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mamakimberly 08-02-2005 04:51 AM

Color Challenge #21!
Don't forget to put CC21 in your keywords!

This one comes to us courtesy of jus_colorado again! :)

Thanks Justine! :)

Blush Blossom, Ruby Red, Always Artichoke!

Get to work ladies! :)


luvmystamps3 08-02-2005 04:58 AM

Oh now this sounds FUN! :) :)

emilymomto3boys 08-02-2005 04:58 AM

blush blossom....seriously??? *sigh*....only because you are my sister will I use that yucky color....

txblueyes 08-02-2005 05:14 AM

I don't have those colors. (sigh) Or even any that are very close...so, you ladies have a great color challenge today, and I will live vicariously through you. Hopefully, I will be ordering lots of stuff soon.

showmestamper 08-02-2005 05:29 AM

ooooh, sounds pretty. I have to help my mom pack up her house today, but I will play tomorrow! :)

Soni B 08-02-2005 06:14 AM

color challenge
Bummer I do not have the Artichoke yet...but I like blus blossom Emily...

JusColorado 08-02-2005 06:48 AM

For those of you who are against the very idea of blush blossom (it's not one I use regularly either), here's a card in my gallery that uses these three colors.


Can't wait to try some more cards with these colors. Thanks, MamaK, for picking my colors again. I send off my SU demo paperwork today!

jacksonbelle 08-02-2005 07:15 AM

Cool color combo! I wouldn't have ever put these together, but I really like the way it turned out! Here is my card! (pending as of 9:10 mtn. time) :)


Forevrstampinup 08-02-2005 08:28 AM

Here is my contribution. I tell you people, you are really contributing to the serious neglect of my DS and DD. Good thing they're old enough to feed themselves! Now that this is done, I can start my day!!!


Oh, BTW, love the color combo. I think I'll have to make more cuz I'm not sure this is exactly what I was looking for with these colors.

luvmystamps3 08-02-2005 08:29 AM

Heres My 2 Cards for CC21. Still Pending at 1:07 EST. :)

CardFanatic 08-02-2005 09:15 AM

Well... here it is. A made a couple of cheats with this color challenge. First, although I have always artichoke CS from a new color sampling from my demo, I had to use mellow moss ink. Second, since it was an autumn card, I thought it really needed a touch of more mustard.


evansmommytx 08-02-2005 09:28 AM

maybe moss?? ordinary olive??
I don't have the artichoke - do y'all think Mellow Moss or Old Olive would work?? Which would be better?

jacksonbelle 08-02-2005 09:59 AM


Originally Posted by evansmommytx
I don't have the artichoke - do y'all think Mellow Moss or Old Olive would work?? Which would be better?

Personally, I would use the Olive! :)

CardFanatic 08-02-2005 10:06 AM


Originally Posted by evansmommytx
I don't have the artichoke - do y'all think Mellow Moss or Old Olive would work?? Which would be better?

I used mellow moss, but either would look nice.

evansmommytx 08-02-2005 11:10 AM

Well, I found a little artichoke left from a workshop here at the house :-) Here is my card: http://gallery.splitcoaststampers.co...140486&cat=523
Sorry y'all - for some reason it's still pending @ 3:30 CDT

mamakimberly 08-02-2005 12:12 PM

This was seriously my first time stamping in DAYS!

JusColorado 08-02-2005 12:14 PM

I got a little carried away and made two. This was so much fun! Thanks, MamaK!



newinker 08-02-2005 01:41 PM

I went the humorous route with this challenge. If DD takes a loooong nap might be able to crank out 1 more. I love these colors.


humanclay 08-02-2005 03:10 PM

Here is my first color challenge!


Motherof6 08-02-2005 03:53 PM

Here's Mine

I so missed these challenges the last few months. My schedule has been sooo busy. I can't wait to jump in again!

kittie747 08-02-2005 04:38 PM

At first I was drawn to using a flower set with this challenge but the "little truck" kept calling me from the drawer. I just had to use it for this even though the set has been used so much. I thought the trees and hills made a nice little "Loads of Love" scene.


lpjrcoop 08-02-2005 05:01 PM

Here is my first try at a color challenge. I hope you enjoy it.



wereids 08-02-2005 06:48 PM

CC21 Color Challenge
1 Attachment(s)
Here is my card for the CC21 challenge. This was fun. I would not have thought to use these colors together, it's the beauty of these challenges to get you thinking outside the box.

Tinnalee 08-02-2005 07:13 PM

Here's mine: http://gallery.splitcoaststampers.co...40678&cat=4058

I searched for matching mulberry paper, but alas, found none in my vast store of horded specialty paper. So I took some white tissue paper, the artichoke reinker, and a water misting bottle. after I added the ink and the water I crumpled it up, rolled it around in my fingers (hope the ink washes off), and then carefully unwadded it and dried it with my heat tool. I will probably never buy mulberry paper again!

Mamalanie 08-02-2005 07:49 PM

i think i hear my new Hollyhock wheel calling my name!

jm_donahoe 08-03-2005 11:05 AM

I had time for this one, since I needed to make a thank you for texasjodylynn to send with my very late package of vsn goodies. I used Ancient Asia and made it a pocket card. I am not sure if I like the decorative scissors or not, oh well:


ADK 08-03-2005 12:44 PM

This is my card for this weeks color challenge. I've been meaning to try this set, Flower Garden, and thought those colors would look nice. I haven't made a sympathy card yet, so I figured it would work. It could be for a sympath card or just thinking of you.


Shel9999 08-03-2005 12:47 PM

Here's mine. I wasn't too sure about the color combo until I actually did it. Now I like it!


my4blessings 08-03-2005 01:15 PM

Here is mine! First time playing with these sets that arrived while I was in Minnesota on vacation.


Thanks for looking!

mocjen 08-03-2005 11:18 PM

What a great color challenge this was! I have to admit, when I read it the first time, it didn't sound that good to me. But I wanted to try it and I LOVE it! I don't think I have ever used Blush Blossom before this. Thanks so much Kimberly for the inspiration!
Here are mine:



ladyjanek 08-04-2005 04:53 AM

This is my entry for the color challenge...I love Calming Gardens and thought the colors lent themselves well to this set. Too much fun...


nickelini 08-04-2005 07:08 AM

These are the *perfect* colours for retro-style Christmas cards. Unfortunately, I don't have the right stamps to carry it off.

It's also very Dr. Suess (or any other 1960s book that used 2-colour production).

Fun combination!

Sherlie 08-04-2005 01:06 PM

Here is my card,,,,,, I was really limited because I didnt have any Artichoke paper so had to use my Ink Spot for the stamping part. I did stay exactly with the color challenge and didnt even use white or another neutral... :)


almost forgot to add the link,,, whewwwwwww,

momsquiltn 08-04-2005 03:00 PM

This was fun and I managed to get two done.
Here are the links...


I hope you're all having a good day. It's hot here in the Puget Sound area of WA.

nancy littrell 08-04-2005 09:41 PM

My color challenge for the week. I really liked the blush blossom with the ruby red. The artichoke was a nice contrast. I would not have thought of adding the artichoke. The color is the starting point for all my cards, so the CC really gives me a great start on a card. Thanks again, Nancy


jen9853 08-05-2005 07:06 AM

I'll have to sit this one out, I don't have all of these colors!

Mamalanie 08-05-2005 07:23 AM

Mine is pending :)

lpjrcoop 08-05-2005 05:47 PM

pocket card
Here is a pocket card I made with these color, imagine is pending

Please let me know what you think.

bahrnfuss 08-05-2005 06:11 PM

Uploading a card
Is any one else having trouble uploading a card. I can not get my cards to upload. Can any one help. Every time I hit upload it takes me to page to enter info about card. Then when I hit process it says web site not responding. HELP I have cards I would like to add to challenge.

bahrnfuss 08-05-2005 08:49 PM

Finally, here is one of my cards for this weeks challenge. My other problem still has not been resolved.



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