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CardFanatic 01-26-2006 08:06 PM

LSC48 - Which one?
The inspiration for this challenge came from cmcmathey.


I saw her cards and immediately thought of how wonderful this is for new stampers with a limited supplies of stamps. Remember how long it took to collect enough to actually feel like you could make something? Let's help our new stamping friends. Here's what you'll need... along with the directions ;)

STAMPS: one image set, 1-2 BGs, sentiment set optional

CARDSTOCK AND INK: one neutral and 2-3 colors


DIRECTIONS: Make 2-4 cards using the SAME main image and color scheme. Things that can change to make each card unique are backgrounds, layouts, and accessories. The main idea is to get many different looks using one main image. It can also show the importance of backgrounds and layouts on cards... how it can really make a card great and/or how it can really change the look of an image for a totally new card.

UPLOADING: Scan or take a picture of all the cards together and call it "Which one?" In the comments section, you may want to ask viewers to tell you which one is their fave. *Don't forget to put LSC48 in the keyword box!* Have fun stamping! Can't wait to get home from work to see your wonderful creations!

CardFanatic 01-26-2006 08:09 PM

Here's my first try at this challenge.
(Still pending at midnight EST)


lacyquilter 01-26-2006 08:17 PM

Jen, you're gonna really make us work for this one, aren't you? Not just one card, but several. Sounds like fun. I'll try tomorrow.

basement stamper 01-26-2006 08:22 PM

What a great idea, Jenn! I'm not usually lerking on here this late...but I see I can think about something when I go sleep tonight! I was waiting & waiting for my uploads to approve & that was about three hrs. ago now!!

I'll be back tomorrow...maybe they'll have it fixed?:)

CardFanatic 01-26-2006 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by basement stamper
What a great idea, Jenn! I'm not usually lerking on here this late...but I see I can think about something when I go sleep tonight! I was waiting & waiting for my uploads to approve & that was about three hrs. ago now!!

I'll be back tomorrow...maybe they'll have it fixed?:)

I've been waiting for 4 hours for approval... I guess I need a lesson in patience :)

Disneywed 01-26-2006 09:12 PM

Thanks for putting this up early, Jen....off to try!!

WaterPixie 01-27-2006 02:12 AM

Ooooo!! I'm going to have to dream up something good! This will definitely be a challenge for me!

Lisa Loiselle 01-27-2006 02:37 AM

Wow, what a great challenge! I'll play later.

newstamperamy 01-27-2006 02:47 AM

I love this challenge idea! It always takes me so long to get my stuff out and I make such a mess in the process, I am not sure why I never thought to do more than 1 card at a time (except for those rare moments when I make a set for someone.) And this challenge will also encourage me to use a few sheets of cardstock completely, instead of having random scraps hanging around. I hope I get to this today!

trudee 01-27-2006 02:48 AM

YAY! I can make 4 RAKs!! :mrgreen:

This is great Jen! thanks!!

stampkat 01-27-2006 02:50 AM

Great challenge--good thing I didn't look before bed, I never would have slept. Instead I would have had visions of perfect plum dancing in my head! LOL

SwissMrs 01-27-2006 03:17 AM

Oh I like this one! Hope to find the time.

Got a couple done. Thank's Jenn this was fun!

LSC48 Card's

luvs2stamp2 01-27-2006 03:26 AM

No school today, teacher workshop day. I'll try to get to this later today.

kristransue 01-27-2006 04:15 AM

great inspiration, I have the cool cat set that I have been meaning to make cards for my SIL with, I will definitely do this one . . .when the kids are napping!

MyPrecious 01-27-2006 04:18 AM

I think I will use Natural Beauty. I have not pulled that one out in a while. I love that you can utilize that for so many cards.....

There is a half day of school today....so I may not be able to do as many as I hope....

Thanks Jenn!

peggysue 01-27-2006 04:28 AM

Fun challenge and I need to make some RAKs. DD is home sick, but maybe if I put out her crayons next to my stampin stuff . . .

studbo 01-27-2006 04:45 AM

Great idea for this challenge Jen!! My DS is home sick too (something's definitely going around) so he'll watch movies while I stamp - not a bad deal I'd say!!!



the_mad_stamper 01-27-2006 04:46 AM

What a great challenge. I have alot to think about, I wish I was a "Just Do it" kind of person....lol. Off to play.


tashers 01-27-2006 06:23 AM

Sounds fun! I'll try to work this into my day somehow!

jsbrooketrout 01-27-2006 06:52 AM

Here's mine! I already had the flowers stamped from a project I had started so I thought they would be perfect for this challenge!! Can't wait to see everyone's cards!! Two cards (at least) for every post!! I love it!!


mom2grace 01-27-2006 06:57 AM

Ohh, I like this one! I always encourage my stampers, "if you sit down to make one card, make at least 4". It only takes a few minutes longer, you don't feel the "loss" when you give that card away since you have extras, and many stampers don't have a room/area set up all the time. This encourages them to get the stuff out and use their time better! Anyhooo...off to think up an idea. BTW, my DD has been home sick all week (gross wet cough) so something is definetly going around.

cork1035 01-27-2006 08:18 AM

Whew! Had a lot of fun doing a set of 4 with one set! Coming up with layout ideas is always the most challenging.
Here is my first Limited Suppy Challenge submission.
see it here

stampin-sunnychick 01-27-2006 08:37 AM

I am off to work on mine during nap time! This should be fun...I will come back and post soon. Thanks Jen!

Here's Mine...

Unfortunately, they would not fit on the same scan...So please check both uploads out...Thanks!

STILL PENDING...6:50 pm CST...

slprunning 01-27-2006 08:49 AM

This is a great challenge! I will get to it during nap for the kids...ds sick too...this warm weather we are having is terrible for viruses!

Wendy G 01-27-2006 09:12 AM

This is great Jen! I have been meaning to make some sets for a while. This is definately going to make me do it. I'll start working on them asap.

tayloredexpressions 01-27-2006 09:13 AM

This is gonna sooo much fun! Thanks for the challenge, I'll try it later tonight!

Babsnelson 01-27-2006 09:59 AM

I love this idea for a challenge. I'm not sure if I'll have time to play today, but there's always tomorrow. Great idea Jen!

Babsnelson 01-27-2006 10:43 AM

OK - so I managed to make 2 cards....but I'm not ready for work and I can't upload - YIKES!! I'll try to upload them from work later. Fun challenge!!

cmcmathey 01-27-2006 11:39 AM

Can I just say that when I got jen70's e-mail that I inspired this week's challenge I just about peed my pants!!! I've only been stamping less than a year but I have so much fun!! I only wish I had more time to stamp - Isn't that just about everyone's complaint?!!

slprunning 01-27-2006 11:59 AM

Here's mine. This was fun! Image may still be pending 3:01 cst.

sleepyinseattle 01-27-2006 12:16 PM

Can't wait to try this one, just got 2 new mini and Sellabration sets today and will have to decide which to use.

altds34 01-27-2006 12:37 PM

Here is mine...thanks for the challenge, it was fun! I needed to make some valentine cards! :)
Pending at 3:30 CT.

MyPrecious 01-27-2006 12:41 PM

Here is mine:

pending at 4:30.

I THOUGHT you meant 2-3 bg per card....POOP!
Oh well, the main images and the colors are right!

I will try another one over the weekend!

showmestamper 01-27-2006 12:57 PM

AWESOME challenge, Jen! I hope to play along with this one...butcan't til Monday! :)

Rox71 01-27-2006 12:57 PM

Thanks Jen, what a fun challenge! I have Cool Cat borrowed from my SIL so I put it to use for this challenge. It's a fun kitty!

Here's my cards

Rachelhope13 01-27-2006 01:14 PM

Still pending:


Babsnelson 01-27-2006 01:34 PM

Ok here are my cards. I would have liked to make more, but I had to go to work. (Pending as of 4:30pm CT)


mom2grace 01-27-2006 01:34 PM

Here is a set of 4. Now that I have done some of these challenges I need to start sending some of these out into the world!


newstamperamy 01-27-2006 01:37 PM

Here are 3 that I did. I tried to play with card size, but my examples are pretty lame - sorry!

canadiandiva27 01-27-2006 02:13 PM

What a fun challenge, thank you!

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