

I do some sewing on different craft projects, some quilting, have tons of plants in pots on our deck and love puttering with them in the summer. When I worked I read a book a week..........now reading has taken a back seat but I still love it. I've also dabbled in beading but making cards is my all time favorite.

smhtwin 07-25-2018 02:16 PM

I would say:



I try to volunteer as much as I can. I've been a hospital volunteer for almost 24 years now :p Very rewarding and have met lots of fun volunteers.

JoBear2 07-25-2018 08:07 PM

Depends on the season. In Winter, it's knitting & I dabble in embroidery & cross-stitch. In the warmer weather, I take photos of flowers in my garden & the weather esp. storms. & I do lots of gardening. Have to have my hands busy all the time.

pepperann 07-25-2018 09:41 PM

I enjoy photography (although it seems like I never have enough time to devote to it as I'd like to). Also, reading and I used to bead all the time, got out of it, now am intrigued again! My spare bedroom is my craft room and its getting pretty cramped in there!

cardmaker2 07-26-2018 06:25 AM

It’s so interesting to see all the activities we enjoy! Most of us have a variety of hobbies depending on season and inclination :)

Going to buy baby Afghan yarn today!

Laurene 07-26-2018 07:39 AM

My second favorite hobby at the moment is the Kindness Rock Project. I am painting and hiding rocks outdoors where they can be found...kept...re-hidden or act as inspiration for someone to join in and paint some. This was supposed to be a more temporary thing for me but it has been fun this summer. My family is doing it too. I am trying to detach and get back to stamping :)

lazylizard 07-26-2018 08:14 AM

Bible journaling, crocheting, or music. I often pick up my guitar to learn new contemporary Christian music that I hear on the radio.

lesliespringer 07-26-2018 08:44 AM

Cooking, but now I'm trying to lose weight.

Reading but I get dizzy reading, from a past vestibular ear infection, still have symptoms, so now I listen to audiobooks.

Stamping but I'm reorganizing now but make a card every once in a while. Actually I have lots of cards to make, but once I see that treadmill next to the stamping table, it's a 50/50 shot which one I will use first;)

Benzi 07-26-2018 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by Laurene (Post 21693646)
My second favorite hobby at the moment is the Kindness Rock Project. I am painting and hiding rocks outdoors where they can be found...kept...re-hidden or act as inspiration for someone to join in and paint some. This was supposed to be a more temporary thing for me but it has been fun this summer. My family is doing it too. I am trying to detach and get back to stamping :)

Oh, my young grandson did that in the shrubbery at a hotel where we stayed last summer. I have been back twice to that same hotel and forgot to check to see if it was gone or not.

cainp 07-26-2018 09:56 AM

I like to make different gifts by using my silhouette machine and vinyl. Whether its ornaments, glass block lights, wine glasses, personalizing various items, etc. Plus I love gardening.

lynnewithane 07-26-2018 10:24 AM

I used to love to needlepoint and do counted cross stitch. I have tons of projects. Some partially done, some not started. Back when I was in my 40s, I would say that I had enough projects to last until my 80s. I really need to pick it up again because I guess I have enough to last until I’m 150 now.
Card making has definitely taken a front seat, but I used You Tube to teach myself to knit and crochet. I made a ton of scarves, but never improved beyond that point. I’m currently working on a Pom Pom rug with some of my yarn stash. I also just finished a jigsaw puzzle, and bought another on vacation. Word puzzles are another pastime of mine, but I’m trying to carve out more time for walking/gym.

wavejumper 07-27-2018 03:12 PM

Great question! :)

LMAO Linda...so true about organizing!!!

Gardening-but after 30 years my back and hips failed 2 years ago so I may not be able to return :( Jigsaws in the winter. With a warm drink and old Brit mysteries on DVD.
I like to cook but rarely do anymore. I used to make simple jewelry.
Should be reading-I have enough unread books around here!

Cook22 07-28-2018 01:57 AM

Knitting or playing music (piano/ flute) and reading.
Then photography, but I haven't had time for editing and organising photos for the last while.
Don't know if cooking counts as a hobby because it was my career in an earlier life, but I gave it up so that I could still enjoy it at home - which I do.

fl_beachbum 07-28-2018 05:52 AM

It’s so neat to read all the interesting things you are all involved in. My other interests rotate. I enjoy crocheting and reading. I’d really like to learn to use my camera better and also learn how to watercolor.

Counted cross-stitch was my first love in crafting. Thinking about it, it was also where I first had to learn to fight “full set syndrome”. All those pretty colors. Organized on the little numbered cards. Aaaahhhh!

cnsteele 07-28-2018 06:21 AM

Oh, wow, I have so many things I love! I scrapbook and stamp, but I also love reading, cooking, baking, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, playing the piano, playing board games exercising/running/biking, and volunteering. Fortunately, I am blessed with a small home and a very handy husband so there isn't much to clean or maintain. I am a SAHM to three teenage girls so I do have time for many interests, but a lot of what I like has practical uses for everyday life anyways and I can enjoy them all with my family! Love that!

cardmaker2 07-28-2018 10:43 AM

We are like our own patch work quilt, aren’t we :) individual yet part of the whole. ...see what I did there, using a craft item as a metaphor ...

peeps321 07-28-2018 11:54 AM

Reading...gotta have a book always!
Gardening, cooking, jigsaw puzzles... of course gardening is summer...and jigsaw puzzles are more winter and cabin activities. I loved doing cross stitch but haven't done much of that in years...have a TON of patterns...it's not as fun when the holes became smaller...or did my eyes just need to be much closer...:rolleyes:

BashfulStamper 07-28-2018 12:11 PM

I've tried lots of different things over the years... jewelry-making, needlepoint, piano/keyboards, pottery... but I reached a point a while back when I felt like "too many hobbies, not enough time (or money)". I decided that I'm happier when I put all of my attention, and passion, into just one thing. I decided to make card-making my one thing, and I haven't looked back.

I tend to be a bit OCD, and I found that the best way to deal with that is to have a safe outlet - something positive that I can obsess over. And it just works so much better for me if I only have one thing. (My brother calls it my "Single Obsession Theory", LOL.)

I do read a fair bit, but just whenever I can squeeze it in... sometimes during meals, or right before bed, or sitting in waiting rooms, etc. If I didn't feel this need to keep my hobbies down to one, the runners up would probably be cross-stitch, and genealogy.

I am enjoying this thread a lot! :D

mycatbillybob 07-28-2018 08:52 PM

I enjoy making pin cushions out of wool felt. Alone or in some found container from Goodwill. Like a tiny teapot missing it’s top or a little cup or a tiny truck. It’s great fun and also keeps my hands busy. But card making and other paper crafting is my one big love.

kilroy 07-29-2018 01:51 PM

Playing clarinet in two Community Bands, Card Making, Reading, in that order

harvestmoon 07-29-2018 06:15 PM

Soozie and Shaz, I combine my card-making and jewelry 'stringing' with reading...I listen to audio books. I work full time, so my free time is precious, and I make the most of it.
I like to sew, currently for my home, not my person. Gardening slowed when my knees failed. At one time I had a goal of trying one new recipe per week...then I got old and tired.

Dorthy 07-30-2018 04:58 AM

Knitting and crochet

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