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CardFanatic 07-29-2006 12:46 PM

I've been a customer in 2 clubs. One had a $25.00 min. with 6 people. One had a $15.00 min. with 10 people. Some people stayed at the minimum, most did not. I always reached at least $500.00 when it was my month to hostess. Having a low minimum gives you a fall back month when things are tight. One club didn't meet in Dec because of that. One club offered a discount to her customers that month to increase sales for the hostess.

sassyat30 07-29-2006 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by Jocelyn1224
AMEN! We've been a one-income household for a few months now, and there are people in our lives who seem obsessed with mentioning in every conversation, how much they pay for this, that, or the other. Really, I'm glad you're doing all this big stuff and going on vacations, and I love and fully accept that we've signed up to live a more modest lifestyle (BELIEVE me, I'd rather have time with my baby than stamps or other unnecessary stuff), but enough is enough. It gets to a point of flaunting and showing off and it disgusts me. I'm alienated from conversations, because all I can add is, "I just spent $35 on diapers...but have fun in Maui." I keep quiet, but it's hard not to get up and leave after the thirtieth, "we just got ___ and we paid ___" :rolleyes: Get over it...if you want me to know how much money you have, bust out your bankbook and let's move on!

Sorry...rant over :)

LOL...I totally know what you mean! :)

Jocelyn1224 07-29-2006 01:17 PM


Originally Posted by sassyat30
LOL...I totally know what you mean! :)

Glad I'm not alone (but sorry that you can relate, if you know what i mean;) ) Would you believe we had friends who got angry with us when we wouldn't tell them how much we paid for our house? Where I come from, you just don't discuss that kind of stuff. My MIL suggested that every time someone asks us what we paid, we say to them, "now why would you ask a question like that?"

lynnewithane 07-29-2006 02:09 PM


Originally Posted by Shelley Davis
Do you realize that .....that is a huge amount of money! That is $5,100 a year? Sorry I think that is way to much of a committment! I don't care who you are. We have a $25 committment, and most of us spend more than that. Even if you have a job I couldn't find $50 a month times 12 worth of things I have to have in the catalog. I think that just because you can afford this doesn't mean that every one can. Why don't you open the group so that the hostess can invite up to 4 friends to her show. Then those who want a big hostess benefit can achieve that if that is the whole purpose of your group. I am with Sassybee on her thoughts. If it is a club.....every member and their needs should be considered!
You have been torched!

I'm not sure where you are getting the $5100.00 a year figure. If you spend $40 a month, that's $480. If you spend $50 a month, that's $600. That's a lot of money if you don't have it, but thank goodness it's not $5100.
I haven't finished reading the second page of posts, but I would agree that the lady probably needs to find one of the groups I keep reading about that spends $10 a month. If she enjoys the company of the $40 girls, maybe she should just pay $5 to come stamp, and not order anything.

On another note:

I have been on both sides of the fence myself. I worked for years before I had children. Out of necessity, I continued to work after the first was born. I still could have been raising a future president, but a daycare MOm helped me do that. When the second was born, I took a two year leave of absence. I gave up a lot. Most of the gifts for our families were handmade (counted cross stitch towels, etc.). I made pizza every Friday, instead of ordering it. I accepted hand me downs from family and neighbors. I wasn't stamping back then, but I certainly couldn't have afforded it.
I went back to work and daycare so that I could join my husband teaching other people's kids (we both teach math) and so that I could afford a few pleasures in life. Now that my first is in college, I have given up buying clothes, shoes, etc. for myself. I can afford stamps because I have given up other things, but I would never criticize anyone for spending more than I can afford. It is my choice to try to pay tuition so that he doesn't start life out thousands of dollars in debt. Everyone has to choose their own priorities, and those priorities may change as we go through life. There have been times when my sister calls and asks me to go to a show. If it isn't in the budget, I just tell her it's too expensive for me right now. She understands, and asks someone else. I don't make nasty comments to her just because her daughter is off on her own, and she can afford the show. (I am a little jealous that her mortgage payment is around $200, while ours is $900.)

I've definitely written too much. Sorry.

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