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EricaB 07-05-2004 09:17 AM

Convention Security
Anyone else with AOL momentarily panic when they saw the heading "Worries Over Convention Security." Surely I can't be the only demo that thinks our convention currently outweighs the political one! :lol:
(My husband used to work at the Pentegon - Thank God he was off THAT day - so we don't take anything about security lightly... but this did catch me off guard!)

Christine P 07-05-2004 11:13 AM

Re: Convention Security

Originally Posted by EricaB
Surely I can't be the only demo that thinks our convention currently outweighs the political one!

Too funny!

There are often times that I am in a place thinking, "this could be such an easy target..." We went to the "Sound of Independence" the other night. It is an annual festival/fireworks show held by our base, and it is open to the public. Our AF base is headquarters to Special Operations. So when we were sitting on the edge of the water (which ANYONE can access), I was thinking that thought. I know what you mean about not taking security lightly.

I'm sure everything will be fine at the convention! Have a great time!

alasku2stamp 07-05-2004 05:33 PM

Ok, not flames please!

As much as I love SU! I strongly doubt a terrorist is plotting to take out 7000 demos. What good would that do? I think you are very safe. My security concerns would be focused more on criminal type things. Theft, fire, etc. My biggest concern over all would be how to deal with that rude person who seems to be everywhere you are. JMO

EricaB 07-05-2004 06:26 PM

Of course I don't think SU is a target. On the AOL welcome screen this morning one of the headlines was "Worries Over Convention Security," it just caught me off guard because my mind is on our convention. My first thought was, no place is safe. Very odd if the terrorists want to wipe out the greeting card and memory making industry!(I have enough drama traveling since we are an Arab-American family) :)

Kar 07-06-2004 05:36 AM

Well if terrorists showed up (which can guarantee they more than likely won't) they have good taste!! There is no way they would be interested in the SU convention when this political "circus" is goin on now... lol

iiwiireally 07-06-2004 06:56 AM

Can you only imagine the wrath of 7000 demonstrators upon a terrorist disrupting our activites? I'd be willing to hold him down while we tatoo every part of his body with the smiley face from our "Smiles" set. Of course I joke as terrorism is very serious, but I did chuckle when I thought about the Orlando newspaper headlines the next day... "Stampers Unite and Send Message to Terrorists"

EricaB 07-08-2004 06:38 AM

Thanks to all who saw the humor in this right along with me.
((((Christine)))) ~You know why! Deb, a special thanks to you, when I checked this board to today I was ROTFWL at the thought of that headline! Best wishes to all.

alasku2stamp 07-08-2004 09:14 AM

lol! I can just imagine the arguments over the choice of ink color and which stamp set to use! I would actually pity the terrorist!

bazkets 07-08-2004 03:54 PM

Do you think we could all pass as virgins? :shock:

(You know, when they pass, they're supposed to go somewhere with a bunch of virgins...)

Sorry, couldn't resist!

Sereikastamper 07-08-2004 03:56 PM

If all the cards we are sending to the troops make them get the job done faster and better maybe the terrorists would think of taking us out at convention... but I don't think we have need to worry otherwise!!! LOL :lol:

Tami Wacek 07-08-2004 06:28 PM

How could terrorists possibly think of taking us out when we have Darth and Enrique on our side? The terrorists should be afraid. Very afraid. Never get between a demonstrator and her new catalog!

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