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kellyslattery 05-13-2005 09:06 AM

Does anyone watch "Starting Over"?
I can't be the only one. I have been watching SO since the begining of the first season and have never met anyone who watches it. Someone has to watch it. It has been picked up for a third season. Anyone willing to admit they watch it?

stampinvb 05-13-2005 09:15 AM

Yes I will admit I watch it. I don't know what season I am watching right now. It has Maureen (from the first season) in the house again because her condo caught on fire and she is still has issues with her children's deaths.

propecia 05-13-2005 09:16 AM

I watch it sometimes. My mother watches it EVERY day. She never misses!!

Sagga02 05-13-2005 09:18 AM

i watch it too
Yes, i watch it too. I only started watching the season when Josie, Kim, etc where in it. And moved 2 weeks ago, so lost my cable, and can no longer watch it. However the new season is on my local channels, so i catch that whenever i can. I did enjoy the older one better.

So i am a SO fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stampinboilermaker 05-13-2005 09:19 AM

yes, I have watched it from the beginning, and I think it's pretty interesting! Looks like next week will be a good one!

Stampinvb---if you are watching it weekdays on TLC, that is the beginning of season 3...

Shanon 05-13-2005 09:19 AM

I have watched it a couple of times. But my sister is completly addicted!!

jenstamps2002 05-13-2005 09:32 AM

I used to watch the first season when I wasn't working - LOVED IT! The coach that is the main one - I can't think of her name is from MN. I have a friend that is going to school to be a "life coach", and has actually met her a couple of times. I liked it when it was based in Chicago.

I've given some thought to applying.... but I don't think I could do it.


kellyslattery 05-13-2005 09:41 AM

I am so glad I am not the only one who is addicted to this show.

Season 3 has started? I watch it on our local FOX station. We are in the middle of Season 2. I love that they are bringing back some of the past housemates to see how they are doing now and discusing how they over came whatever.

StampinShelly 05-13-2005 10:06 AM

I was totally addicted to season 1, but this season, i just check in once and awhile. i don't find it nearly as addicting as last year. I don't like Iyanla near as much as the other life coach last year. Her name escapes me at the moment...it started with an R too. Rhonda is like a bull in a china shop to me most of the time. She can be very overbearing and self righteous. I think they should give most of those women some stamping therapy!! Any demos near the Los Angeles SO house??

miss missy 05-13-2005 10:17 AM

It was on at 3:00 am here (local stations) so I would actually catch it occasionally but not often...I liked it though, I know it is on lifetime now but I am always at work when it is on...I wish it was on a more normal time, I have never known anyone else that knew what I was talking about if I mentioned it.

crabbymommyof2 05-13-2005 11:02 AM

I like Starting Over. I don't know anybody who watches it either. For some reason this season is not as interesting to me as past ones. But I still watch when I can. Anyone have a favorite housemate past or current?

twinkle 05-13-2005 11:25 AM

I watch it!! I am watching it on TLC, in fact it is on in almost 35 minutes!! Yes, I am addicted!!

Amy in Ohio 05-13-2005 11:45 AM

I was thinking of posting this very question yesterday! Glad I'm not the only one who watches it. LOL I've watched SO from the very beginning season...I'm totally hooked! It is the only television show that I watch during the day. It comes on in about 15 min. here, so I'm makin' my coffee and getting my couch all comfy! ;)

Next season is supposed to be a "couples house". Not sure how I feel about that yet.

ddavisborg 05-13-2005 04:23 PM

I am such a SO addict. I love the show. There are lots of things I have learned from the show in dealing with others in my life.

scarlett75 05-13-2005 04:25 PM

Vanessa Atler
I catch it every now and then. I'm kind of fascinated with the Vanessa Atler story line.

luv2stmp4evr 05-13-2005 07:13 PM

OOOOOHHHHHHHH! I loved seeing this thread. I got addicted to Starting Over while I was still in the hospital after having DS. I started watching it at the beginning of the first season. I love it!!!!

I can't tape shows during the day, because I don't have time to watch them at night. (Too many other reality shows to watch- HA!)

I'm a teacher and I loved watching last summer when they reshowed the 1st season. I loved seeing all of the cast members now and hearing about what was going on in their lives.

It's too funny that you posted it today, because we were off from school today and I was channel surfing and turned it to TLC. I was thinking I would get in on the end of a baby story. To my surprise, Starting Over was on. And what's this...it's not in Chicago anymore?

OOOHHHH, I can't wait for school to be out. Only 8 more days to go. My son naps during that time too.

My favorite cast member was Andy Paige. Loved her!!!

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