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stampin chic 08-02-2004 10:52 AM

Hi all-
had a idea :idea: , my stamp club starts in sept. and as a added bonus to them I wanted to create a little binder for each of them where each month I when I demo a new product or technique I could give them a"tip sheet" to add to their binders. example.. we use versamark for a project and I give them a tip sheet with other uses or ideas for them to try on their own. I know there are a ton of tip sheets out there !! but trying "searches " is taking me forever!!!! any help , I would be soooo greatful :D Thank you :) Lisa

kastel 08-02-2004 10:55 AM

There is a place with lots of idea sheets in the demo only forums here on SCS. Hope that helps :)


tlemke 08-02-2004 12:12 PM

Where are the tip sheets?
How do I get into the demo only forums to look for technique sheets? I am a Demonstrator who is also starting a monthly stamp club in October.

jbalcer 08-02-2004 12:17 PM

Let's see if this works. Click here:

And select the SU! demo group from the drop down list. You'll get an email that lets you know that Daven's added you to the demo group.


overcome 08-02-2004 12:34 PM

9 Attachment(s)
I have various collections of tips I've gotten from various message boards. They are not perfect as far as grammar, etc. but hopefully they will help! I've attached them to this message (I hope!)

And here's something I just copied and pasted:

"they work great on smooth surfaces as well as the marble tiles. There are some examples on my website www.stampersjoy.stampinup.net "

"You can stamp on tiles with Stazon! I've got some pix of tiles loaded on the SUFriends website - I believe
in photos, in a folder called "tootse66 stamped stuff". Not sure about the dishwasher and if they'd hold up in there or not. I've only made drink coasters and fridge magnets so far. Stacey"

I've been making a lot of tiles and spraying them with a sealer. I
did a "test" on one - it sat on my desk at work all day with a very
sweaty McDonald's pop cup on it, dripping on it all day - and it
never ever ran, smudged, no ink bleed - no problems! -Stacey

I have used both the Krylon Crystal Clear and the rust-to-em or how ever you spell it! Both work well. I have some that I've used for two years and they have had coffee spilled on them, juices, etc. and still look like new. Joyce

My favorite thing to do with staz on ink pads is to stamp on the unglazed tumbled marble 3x3 inch tiles. Then I add cork to the bottom to make a coaster.

There are many different ways to make coasters, but the person who taught me said that if you use staz on ink and DON'T put any waterproof type coating over that, they will remain absorbent. I have not had any trouble with the ink smearing, even though I have one I use daily for a drink on my stamping desk :)

Personally, I think they look really cool stamped with a vintage looking design, just in one color. Toni

I did a fun project last weekend. I bought 2 rubber balls from the local dollar store, spent $1 on each. Then I stamped the little layers fish and and the little layers lady bug on each. The fish on the blue ball the lady bug on the red. It was for my great-nephews first birthday. Instead of wrapping them up, i bought a laundry bag($2 at the dollar store), the kind with holes and tied them up in that. That way his mom can just toss them and other pool toys in there and back into the car. SHe loved it and the balls were his favorite gift. I was a hit and spent $4.00!

Blender Pen Tips
Here is what I compiled form all the ideas you sent. Thank you all
so much! I will try to get this into the files as soon as I can. If
you know something that I have not included, please email me so I can
get it into the list before I put it in the files. Thanks to you all

The blender pens make floating or blending color easier. It enables
you to blend several hues together, giving more variation with
mediums. You can achieve this without using as many colors, but still
getting depth and variation in color. It works with all waterbased
markers, colored pencils, chalks, dye pads and pigment pads (cat eye,


* Since the pens come in a 3 pack, I took masking tape and marked each
end with a color: Blue/violet, Red/Orange, Yellow, Green, Brown and an
extra tip was left. This way I don't have to stop to clean the tips.

* You can clean the tips by drawing on a scrap paper until the ink
runs clear again, so you can actually use the same tip in different
colors, if you choose.

* Store Blender pens horizontally, so one tip doesn't dry out (the
same tip works with your Stampin' Markers).

* Here is a refill recipe shared on Stampin' Discuss to extend the
life of your blender pens:


Use 4 oz bottle = 120cc

Fill 1/3 bottle with glycerin,

8 teaspoons or 2 Tablespoons +2 teaspoons = 40cc

1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol = 5cc

Fill rest of 4 oz bottle with water,

2oz + 1 Tablespoon or 5 Tablespoons = 75cc

Remove pen tip (pull and twist gently) and lay flat overnight in fluid.

Put 3 drops or more in the pen hollow.

Place pen tip back in hollow by pushing gently

1 Tablspoon = 15cc

1 teaspoon = 5cc

1 oz =30cc



1. With the tip of your waterbased markers, lay a hint of color on the
actual embossed line of an image. This color is now sitting on the
surface of the embossed line. The embossed lines serve as a palette,
making it easier to move the color, thus eliminating a hard line
created by the marker. Working in a circular motion and in small
areas, use the Blender pen to pull out the marker color into the open
area of the design. When this process is completed a light application
of color will appear on the image. To prevent the color from appearing
too washed out, continue to add more color using the marker and the
blender until the desired depth of the color is achieved.

2. Start with lighter colors and then gradually add darker colors.

3. Limit the colors to be used. Three basic colors differing in
intensity, plus variations in value, will give life and interest to a
stamped image.


1. Scribble with marker on a non-porous surface, such as a coated
paper plate, plastic plate, styrofoam cup or plate or a junk CD. Using
the blender pen, pick up the color and apply it to the stamped image.
When working with an intense color, take the blender right to the tip
of the marker to lighten.

2. Apply the blender to the stamped image first working in small areas
at a time. This preps the area and allows one to apply various marker
colors to blend directly onto the card.

3. Before changing colors, wipe the blender clean on a scrap piece of
paper. Be careful not to pick up too much color. If there is too much,
simply wipe the blender tip on a scrap piece of paper before coloring
the image.

4. When working an intense color, to lighten that color, touch the tip
of the marker to the tip of the blender. By touching the tip of the
blender with the tip of the marker, the marker color that has
transferred to the blender tip will be lighter in value.

5. For a realistic blended look, layer color on top of color. For ex:
Start with marker color (Lavender Lace #6930-62 and add Orchid
Opulence #6920-42) or blend the colors on a palette, then apply to the


The obvious use is to use them with Watercolor Pencils and avoid the
cup of water/paintbrush disaster! Stamp your image in Basic Black
(which is permanent, in order to be able to watercolor). Use your
pencils to draw a little bit of color where you will want it darkest,
then use the Blender Pens to "pull" the color to the rest of the area.
Remember to leave a spot light or blank where the light would hit it
and cause a "reflection"

HINT: Take each color you are going to use and make a palette by
scribbling a little color on a separate piece of paper with all the
colors, then take the blender pen and pick up the color and apply to
the image.


You can apply a little to the area you are coloring, or use an
applicator and

take the blender tip to it to pick up the color, then apply to the
image. When you are done there is no fixative needed (hair spray),
because the blender pen fixes it when it is done.

You can also sponge the chalk on and then blend the colors as well in
your stamped image.


You can use your blender pens to "paint" the Pearl Ex powders. For the
Pearl Ex, a little goes a long way, so touch lightly into the powder
and then color. Wipe the tip on a damp paper towel to clean when
finished or changing colors.


Squish classic ink pad and pick up color with blender to apply to
paper for "watercolor" effect

Squish craft ink pad, and pick up color with blender, can apply to
matte finish paper or use when coloring those absorbent tumbled stone
tiles to give a watercolor effect on tiles. Gotta heatset if you do
watercolor on tiles though. 30 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees
should do it.

Other ink pads: If you are using inkpads that do not have an attached
lid that can be squishes, such as Marvy Matchables, touch the side of
the lid to the ink pad thus getting ink on the cover's side, and touch
your blender pen to that.

Put a drop of cartridge reinker on a non-porous surface (I used a
tile, a coated paper plate would work as well) then pick up ink with
blender and

apply. One drop goes a LONG way!

When the blender becomes dry, simply pull the end cap off and add
several drops of Dove Blending fluid.


In a one ounce dropper bottle add: 1/3 part Glyerine 2/3 part
Distilled Water 1/4 tsp alcohol Carefully remove either end of your
marker with pliers and a light twisting motion. Add a few drops of the
liquid to the marker. (More is not better here. Too much liquid will
result in a runny mess) Replace the tip. Lay marker on its side
overnight. Marker should be reinked the following day. Or, there is a
product for refilling called "Acry-Blend" that is made by Delta/Shiva.
(runs about $1.59 for a 2 oz bottle).


Take the blender pen directly to the color and pick up the color and
start coloring your image.

When blending colors use water based markers (SU!® markers are

waterbased), colored pencils, chalks, dye pads (SU!® pads are

pigment pads. Don't use Glossy clay coated paper such as King James,
or Kromekote paper because it won't work.


Color the image on the back side of the stamped velum for a beautiful
muted look.


Stamping On Paper Plates
Thanks for everyone who responded. I hope I was able
to get back to all of you with a thank you.

Here's the compiled list. I looks like its a toss up
between Ancient Page and Fabricos. Most of you
thought it would be funny to see the General's wife
with ink on her face, but I thought I would save that
for the next party <VBG>!

If it turns out great, I'll take a picture with my
digital camera for all to see.

Thanks again.

Jen Perry
[email protected]

That is such a cute image to think of!!!!!

I stamp napkins all the time and just use our regular
ink pads, never
a problem.

Kathy Braine

LOL! :) I've heard of people using ancient page. But
I've also heard a neat idea: Just put a clear plasic
plate over the stamped one! That way you can use
whatever ink you want and don't have to worry about


I stamped on paper plates once with just the regular
ink pads. They worked just fine but the paper plates
were Chinette and the texture of the plate seems to
hold the ink in place. A shinier finish might run.
Hope that helps.

Lisa Lampe

rotflmho! what a thought!!!!!

Dianne/Tori Shiozaki

Hi! Read your e-mail! I don't have an answer but it
sure made me laugh!
Sarah Duffy

I used both silver pigment on Navy Blue Napkins and
and Ancient Page Night of Navy on Ivory napkins at 2
weddings without a BLUE-FACE.

Cheryl Hirzel

I bought some cheap white plates and napkins. I use
Ancient Page. After it dries, it doesn't come off.
When stamping on napkins, put something between the
napkin so that the ink will not bleed through to
the other side. At my workshops, I put water on the
plate and show that the ink will not come off. I
haven't actually eaten off one of these plates, but it
works for me.

karen Moody

At our recent Group gathering, we stamped paper plates
and napkins and used Fabrico. The stampers that set up
the make and take said they stamped with all kinds of
things and gave them the underwater test, and Fabrico

Karen Faber

I stamped on dinner style napkins (tighter weave,
fancier) for my kids' preschool class with AP ink, and
it worked great. The only problem is that I couldn't
find any without an embossed image, so I just used
whatever was most neutral.

Lisa Bukata

I have a customer that had a daughter who got married
in December. She stamped the invites and a lot of
other stuff. One of the things she stamped was the
napkins with their names and marriage date. She used
ancient page and swears by it! :-)

Lori O. Maxwell

I stamped the napkins for my daughter's birthday last
year although I didn't try the plates. I used the
thicker colored napkins, not the cheap thin ones and
the regular ink. I didn't have any probalems with it
smearing or coming off and that was with a bunch of 4
year olds!

Catie Palmer

Ancient page.....You would have to heat set all of
those fabrico plates. I did it once and was sure to
get plates without any waxy coating.

Donna Norder

I know that Ancient page is water resistant, I am not
sure about Fabrico( my guess it would be water
resistant). I have used the non coated paper plates
and plain white napkins.

Cindy DeRosa

Mental picture coming....what an elegant look! lol

I would use Ancient Page (I did this a couple summers
ago with Simply Summer. Make sure you use a "good"
napkin vs. the cheap ones. They're thicker and folded
so that you can actually use the part that isn't
stamped on to do the wiping.

Hope your event goes well...let us know!

Jenice Detro

I think it would be kind of funny to have the
General's wife in that position :) Anyway, I had a
friend who stamped her daughter's birthday plates. I
believe she used fabrico and she used the paper plates
that are kind of shiny. She said it took a LONG time
for them to dry. She left them spread around



PaisleyPrincess 08-02-2004 02:59 PM

thanks for all the great ideas. my notebook is forever growing.

stampin chic 08-03-2004 04:26 AM

I just want to thank everyone for the info , everyone here at SCS is so helpful!! :D :D Lisa

kyloescards 08-03-2004 11:40 AM


bizzybeeeyelts is a great place to find any technique you could imagine, I decided to print the list, it is pages and pages but you could just print whatever technique you are doing for the month.
Is another fun place to find a bunch of information,
about.com has a lot of information.
On overload yet? My favorites is too full, I had to separate some of them the other day.

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