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susanbri 10-26-2019 07:56 PM

Clean and Simple (CAS) Favorites for the week ending Saturday, October 26, 2019
Hello All,

I'm here to start us off by listing my CAS Favorites for the past week. Here's what caught my eye:

When Witches Go Riding! by Cindy H. - at Splitcoaststampers

FS663 Branch by mfb - at Splitcoaststampers

Pastor Appreciation by Luv Flowers - at Splitcoaststampers

F4A505 ~ White Christmas by sistersandie - at Splitcoaststampers

Birthday Roses by beesmom - at Splitcoaststampers

Feels Like Frost by cullenwr - at Splitcoaststampers

CC762 Autumn Leaves by hobbydujour - at Splitcoaststampers

CC762 Sending Hugs by dahlia19 - at Splitcoaststampers

Magical Leaves Time of Year by kiagc - at Splitcoaststampers

I'm looking forward to seeing what others have chosen!!

susanbri 10-26-2019 07:57 PM

This thread is open to everyone and is a great way to recognize the work of SCS's many talented CAS artists.

There are really only two "rules" here on the thread:

The Gallery posts you link to should be in the CAS style...


And what does it mean to be Clean and Simple?
It's all about the design.
* Uncluttered
* lots of white or open space
* one main focal point


...and they should be from the past week.

If you have favorites to share that don't fit as Clean and Simple, we encourage you to share those favorites in the Regular Favorites Thread.

Did you find your way to this thread because someone listed one of YOUR creations as a favorite? In addition to saying thank you, we encourage you to pay that smile you're probably wearing right now forward by sharing a few of the cards/projects YOU favorite-ed this week.

If this is your first time being mentioned in this thread or you have a new blog we have blog badges found here in this

Need help linking your Favorites? Follow these steps:

1. Load this week's Favorites thread in your first browser tab. Scroll down and click the Go Advanced button.

2. Open a second tab (or a separate window). Go to the Gallery and click on "My Favorites."

3. Click on a card you have saved. At the top, highlight the web address. Hit Ctrl+C to copy.

4. Switch back to the first tab. Type the cardmaker's SCS name, add a couple of spaces and hit Ctrl+V to paste your link there. Hit Enter twice to add a blank line.

5. Repeat as many times as needed for all your links.

6. Click the Preview Post button and check that your links work. Then click the Submit Reply button.

susanbri 10-26-2019 08:01 PM

Oops, I missed two:

CAS Gender Neutral Baby Congrats by Whimsey - at Splitcoaststampers

Christmas Cardinal~ by stampin'nana - at Splitcoaststampers

Shoe Girl 10-27-2019 04:27 AM

Thank you Susan for starting the CAS favorites. Thank you Karen for sending the happy mail to the amazing CAS designers on this thread.

Here are my CAS favorites this week:

Magical Leaves Time of Year by kiagc - at Splitcoaststampers

FS The Lights RobinC by Stamperrobin - at Splitcoaststampers

CAS556 Bernard to the Rescue by Jennifrann - at Splitcoaststampers

CAS556 You Are Not Alone by StampingQueenJAR - at Splitcoaststampers

CAS556 TLC765 Gilded Evening by hobbydujour - at Splitcoaststampers

MMTPT587 Bloom by card crazy - at Splitcoaststampers

MMTPT587, Poppies in White by Benzi - at Splitcoaststampers

IC Joy RobinC by Stamperrobin - at Splitcoaststampers

We would love to see your CAS favorites. What did we miss this week? Show us here.

Whimsey 10-27-2019 05:08 AM

Thank you Susan, what a sweet surprise. ❤️

stampin'nana 10-27-2019 08:17 AM

Thank you for the shout out of my cardinal card, Susan! You made me smile. Blessings and Hugs to you and to Karen for delivering the Happy Mail~

hobbydujour 10-27-2019 09:39 AM

Thanks so much, Susan and Lisa, for mentioning my cards on your lists. I truly appreciate it. Thank you, Karen, for letting me know. Hugs, Sallie

Miss Boo 10-27-2019 10:16 AM

My cas faves for the week...

IC725_CCC19Dec10 by Jay_Bee - at Splitcoaststampers

Leaves & Pumpkins, Oh My~ by stampin'nana - at Splitcoaststampers

IC725 Joy Tag by janemom - at Splitcoaststampers

IC725 Chapel in the snow by jandjccc - at Splitcoaststampers

F4A505 Sunflowers by Carolinakathy - at Splitcoaststampers

MIX352 Thanks by card crazy - at Splitcoaststampers

F4A505 Crimped by card crazy - at Splitcoaststampers

With Gratitude by creatingincolors - at Splitcoaststampers

You Light Me Up by Bar - at Splitcoaststampers

I've Been Moose-ing You by Bar - at Splitcoaststampers

masculine birthday 3 by lacyquilter - at Splitcoaststampers

*WT763 TIME by hobbydujour - at Splitcoaststampers

So Many Stars Blue & Silver Christmas by Christyg5az - at Splitcoaststampers

SC772 ~ Reflection by MiamiKel4 - at Splitcoaststampers

TLC765 ~ Sunshine by MiamiKel4 - at Splitcoaststampers

Christmas wreath by Conniecrafter - at Splitcoaststampers

cute thank you cards by rokale - at Splitcoaststampers

Autumn Die Cuts by limedoodle - at Splitcoaststampers

SC772 ~ Winter Warmth by sistersandie - at Splitcoaststampers

CAS Christmas Tree Card by kittie747 - at Splitcoaststampers

CAS Thanksgiving Wreath by amyk3868 - at Splitcoaststampers

SC772 Happy Holidays by hobbydujour - at Splitcoaststampers

Birthday Blooms by laurasbuffy - at Splitcoaststampers

CC762 MMTPT587 Autumn Flowers by Carolinakathy - at Splitcoaststampers

CC762 Grateful by card crazy - at Splitcoaststampers

MMTPT587 Bloom by card crazy - at Splitcoaststampers

TLC765 Silent Night by jandjccc - at Splitcoaststampers

CAS556 Healing by beesmom - at Splitcoaststampers

FS663 ~ Nova Scotia Light by Redbugdriver - at Splitcoaststampers


Jay_Bee 10-27-2019 10:33 AM

Just a few

CAS556 TLC765 Get Well by Carolinakathy - at Splitcoaststampers

Solitude by MDO Susan - at Splitcoaststampers

CAS556 ABC12G7 ~ Prayers! by MiamiKel4 - at Splitcoaststampers

Fabulous Rainbow by Michelle Lupton - at Splitcoaststampers

Cindy H. 10-27-2019 11:04 AM

Thank you so much Susan for mentioning my card "When Witches Go Riding"! It was such a delightful surprise to see it mentioned. Thank you to Karen for all the work she does notifying us!

Benzi 10-27-2019 11:51 AM

Lost all my faves in Word Pad....won't list any this week. Be back next week.

I do want to thank Lisa (Shoe Girl) for listing my Poppies in White card this week. It is so appreciated.

Thank you to Karen (k dunbrook) for the wonderful news. You are so appreciated, also.

stampin'nana 10-27-2019 01:18 PM

Thank you, Jen, for choosing my leaves and pumpkins card as a favorite! You make me smile. Hugs & Blessings to you and to Karen for delivering the Happy Mail~

hobbydujour 10-27-2019 01:29 PM

Thanks SO much, Jen, for mentioning two of my cards. You know that I appreciate it. Thanks again, Karen, for letting me know. Hugs, Sallie

card crazy 10-27-2019 01:37 PM

OMG...thank you Jen for adding four of my cards to your favorites. I appreciate it so much.
Thank you, Karen for the notifications.

card crazy 10-27-2019 01:38 PM

Thank you, Lisa for adding my card to your list of favorites and giving mention here.

Thanks, Karen for taking the time to do all the notifications.

lacyquilter 10-27-2019 02:27 PM

Thanks so much, Jen, for choosing my deer card as a favorite.

Jay_Bee 10-27-2019 03:34 PM

Jen - thanks for adding my snowman card to your list and Karen thank you for the notification

Stamperrobin 10-27-2019 05:56 PM

Thank you Karen for the notices. Thank you Lisa for listing TWO of my cards!! You are a sweetie my friend!!

Conniecrafter 10-27-2019 07:03 PM

thank you miss boo for the mention of my wreath card and Karen for letting me know

shirlb19 10-27-2019 08:05 PM

My faves this week for CAS:

SPDMIU60 Thanks by mfb - at Splitcoaststampers

CC761_CCC19Oct11 by Jay_Bee - at Splitcoaststampers


creatingincolors 10-28-2019 05:47 AM

Thank you, Miss Boo, for recognizing my “With Gratitude” Card as a CAS favorite! I’m honored!

Jay_Bee 10-28-2019 05:55 AM

Thank you Shirl for mentioning my Snowflake card and thank you Karen too

dahlia19 10-28-2019 04:21 PM

Susan, big thanks for choosing my card as one of your favorites this week!! I appreciate it so much!

rokale 10-29-2019 10:23 AM

Thank you so much Miss Boo for the shout out on my thank you cards! It's so nice when someone likes your work :). Thanks also to k dunbrook for the notification. you all work so hard and we appreciate it. Hope you both have a lovely week!

mfb 10-29-2019 11:52 AM

Thank you's going out to Susan and Shirl for mentioning my cards this week!! Thanks so much!! Thank you Karen for letting me know!!

Carolinakathy 10-29-2019 11:52 AM

Thank you a Jennifer, for favoring my Sunflowers Card! And thanks to Karen for notifying me! Hugs to both of you ! I really appreciate it!

fionna51 10-30-2019 03:36 PM

I must apologize to all for posting later this week. I've been making costumes for school history/literature classes. My grandkids attend a classical charter school that integrates many subject areas like that. But am done...as of 45 minutes ago!

Here's my few favorites from this past week...

Nova Scotia Light by redbugdriver

Fall CASE by mfb

Peaceful trees by suen

mfb 10-31-2019 03:22 AM

Thank you Diane for highlighting my card this week!! Thanks again Karen!!

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