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TennisGal 07-22-2004 05:56 AM

Colorbox chalk ink colors
I just got off the phone with DS...I wanted to know the exact color names in the sets... since I have a ton of these already..... before I spill the beans on this here... is it okay to post the colors we have? Don't want to cause any problems... if its alright.. I'll list them all...

Deb (TennisGal)

cincystamper 07-22-2004 06:14 AM

I don't see why it wouldn't be okay - they're listed on the SU website, so why not here? :)

Jami 07-22-2004 07:09 AM

Please share!

TennisGal 07-22-2004 07:24 AM

Chalk Colors
Okay... here goes:

In the Subtles/Brights:

Ice Blue, Yellow Cadmium, Pink Pastel, rose Coral
Lipstick Red, Yellow Citrus, Lime Pastel, Lavendar

In the Earth/Regals

Burnt Sienna, Olive Pastel, Yellow Ochre,Dark Brown
Warm Red, Azurite, Warm Violet, Blue Iris

IMHO these are great selections!

Happy Stamping!

veggiegirl 07-22-2004 07:41 AM

Thanks so much for posting this! Now, I have a dumb question...how do you use these inks? They look so tiny! Do you just pick them up by the tab on the side and ink up the stamp "by hand" (versus pressing the stamp directly into the ink pad) I though I had read that with the cat's eyes, which seem similar in size, there was a special tool you used to hold onto the ink. I don't remember seeing any additional supplies with these in the catty. Heaven help me - I'm still a newbie! :roll:

TennisGal 07-22-2004 07:57 AM

Yup... you just use them "by hand" they have a little grip handle on the back side to hold onto. YOu can ink a stamp with several different colors quite easily.. they blend beautifully..and you can use the ink pads direct to paper... just be gentle... the chalks in the petal point configuration have a foam pad.. no topper on it.. so don't drag it across the paper too harshly... .. there's plenty of ink on these.. but keep them covered to prevent drying. I like them because the color stamps with a nice rich color... but the finish when dry looks like its done in chalk ... for tons more info... check out the clearsnap.com website (that's who makes colorbox)... but its a huge site... so if you have dialup... it will take you forever...



veggiegirl 07-22-2004 08:17 AM

Yes, thank you Deb! Great info.! :lol:

Jenmouer 07-22-2004 09:30 AM

Are they really juicy???

I had one of the Colorbox pigment strips and found they were a pain in the butt when it came to trying to 'pop' them out and no matter how lightly I dabbed my stamp it seemed to be just to much ink on the stamp...I ended up throwing out the strip

Also does anyone know if the Rollergrafix rollers (also made by clearsnap) are compatible with SU rollers - they look to be about the same size.

Inkalicious 07-22-2004 10:08 AM

Thanks Deb for finding and posting the info!! I took the liberty of copying and pasting the info and posting on SDiscuss (with thanks to you!!)
I get mine tomorrow, and I cant wait to play!! I havent used the chalk inks before, since I try to use SU! stuff only, so now I am so excited we have them!!

MSBetsyZ 07-22-2004 10:15 AM

Hi, yes all of the wheels made by Clearsnap are interchangeable with SU's. It's just the images that are different -- SU's obviously are exclusive to SU.

I've used both the long, narrow option pads as well as the round petal points from Clearsnap, and I much prefer the petal points. For some reason, I make much less of a mess of myself and the stamp. The points are just easier to hold I think.

Being gentle with them doing direct to paper is a good idea although they have redesigned these in the last few years to take more "abuse" since people started using them this way. If you do manage to pull the foam away from the plastic rubber cement works wonders. :) Keeping them well-inked will help prevent the necessity of pushing/dragging them too hard.


PH in VA 07-23-2004 06:19 AM

Thank you, Deb! I've written the color names down on a sticky note so I can keep it on the catalog page that shows these ink pads.

And I already own "only" 3 of the colors - two in full size pads and one in a cat's eye. So if I wanted to get the ones from SU I won't have much duplication. Hooray!

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