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Darth Debby 07-05-2004 04:07 PM

Darth on the meaning of life
Why are we here? No not here at SCS - here - on the planet? Ahh, that is the question isn't it. Well my friends, grab a cup of cocoa, settle back, give your husband and kids a wink, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Sure we all know the biological "why", your randy parents couldn't keep their hands off of each other in the early days. Yes, even your parents had sex. Disturbing? Yes. Fact? Yes. Do we need to keep talking about it? No.

The real question each of you need to ask yourself is "why am I here". No, not me, Darth, you the reader. Is it an accident? Maybe - ahhh but I challenge your thinking on that - there are no accidents my friend. Except for the time Enrique caught his hand in an 8 track player thinking it was bagel toaster.

What do you have to offer the world? Hmmm..... every single one of you is offering something of yourself everyday that you may not even realize but is being noted in the big book of the universe. Enrique for instance: His clear sharp eyes with his long curly eyelashes, with that come hither look,always seeking, probing, hunting for an ounce of love and understanding in a cold, hard world. Whenever my little lost Enrique gets that look, I quietly walk over to him and put my hand gently on his shoulder and say in a firm strong voice,
"Snap out of it Enrique, we've got work to do!"

The meaning of life? Do good - if you can't do good - do your darndest - if you can't do that make some soup. Preferably something with cabbage - trust me this has trick properties that will empty out alot of badness inside of you.

Why are you here? Everybody has to be someplace - coincidence? I think not.

I know you were all expecting something a little bit funnier but I was feeling a little philisophical tonight and I would appreciate some leeway. I am addressing the Library of Congress tomorrow and I have to practice being serious for six minutes ergo the above presentation. I will be discussing the dewy decimal system for those interested in attending.

Comments and opinions on "The Meaning of Life" welcome,

I leave you,

Darth Debby

alasku2stamp 07-05-2004 04:28 PM

Deep Darth. Very deep. I must go now and contemplate my existence.

LunarLana 07-05-2004 04:30 PM

I got a wee bit scared when you started talking about the birds and the bees!

Hmmmm. . . why am I here? You left me speechless! I must go ponder this one. I would truly like to know the answer. One question though, if I happen to stumble upon the correct answer, will I know that. Or will I just pass over it to another idea of why I am here?

Darth! I did a little spy training this weekend. I rode a 4 wheeler (or as my daughters like to call them-an ATV) for the first time. Now I can make fast getaways! Wooohoooo! I only ran over one skunk! Not to worry!


scdecker 07-05-2004 04:37 PM

If you run over any skunks, your getaway won't last very long. Too easy to track!

Darth Debby,
The Dewey Decimal system? I thought the Lof C had its own special filing method. OOOH - wait, I know, that's your cover story! Very clever. I breathlessly await the report on your true activities.


qcbetty 07-05-2004 05:05 PM

Standing by, awaiting further instructions......and sorry about the skunk...Lana, my condolences...

PrincessMi 07-05-2004 05:46 PM


WOW --- you are getting pretty deep here. I'm not even sure how to respond to that one. But, even being deep it was still funny. LOL You crack me up. I think you could just type "HI" and I would end up laughing. I'm anxious to see some of the replies though.

Lana --- Bummer about hitting the skunk. Hopefully, you were headed away from the spraying end when you hit it. Y U C K!!!

pinefeather 07-05-2004 06:35 PM

ah yes, we all must take time to set our stamps down and ponder the very existence of us..

and then wonder.. how does the world work and come to be that I sit here holding this inkpad.. what does this mean!!!

and then.. I eat more m&m's and return to spattering ink with my ink spattering stamp from itty bitty backgrounds.

and Lana, let me know when the next spy training atv course is.. and tell the skunks to watch out.. I am NOT a very good atv driver either.


tc82742 07-05-2004 06:39 PM

ive never hit an animal.. but parked cars? WATCH OUT! boy, did i do some damage there!

Darth Debby 07-05-2004 07:14 PM

meaning of life
Ahhh yes! That I have you all thinking is a very good thing. Ink spattering, skunks riding ATV's, dewey decimal systems - these are the things that make up the days of our lives. This my friends is the secret to our very existence.

As I don my nighttime garb, (just a pair of lumberjack socks) lay Holly and Pebbles into their bunkbeds, finish submitting a review for a friends movie treatment about farting, I will lay my weary head to rest. But before I close my eyes this night, I will ask myself, did I serve my fellow man today? Indeed I did. I served him hotdogs and potato salad. And my fellow man was grateful, my fellow man rejoiced and was glad. My fellow man said I done good.

I sleep, perchance to dream. Hey, I just made that up. What do you think? Sounds promising eh? I'll think of somemore good stuff like that - tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.....

Do not go gentle into that good night,

Darth Debby (Thomas)

cardsbyanita 07-05-2004 07:14 PM

The best book I know about the meaning and purpose of life is "The Purpose Driven Life" by RickWarren. It's a best seller and many people have told me they have it at Costco.


Darth Debby 07-05-2004 07:17 PM

Hey I just saw your post "CardsbyAnita". It's a great book! Yes, Costco does have. I recommend it highly. It's the kind of book where you only have to read one chapter a day and think about what you've read that day. I must admit - some of the material I use in my columns is taken from various books I read. Hopefully the authors of these books will forgive the way I misplagerize them. My intentions are always honourable.


cardsbyanita 07-05-2004 07:28 PM

What kind of column do you write Debby? Where is it published?

Stacy Hollingsworth 07-05-2004 07:45 PM

We are contemplating passing gas (I refuse to utter the OTHER word) AND my parents having sex? Darth, I now have to go change my pants. Contemplate THAT!

Oh, by the way, I *was* going to go to bed now, but with the aforesaid pictures in my head I think I'll go back to stamping a little more to cleanse my thoughts....

Cambria 07-05-2004 07:58 PM

DARTH! You are back! Oh, how I missed you!

Lana's purpose..... to stamp and to spatter skunks. No, it is way more than that! You crazy ATV rider! You are suppose to steer around the skunks..... was it already dead? I missed my girls!!!!!!!

I love your column babe! I think of this often myself. I've lost quite a few very dear family and friends over the years which always keeps fresh in my mind of how I want to live my life and what kind of person I want to be. I try to learn from each mistake, teach my kids to always invision walking in other's shoes, and try to look to the positive before jumping to the negative. It's not always an easy task (and I surely don't always succeed), but I shall keep striving to be a loving, kind, forgiving human, and in so, praying I pass this on to my children. I would be totally happy when I pass and feel like I accomplished all things that I was meant to, if my children grow to be kind, compassionate, loving, people who knew they were loved and can pass that to others. I'm sure I could think of a whole long list, but for now that is what is in my head. For now.. that is what I work on. More lessons ahead, life always brings you more. Gotta take them one at a time. Like.... next time Lana, STEER away from the skunk! ;)

Okay..... I've had too much fun, too much sun, and not nearly enough sleep, stampin or Splitcoast. I better get to bed!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Kar 07-06-2004 02:04 AM

ok.. this colum is a bit deep for me this morning... I can't think at 5AM!! lol...

schrades 07-06-2004 02:16 AM

The maening of life...
Darth this is a deep subject! Some say I am here because I was to create these 4 beautiful children, My dear, dear husband says I was put here to drive him straight to the nut house, my Mom says I was put here because she needed some entertainment, and my Dad USE to that all the world needed a Princess! LOL, but if I was such a princess why is it that I had to take out the garbage and do the wash? Hmmmm.. hehe

My parents did not have sex! nasty, they said they found me on the roadside! I am thirtyeight.... and I still choose to beleive that! HAHAHA!


Benniesma 07-06-2004 04:46 AM

Very though provoking Darth!

In my previous life (before I entered the witness protection program as a SAHM) I was a librarian. Am looking forward to hearing your views on Dewey. My family loves me very much, but does not understand my need to organize by decimal point. Should teddy bears be shelved with other stuffed animals and toys in the 688's or under animals in the 599's? Oh, the many sleepless nights!

Lana, sorry to hear about your run in with Pepe LePew. I hope the memory, as well as the smell, isn't still lingering with you. For more on skunks (and how to avoid them) I suggest you try looking in 599.678.


Jami 04-30-2006 12:01 PM

The SCS of 2 years ago was an interesting place....hmmmmm........where's Darthy been?????

Duckwaddlequack 04-30-2006 01:22 PM

hmmm... the meaning of life? Well old as this thread may be, one thing just doesn't ring true right from the start: :shock: Our parent didn't do nasties!!!! We all very happily hatched like peepies, right? Right??!?! :confused:*Looking around very scared, running to hide under the laundary pile, fingers in my ears* :oops:

la-la-la, la-la-la!!

kristransue 04-30-2006 05:12 PM

I think SCS could use more Darth!

Softangelkisses 05-01-2006 08:51 AM


That's Deep thinking....can't deep think right now...I'm playing with my toys (stamps)!

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