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wavejumper 01-24-2020 05:43 PM

This is stinking cute
<div></div><div>I am working my way through the Creativation thread and someone linked to a Simon Hurley vid where he is making cards with his mom as part of a blog hop for kids and parents. I had not heard of this before-this was last April and was the second year, called Cutest Video Hop Ever 2....So I backed up and watched all 14 of them. True I fast forwarded at times, but it IS seriously the cutest thing ever!&nbsp;</div><br><div>This is a huge contribution Simon's line makes, because the kids resonate with the images. They are not too sophisticated for them (no offense Simon). They are very comfortable with it. Ranger sent out some of his product for free to the families to play with. One little girl poses with her card-she is missing a tooth and I think the character was too. (I don't know if Simon meant it that way lol)</div><br><div>If you have 20 mins I highly recommend watching this blog hop. I saw at least one SCS peep in there! Laura Bassen is in there....other faces you may recognize...and listening to them describe what they doing just made me smile really BIG. SO CUTE!!! They can't pronounce some of the words...but one little girl did really well. (Ujjwal Gupta's 6yo)</div><br><div><a href="https://leiphartonart.blogspot.com/2019/04/2nd-annual-cutest-video-hop-ever-giveaways.html">https://leiphartonart.blogspot.com/2019/04/2nd-annual-cutest-video-hop-ever-giveaways.html</a></div><br><div>Kudos to the parents. This is not them working with Crayola product. They are using blending brushes thru stencils, alcohol inks, water on water WCs, Zig markers, colored pencils...I really commend the parents for finding ways for the kids to use adult level materials. The kids are pretty little-I think they are all under 10? And boys- b/c they see a guy doing this and his designs work for boys.&nbsp;</div><br><div>I am huge believer in kids creating and using their imaginations. (I think the vacuum squirrels might be my fav concept-he adapted an image to another use)...getting them OFF the cells and the vid games.&nbsp;</div><br><div>I don't do blog hops as a rule, but I am going to try to remember to watch out for this one come this April. I hope it is done again. &lt;3</div>

Stamping Servant 01-26-2020 08:12 AM

Many thanks for sharing this link to the Cutest Video Hop Ever.&nbsp; I just watched a few of the videos and loved them.&nbsp; Will be watching more as time allows.<br>

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