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Aimee30 05-19-2007 12:58 PM

This was favorited several times... I didn't like it though and it still amazes me how much everyone else did.
polka dot thank you

Now this is my favorite that I did as my swap for regionals... it had a lot of people who favorited it.
cool bday

Aimee30 05-19-2007 01:00 PM

and my favorite Christmas card that alot of people seemes to like this past christmas was this one...

robbrd 05-19-2007 01:29 PM

Some more great cards. Thanks for sharing them.

lynnewithane 05-19-2007 01:42 PM

I just came across this for the first time. What a neat idea for a thread! I can't wait to check out all the cards people have posted.

Jace 05-19-2007 03:40 PM

What a fun thread! I just added a number of new cards to my favorites!

I think this card of mine is the most favorited:

and here's my current favorite in my gallery (my favorite changes a lot!):

9kids 05-19-2007 06:33 PM

I still haven't gotten up the courage to create a gallery for myself yet. These cards are soooo beautiful ~ thanks for sharing!

scrappersister 05-19-2007 07:03 PM

The card that I have chosen has not been favorited by anyone. But it is my favorite. :)


9kids 05-20-2007 02:42 AM


Originally Posted by scrappersister
The card that I have chosen has not been favorited by anyone. But it is my favorite. :)


It's been favourited now ~ I love it!

bluelemon 05-20-2007 03:08 AM

here is mine. it is favourited by 4 and I find that amazing! i didn't think anyone would favourite my card. Yippee!!!


bubbasprincess 05-20-2007 10:58 AM

Only 2 of my cards have been faved =( but this one has the most comments.

Debra 05-20-2007 11:17 AM

This was an interesting thing to do. I am glad I took the time to go through my gallery and look at how many were favorited. One that is most "favorited" is not one with the most comments.

these are 2 with the most favorites.




wannabcre8tive 05-20-2007 11:45 AM

Here is the card that I have that was favorited the most: http:////www.splitcoaststampers.com/...0&ppuser=78347

Here is the most favorite thing that I have made so far: http:////www.splitcoaststampers.com/...0&ppuser=78347

juls716 05-20-2007 12:16 PM

This is fun! I was so happy that they added this feature in the gallery! It's human nature to seek approval. I love seeing how many people favorited my stuff. It means a lot more than just leaving a comment! (Not that I don't love comments!)

It's also fun to search the gallery from your user name and see how many people CASEd your stuff and cited you as their inspiration!

Here's the one in my gallery that's been viewed and favorited the most:

3x3 Note Tote (Inspired by Chi Chi Allen):
Favorited: 121

And runner-up is this 3x12 I designed. I'm so proud of the way it turned out!

3x12 card outside
Favorited: 75

3x12 card inside
Favorited: 87

Perhaps my own personal favorite is this frame I made. I couldn't bear to send it in for a contest, so I gave it to my sister for her 1st wedding anniversary!


stampT 05-20-2007 12:45 PM

Seems people liked my Cranberry Caramel Birthday Wish. I'm humbled.

tackertwosome 05-20-2007 08:39 PM

Here's one of mine!
And another

stampwithdiane 05-20-2007 08:47 PM

Here's one from my gallery: http:////www.splitcoaststampers.com/...0&ppuser=86528

Duckwaddlequack 05-20-2007 09:00 PM

What a fun thread! I'm gonna go back and look through them all in the morning!

This is my most 'favorited' card: Christmas Tree Wishes.

I think this is one of my most fav cards I've made: Floral Joy.

stamps&cars 05-20-2007 09:38 PM

I just ran across this thread...how fun! I've barely made it through the first page and found myself favoriting a lot of those I hadn't seen before!

Here is mine with the most........95 times....not as much as the big name people like Jeanne S with 400 on one but nice!


TigerLily2713 05-20-2007 09:59 PM

This is my new favorite and it has been favorited!

This one has been favorite and recieved a lot of comments.

GarnetJ 05-20-2007 11:18 PM

I had to look for awhile to find any that had been favorited. When I did, I was sort of surprised. Neither of these were ones that I would have expected...


Spring Blue

TigerLily2713 05-21-2007 12:35 PM

This is the first card that I posted that got deleted accidently.

sunnysnowflake 05-21-2007 03:45 PM

I don't have many favorited but this is one of my favorites. I love this card.
I am having a blast adding these to my favorites! How much fun!


chickers089 05-21-2007 08:28 PM

Well this is my officially most fav'd card. It has gone up a bit this week. TFL!

Sencie 05-21-2007 10:29 PM

Ok, it was interesting to go through my gallery and see which cards were most favorited. Some of them surprised me. :)

Here they are:



FubsyRuth 05-22-2007 02:13 AM

I just checked my gallery and this is the card of mine that has been favourited the most.

Flower Hello

I was very pleased with how this card turned out as I often struggle with one layer cards!

My next most faved was a surprise

Retro Squares Birthday

stampinsweeney 05-22-2007 06:21 AM

This is a great thread!

stampinsweeney 05-22-2007 06:23 AM

Ok...I wasn't done typing...lol! Again, great thread! I love being able to get out some of the favs.

Here is a current one of mine that was favorited the most.

queen bee 05-23-2007 07:24 AM

I love this thread! I really liked doing this card, 'puter letters are so easy, lots of options.


Suzy_H 05-23-2007 09:50 AM

This one of mine got a lot of comments (for me). I really love that card despite its flaws so I am glad it got some love.

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