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Wendybell 10-23-2008 07:18 PM

LSC191 - "Leaf" It To Me, Baby!
LSC191 – “Leaf” It To Me, Baby!!

I just love the fall. It is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the colors most of all. I’ve been thinking about this challenge for the past few weeks, and realized that my challenge also fell during the week when SCS was doing a tribute to breast cancer awareness.

With that in mind, here is my challenge:

Part I - Create a card with some sort of leaf image. You can stamp one, punch one, emboss one . . . no limitations here, except that the leaf/leaves need to be the focal point! Also, if you do not own a leaf stamp, punch or embossing tool of some sort, go out in your backyard, pick a leaf up off the ground, bring it inside and ink it up!! You can use leaves as stamps and they turn out BEAUTIFULLY!! So, you have no excuse if you don’t own an actual stamp or punch.

Part II – Most of the challenges this week have had an encouraging note about adding pink to your creation in honor of breast cancer awareness if you choose to do so. For this “leafy” challenge, you MUST include pink in your card somewhere . . . cardstock, ink, ribbon . . .

So basically we are down to a leafy card with some pink in it!! Have fun!!

Amelia (Wendybell’sGirl) was my card sample slave again. She made the “Colors of Fall” card. So, if my 14-year-old daughter can do it, so can you!!!

Here are some samples:

Fall Bounty

Simple Leaf

Colors of Fall

Keyword: LSC191

LSC191 Gallery

If you would like to join in with this month's Cards for a Cause - you can donate your pink card to the Chemo Angels to continue the Cancer Support theme! Find all the info HERE!

Uploading: Remember the keyword is without spaces. Use a comma between keywords with a space after each comma.

If you are new to the challenges, please feel free to do this one or ANY of the challenges at any time. There is no time limit. They are not races to see who can do one first, nor are they contests of any sort. All the challenges are simply to provide inspiration and to get us stamping!

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1. Open 2 windows: One window for your card and one for this thread.
2. In this thread, click on reply and type anything you want to show before the link.
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You’re done!

chrisations.ink 10-23-2008 07:21 PM

Great one, Wendy. I like that you post several samples! Not sure about the pink in the leaf, but I'll give it a go!

dawnmercedes 10-23-2008 07:23 PM

wendy!! this is what I was going to do next week...haha...great minds I guess! haha

CCamTP 10-23-2008 07:31 PM

Sounds like fun. Can't wait to play.

StampingQueenJAR 10-23-2008 07:32 PM

What a great challenge, Wendy!!

rhondag 10-23-2008 07:43 PM

Nice one Wendy!!

Ladylee 10-23-2008 08:17 PM

I don't know if this is fair, but since I didn't know that the challenge was going to be leaves, and I just got these made and uploaded them this afternoon, with regret that there was no challenge for them, I'm going to consider them my leaf contributions!

Woops! never mind! I just realized the pink part of it, so I'll withdraw them. I have more stamping to do!

lazylizard 10-23-2008 08:30 PM

Sorry this photo is fuzzy. I reshot this picture about ten times and none of them looked good. So here it is fuzzy and all:

sandrasmart64 10-23-2008 08:54 PM

Not thrilled with this one, but I will try another one in the morning!


cullenwr 10-23-2008 09:04 PM

Here's my late night (oops...make that early morning) version of LEAFIN' IT UP TO YOU.

CCamTP 10-23-2008 09:27 PM

Here's mine. I always have fun doing spinner cards.


mkstampin74 10-23-2008 10:13 PM

awesome challenge, wendy...this was so much fun!

here's mine:
Happy Thanksgiving

tfl...i'm off to check out and comment on the gallery!:D

Ladylee 10-23-2008 10:39 PM

OK, it's pink this time! Too much so!

Cook22 10-23-2008 10:53 PM

Now why didn't I get up two hours ago when DH did and maybe I could have got this challenge done before work. It sounds cool, I love leaves. Have to go to a wedding this afternoon but hopefully I'll be back tonight. I have my idea already :D.

jazzytobi 10-23-2008 11:11 PM

Here's my card

Leaves On Stems

1busymomof2 10-23-2008 11:13 PM

here is mine
I went easy on the layers to make it post office friendly

Kelly H 10-23-2008 11:28 PM

Oooh, what a great challenge, Wendy! Thanks SO MUCH for posting early!


eured99 10-24-2008 12:33 AM

Thanks Wendy. I'll have to play after work today, but I'll give it my best effort!

DawnL 10-24-2008 02:16 AM

thanks Wendy!!

craftycaro 10-24-2008 02:37 AM

Thanks Wendy, this was fun! Here's mine & TFL!:


markie's mom 10-24-2008 02:54 AM

Hi everyone! Well....I'm really excited, I'm off to the Stampin' Retreat! I'll be spending the weekend with 24 SCSers! YAHOO!!!! Some, I've never met, and I'm just TICKLED to be able to stamp with such great ladies!

You all have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Here's today's submission

NANCYRUTH 10-24-2008 03:50 AM

ooops this really is not as ugly IRL as it looks in the photo, be kind! http:////www.splitcoaststampers.com/...0&ppuser=42694

jdmommy 10-24-2008 03:57 AM

here is mine

Thanks Wendy...this was a wonderful choice for the challenge!!

princessdi69 10-24-2008 04:14 AM

Here's mine:


n5stamper 10-24-2008 04:25 AM


AmylovesNormaJean 10-24-2008 05:19 AM

The color pink with leaves? Hmm, not sure I can do this one, but I'll think about it. Definately a challenge! LOL!

chrisd99 10-24-2008 05:31 AM

Thanks for the great challenge, I loved getting the leaves out to stamp. My card is here. TFL.

glitterbabe 10-24-2008 05:36 AM

Great challenge, Wendy. I NEVER use my leaf stamps and I didn't realize how many I had!

Here's my card.... Falling On Pink

Thanks for looking!

Stef H

princessp1971 10-24-2008 06:01 AM

Nice challenge thanks Wendy! Here is mine: http:////www.splitcoaststampers.com/...&ppuser=152821

Clownmom 10-24-2008 06:06 AM

I just got several dies for leaves and decided to use the small maple leaf for today's challenge card. Here it is --

LEAF It To Me!

Tenia Sanders-Nelson 10-24-2008 06:10 AM

What a fun challenge!!! I am also gonna donate this card to the Chemo Angels. Here is my card:

chrisations.ink 10-24-2008 06:24 AM

Here's my


artystamper 10-24-2008 06:25 AM

Fun challenge Wendy! hope to be able to get to this late tonight!

sandrasmart64 10-24-2008 06:26 AM

Here's another one...this was a fun challenge!


Mothermark 10-24-2008 06:29 AM

Here is mine!

Cute Little Pink Cinderella Leaf Card Gone Bad!

Thanks Wendy!

Biggan 10-24-2008 06:29 AM

I also loves leaves and the fall!! Thanks! Here´s mine! TFL!



momoffive 10-24-2008 06:33 AM

Thanks Wendy for the challenge, pink is hard for me!http:////www.splitcoaststampers.com/...&ppuser=140222

Emma F 10-24-2008 06:44 AM

Great Fall challenge Wendy! Thanks to Amelia for supplying a great inspiration card too. Here's my

Happy Everything

Chicks with Tape 10-24-2008 06:47 AM

What a fun challenge!! I am off to play!! I will be back later to post my card

Kathy LeDonne 10-24-2008 07:03 AM

Here's my card for this week's challenges!


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