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sassybee 09-01-2004 09:27 PM

Selling SU items on Ebay
I was under the impression that selling Stampin Up items on Ebay was against the SU contract and you could get into BIG trouble. When I look at Ebay, I see people with their own Ebay stores solely dedicated to stamps. How can they get away with this?


heresrita 09-01-2004 10:54 PM

You may sell items if they are no longer current i.e. in the new 2004/2005 Idea Book & Catalog or any of this years' mini-catalogs that come out during or after the introduction of the new IB&C.

ginapier 09-02-2004 12:38 AM

Let me tell you there are ebay stores with current sets selling! The poster claims "not to have any affiliation with SU" or "I AM NOT A DEMO" yet she is probably one of the $40k sales members going to teh caribbean in MArch! Its really not fair!

Meanwhile some of us are here struggling to meet there $300 quarterly sales and spending our own money just to stay active.. Just my opinion.

PrideStampers 09-02-2004 04:31 AM

yes...this is unethical...But it happens and SU can not necessarily do anything in all cases. Some sellers are buying from a demonstrator at the demonstrator prices and then selling on ebay. You can't stop a customer from selling on ebay. If SU is able to prove that the seller is a demonstrator, they can and have pulled their demonstratorship. But unfortuanely that is very hard to prove and so in the meantime it hurts the demonstrators that are ethical.

So there are unethcial demonstrators that walk the stage every year, making big bucks....because they break the rules and hurt everyone else. They don't care. But what goes around, comes around. If not in this life...but eternal life.

There is really nothing that can be done...so I just do the best I can and treat my customers well and I just tell my customers (the ones I know that buy off of ebay(....can you blame them...if they find something cheaper then what I can offer)...not to tell me. They still buy from me, but probably not as much as they would have, if not for ebay!

kastampin 09-02-2004 04:36 AM

I know of some other demo's that have went on looking for other demo's selling on ebay and have called SU support to report them. Then SU support follows up on these. Just a thought! If you think they are a demo call SU support!!

stampintree 09-02-2004 05:23 AM

I have a couple of customers that buy off Ebay - retired stuff. What jerked my chain is the people selling the hostess only sets when they weren't available to the public - during Spring Into Action before the catalog even came out. They had to be demos! AND when I've seen current sets (I just go and look sometimes - especially when my customer says "There is a current set up to $50 bid!"). Too bad we can't let those people know they can get it cheaper from a demo. All we can do is be vigilant, let everyone know why it's better to buy direct and offer our wonderful customer service. Thanks to those of you who are loyal customers!


skygoddess 09-02-2004 05:23 AM

Karma girls....what goes around..comes around...if they can live with themselves...fine...some of us have a conscience.

photocropper 09-02-2004 05:42 AM

If it makes any of you feel any better - I am a customer - I do buy on ebay but mainly only what I can not get from my demo. Her sales have not been hurt by my purchasing on ebay to say the least. MOST OF THE TIME - you can not get a good deal on ebay.... Like someone else said current sets are selling for much more than from a demo.

You CAN tell people about the fact that it is a current item. I have contacted people before when I saw an item going extremely high and it was at walmart for CHEAP. All I do is go to the bidders list and click on their name and send them a short message letting them know that the item they are bidding on can be found "x" for "x$" and they will quit bidding against the highest bidder. AT least the item does not go for so much. It will not stop the sells but help a few people out hopefully. *unless ebay has stopped us from emailing others I have not done it in a long time*

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