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stampersim 08-26-2012 11:05 AM

Artificial Turf ?
Does anyone have artificial turf in their yard? We are have a small area of grass in our backyard that just does not grow (never gets sun, plus the dog pee has ruined it).

We want to "turf" in that area and the long strip that goes to the front wall of the house just to make it look nicer. i've seen some that look very natural (hard to tell unless you feel it) and others that really look like junk.

Are you happy with it? Do you have pets? How does it hold up to the pee smell? Do you water it just to flush the pee? The dog pee is my biggest concern. Right now the area stinks like pee cuz the dirt has receded to the point where even watering it does not go down the drains cuz the dirt is lower than the drains.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Thanks !!!

Oh, and we are in southern california, so if you are from here and have a company to recommend I would appreciate it.

simmy :-)

Anne C 09-28-2012 04:04 PM

I just saw this ! We live in Huntington Beach. We have one of those tall skinny houses downtown. We used artificial turf in the side yard area between the house and the fence. We absolutely love it. We went middle of the road on the product. Not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. We had them put it in so that it was Pet ready. They lay a layer of granite down and then sand (I think) then the weed prevention fabric, more sand (maybe, I am guessing the sand stuff), and then the turf. It helps with the pee drainage. We wash it down and it's perfect ! My husband also went to Home Depot and bought a plastic rake. There was an area where the turf was laying down a bit. He raked the stuff right back up and it was great. Kind like the old shag carpet trick in the 70's...snicker. We used a local francised company called Hunny Do Artifical Grass.
I say get a couple of bids too. The pricing can be all over the place. Be explicit about needing it put in Pet Ready too. Good Luck !

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